naomi osaka

Any swimwear is made to make you feel confident while wearing it. And it doesn’t matter what type of figure you personally have. From recent collaborations that appeared, Frankies Bikinis has chosen Naomi Osaka working on their joint latest collection. This is the first line of swimwear created by a professional tennis player, which consists of bikinis as well as one-piece swimsuits. Everything to make every woman from all around the world feels comfortable.

Osaka believes that it is really important to design clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. And Frankies Bikinis is one of those brands that adhere to inclusiveness so that everyone can buy clothes that will make them feel more confident. This was the main goal of the upcoming joint collection.

The first line will include a wide variety of fabrics and unexpected new silhouettes, such as floral prints or completely new satin-style material in pastel green and navy blue colors.

The second line will consist of one-piece suits, high-waisted bikini bottoms, and even swim skirts in bright yellow and blush pink colors along with floral and checkerboard prints.

Naomi Osaka’s swimwear collection together with Frankies Bikinis will be available for purchasing online starting from May 10.

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