Felipe Oliveira Baptista

On Monday, famous Paris fashion house Kenzo announced that designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista, who was working as Creative Director for Lacoste brand beginning from 2010 to 2018, is now leaving after working for two years for a brand. This will happen on June 30 when his employment contract expires. 

Sources said that the next person to take on his position was not named, adding that the brand will follow a different direction and take time to select the right creative management.

Oliveira Baptista thanked the teams for their work devotion in her latest statement. The designer from Portugal added unusual nomadic silhouettes along with characteristic zippers and drawstrings to the Kenzo collections. In addition, he organized two joint shows in a picturesque park in the city center of Paris.

His appearance in Kenzo came at the time of the death of brand founder Kenzo Takada last year in October. That is why the designer let some bright colors and energy be on the runway in fall 2021 to honor the Japanese fashion extremist. In addition, last November, he launched a collection in honor of Kansai Yamamoto, who also died last year.

The designer not only changed the brand’s logo and emblem with tiger but also created a line of Kenzo Sport outerwear and sportswear that turned out to be very popular.

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