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Fast Fashion Destroying Our Planet

fast fashion

The demand for fast fashion is an ever-increasing topic, we always want more, different, better, but at what cost are we allowing our shopping habits and demands to get to?

That one cotton shirt you bought for a fiver because you ‘needed’ it at the time and thought why not it’s cheap, yet it now sits at the back of your cupboard forgotten about and barely worn, yes we all have those things. Well, that one cotton shirt required 2700 liters of water to produce, which is the same amount of water as an average person drinks in 2.5 years.

The fast fashion industry is now the 2nd highest user of water worldwide and produces 20% of all global water waste. And not only is it wasting water but contaminating it too thus also being the 2nd largest water polluting industry in the world.

Now, although we don’t see this directly when we buy clothes, we don’t intend to “waste” them, not like a plastic straw we know will end up in the landfills.

All the bad stuff happens in the production and the mass production that is of the endless amounts of clothing, same shirt different colors, different sizes, different styles made each and every day.

The Industry Is Only Getting Worse

And the industry is only getting worse as more and more mass-produced items appear in stores, the more the consumers (us) want, we give into it like it is only taking the money from our bank accounts in exchange for a lovely new sundress, yet we are taking life and years from the planet we’re living in, the one and only one may I add.

The thing is all of the information about the how’s when’s and what’s are kept secret from us the consumers and most don’t know any better. They don’t tell you that in order to make the pair of trousers you own in every color there are more carbon emissions emitted than all the international flights each year and that the textile workers are being enslaved and abused in factories where they have no protection and are not even given minimum wage.

The bottom line is that we need to realize that this, just like our cars and plastic use that is well known and published globally is too a contributing factor to global warming and in turn the destruction of our planet.

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