Fashion reflects our life and way of thinking in many ways. Nowadays people are dynamic and active, so we can see it in the way fashion changes. It shows negative trends in our society as well as positive ones.

The most threatening thing nowadays is probably a problem of consumer’s way of thinking. Mankind keeps on using more and disposal things, which leads to uncontrolled using of natural resources which cannot be renewed. All the progressive people and organizations in the world are concerned about it because this the matter of humanity existence.

The good thing is, that consumer’s way of thinking really turns into an anti-trend today. All the progressive organization in the word are to emphasize people to use recycling materials and to buy things that can be recycled. So, the fashion industry is not an exception.

Say “Yes” to Recycling

The brightest example of that was Armani’s motto in the last Fashion Week in Milan. It sounds like “I’m saying yes to recycling”. The main idea of this collection was to use recycled, regenerated, or organic materials. Other designers have embodied this idea in another way – they presented closing made in the patchwork technique, basically made of materials which were already used before.

Another positive trend in fashion is using artificial fur and leather instead of a natural one. A lot of brands have already refused to use natural materials in producing or their collections. Coach, Burberry, Armani, Boss are already among them and they keep on promote this idea as well as closing made without killing animals. Should be mentioned that things made of artificial materials nowadays look even better than natural ones.

Amsterdam’s brand Gumdrop is also working on making our world better in all the meanings. Recently they’ve started producing shoes made of chewing gum! This brilliant idea works in two directions at the same time: reducing rubber production, which kills the environment, and cleaning of the city streets, which usually costs good money for Amsterdam. So wearing these shoes you feel that you double-saving the planet.

So, we always have a choice while buying things – will it be just a thing to satisfy my current need, or I buy the thing that works for a good purpose and brings money for those who care about the world.

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