Breast Enhancement without Surgery Becoming More and More Popular among Women

Today, there are many ways to resize and correct the appearance of breasts. When using implants, there is always a risk of complications that are associated with the body’s reaction to foreign bodies. Lipofilling, which involves the use of a woman’s own adipose tissue, is devoid of this drawback.

The use of natural breast augmentation with fat is a relatively recent and at the same time effective surgical method. However, as with every medical manipulation, there are both positive and negative sides. What follows, choosing the path of increasing through its own fat? Read on and find out all about fat transfer breast augmentation.

What Is the Essence of the Procedure?

What is natural breast augmentation? Breast lipofilling or breast augmentation with its own fat is one of the breast enhancement options. Material from the places of its deposition is taken using a cannula. After that, it is injected into the mammary glands, in pre-marked places, in the planned amount. The procedure as an alternative to breast implant has a number of advantages that distinguish it favorably in comparison with an alternative technique that requires the use of implants.

breast and figure

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Using Autologous Fat Transfer

Breast enlargement injections are remarkable in that:

  • It forms both the site of adipose tissue transplantation and the place where this tissue is taken from. Unwanted fat folds can be used wherever you need them.
  • You can not only increase the volume but also correct the shape, as well as eliminate asymmetry. This is especially important if the woman is generally comfortable with her size.
  • The results of breast enhancement without surgery are saved for a long time. The amount of fat changes only with a dramatic change in body weight. There is no need to change the implant every 7 years. However, adipose tissue tends to dissolve. Therefore, although the procedure has a cumulative effect, in order to achieve it, it will need to be repeated.
  • “Natural” material is used. Breast implants vs fat transfer? No third-party material is used for the transplant.
  • The operation is carried out quickly, causing only minimal inconvenience to the patient. Recovery also does not last long. After surgery, there may be only temporary loss of sensitivity, bruising and slight swelling.
  • The safe breast enlargement is minimally invasive with a low risk of complications – first of all, because “own material” is used.
  • There may be a small scar in the original place where the fat comes from; directly at the place of transplant, it is completely absent.
  • After the operation, the skin softens – this is a plus for everyone and first for those who underwent a course of anti-cancer therapy.
  • The ability to hide the stitches from implantation. Sometimes non-invasive breast enlargement is also used in order to level the surface in the places through which they were inserted into the mammary gland.
  • Fat injected into breasts cost low. It is compared to the procedure for augmentation with implants.

But it is important to understand: plastic surgery using adipose tissue allows you to increase the breast by one size, no more. Therefore, the method of non-surgical breast enlargement is suitable for those women who want to make small changes to the appearance of their bust. Also, the lipofilling breast is possible only if the woman has enough body fat to carry it out.

fat grafting breast augmentation

Disadvantages Fat Grafting Breast

We invite you to inquire about сons of breast augmentation:

  • It may be necessary to repeat the procedure of fat injection breast enlargement to ensure complete symmetry.
  • Breast augmentation with its own fat does not repair skin damage, that is, does not remove large stretches and folds.
  • In women with a very slender figure, it is impossible to carry out the operation, because there are no parts of the body from which it would be possible to remove the necessary amount of adipose tissue for subsequent transplantation without any problems.
  • Major changes in hormonal levels or body weight can subsequently lead to breast enlargement or reduction.

What Does Experience Say?

The keyword most often used to describe a breast lift with fat transfer is “natural”. However, it has both positive and negative sides.

On the positive side, it doesn’t feel like you can tell the difference between new breast size and your natural breast that came before. Compared to other breast augmentation methods such as fat transfer from the stomach to breast, the breasts do not become stiff or much heavier. Fortunately, with advances in technology, these consequences of implant use are diminishing.

The downside is that with a single fat transplant it is possible to enlarge the breasts only one and a half times. If you are looking for a significantly larger bust, silicones are the best choice.

Features of Lipofilling

The main condition for lipografting is the absence of contraindications and the presence of a sufficient volume of the patient’s own fat. For too thin girls, such an operation is not suitable. As a rule, lipofilling is performed on women whose initial breast size is first or second.

Can you take fat from your body for breast implants? Of course. Adipose tissue is injected only into the upper part of the gland. This means that it will not be possible to reshape the base of the breast. It won’t get taller or wider.

It is important to understand that in order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to carry out fat transplantation more than once. In one operation, it is possible to move only a small amount of it – no more than 100 milliliters. Breast augmentation is about half the size. Thus, for example, to make it two sizes larger, you will need to transplant the fat four times. This extends the time to reach the final result.

What Is the Preparation for the Procedure?

breast augmentation

For lipofilling to be successful, you need to pass tests and undergo examinations prescribed by a doctor. It is also necessary not to consume alcohol and drugs that affect blood clotting two weeks before the operation.

How Does the Whole Process Go?

Fat transfer to breast how long does it last? After all the preparatory activities, a procedure is carried out, which consists of the following stages:

  • Anesthesia. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Previously, the woman’s body was examined for the tolerance of the drug used.
  • Adipose tissue collection. To do this, use places such as the thighs, abdomen and buttocks.
  • Introduction of the collected material into the mammary glands. A thin cannula is used during aspiration and insertion.

Then the woman is transferred to another ward, where, under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, the patient departs from anesthesia.

  • Rehabilitation

The achievements of aesthetic medicine help a woman to create harmony between her inner and outer beauty. Our clinic skillfully brings this idea to life, helping you to become even more beautiful.

breast grafting

What Is the Rehabilitation after Breast Augmentation with YourOwn Fat?

It is recommended to wear special compression garments as soon as the operation is performed and for two weeks or two months. It is also necessary to undergo regular examination by a doctor: the doctor will observe how the transplanted tissue takes root. Breast fat transfer side effects are also possible. 

Therefore, for two months, you can not go in for sports and fitness, lift weights, drink alcohol, smoke. It is also important to exclude any mechanical effects on the mammary gland.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Results and Reviews

Most women experience and fat transfer breast augmentation reviews discomfort at first after the procedure. The breast may appear full and swollen, and the liposuction donor sites may be painful and bruised. Using cold compresses can help you feel more comfortable and reduce swelling. You will immediately notice the changes in your profile. Your surgeon will transfer the stem cell fat first to accommodate the natural fat loss through stem cells breast augmentation. Most women can return to work in a week or two.


Be careful, because there are situations when breast lipomodelling cannot be performed. Contraindications include:

  • low blood clotting rates;
  • diabetes;
  • oncological diseases;
  • psycho-emotional disorders;
  • epilepsy;
  • pathology of the heart and blood vessels;
  • skin diseases;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • chronic diseases during periods of exacerbations;
  • allergy to anesthesia.

There are also relative contraindications – pregnancy and breastfeeding. Lipofilling will fail if the patient does not have enough of her own adipose tissue.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat is a method of creating an aesthetic and desirable appearance for you. For all those interested, we have collected and prepared information about this procedure, where each detail is presented in detail.

Using various sources and research data that are based on patient experience, we were able to summarize and analyze the pros and cons of this procedure. You can find everything in this article.

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