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Temporary tattoos imitating jewelry made of gold and silver (Metallic Flash Tattoos) have become the main trend of the summer-spring 2015 season. Despite the fact that such flash tattoos have already appeared before, they owe a new surge in popularity to Dior and celebrities: Beyoncé, Alessandra Ambrosio, Vanessa Hudgens, Sarah Jessica Parker, Vera Brezhneva, and others.

The trend for metal flash tattoos has appeared in the 2010 Chanel collection, in which tattoo imitations of pendants with the brand logo on chains were met.

In 2013, Dior brought into fashion temporary gold tattoos that appeared in the Grand Bal Christmas collection. Gold flash tattoos were available only to select customers and were made of 24-carat gold by Camille Micheli. The kit sold for $ 120 and the service was provided for a limited period.

The new trendsetter was the Flash Tattoos brand, which gave the name to the very kind of newfangled temporary metal tattoos that won the ankles, shoulders, shoulder blades, hands, and other parts of the stars.

The most common tattoo option is a metal chain or bracelet. Metallic can have both gold and silver tint.

Creators also released a line of tattoos with a shape of a feather and the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. It is exactly the one that flaunts under the chest of the singer Rihanna.

Imitation of jewelry looks especially attractive on a tanned body in combination with boho, hippie, ethnic styles. Together with flash tattoos, jeans shorts, boyfriend jeans, kimonos, trendy Ukrainian embroideries, simple t-shirts and tops, summer dresses with an open back and cut shoulders will look great. Flash ankle tattoos can be accented with concise and stylish fashion sandals or trendy summer espadrilles.

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