Inspiring and Fresh Designs for Autumn Nails Art 2021 – in Any Style and Direction

In search of the most inspiring examples of fall nail trends designs, many girls spend a lot of time and effort to find fashionable nail designs according to their taste, style, and new trends.

With each change of the season, the latest new fall nail designs trends come to us, which we will see everywhere in the next few months. Manicures also do not bypass the new trends of the season. Fall 2021 nail designs are more muted, calm, and natural. So what polish colors can we expect, and what are the hottest nail trends for fall? Take a look at all of this and the best sources of inspiration for your next manicure.

Fashion Trends of Fall Nail Ideas 2021

After a bright and neon summer manicure, you want calmer colors and laconic designs, nail art masters have already prepared a lot of original and stylish ideas for nail design.

The main fall nail art trends we’ve seen in fashion shows have been inspired by nature. Natural and muted shades such as chestnut brown, red, eye-catching blue, or rich dark green will be our loyal companions in the cooler months.

Actual September Nails Colors

red fall nails designs
  • Red nail polish – every woman loves red nails with their elegance and beauty, so they will be your perfect choice for a manicure in autumn and winter.
nail colors blue
  • Dark blue fall color acrylic nails look great with winter nail art. Many say blue is the new black color this season.
light pink fall nails designs
  • Light pink shades of varnishes – every woman loves this cute color, especially when this gorgeous color is mixed with other trendy colors of the season, as well as trendy sequins.
marsala nail color
  • Burgundy (marsal) is a mandatory color in autumn and winter. This is a mega trendy color for the fall 2021 season that suits most women, it is bright and so elegant, any nail design will look chic with it.
olive green nails design
  • Olive green shades are gorgeous, and this amazing nail color is perfect for fall, especially matte olive green nails.
brown fall nails designs
  • Brown is a delicate, warm, and incredibly elegant shade of varnish that goes well with autumn outfits.

Popular Nail Length and Shape

Stylists are advised to take a closer look at shortfall nails or slightly elongated simple fall nails, which have remained at the peak of popularity for several seasons. As for the shape of the nail plates, they can be square, almond-shaped or oval. Any of these fall-inspired nails manicure variations is comfortable enough and looks very elegant.

There are tons of different autumn nails art trends right now that are hot for fall 2021. So if you’re looking for great October and November nail design ideas for your next manicure, then you’ve come to the right place.

Fall Manicure Ideas

translucent manicure

Translucent manicure. This manicure suits all hands, goes well with both long and short nails. The translucent color manicure design is suitable for all forms of nails – almond, square, round, oval. This manicure looks great on light and tanned skin. Make sure that the nail plate is perfectly smooth, because a translucent manicure emphasizes any irregularities and imperfections.

  • Nude manicure. Nude pastel classy fall nails are so stylish that you should definitely try them, especially in the autumn-winter period, when you want calmer and warmer colors after a hot summer. Nude shades of varnishes lengthen short nails and at the same time look gorgeous on long nails, regardless of the chosen design.
  • Ombre nail design. Ombre fall-themed nails design is a type of manicure that combines different color tones. The most popular ombre nail styles come in two shades that complement each other. Ombre nails have become one of the most fashionable trends in recent years. Autumn ombre nail designs have many pretty color schemes, allowing you to use multiple colors in your manicure instead of dwelling on one. Chic, modern and stylish ombre nails go well with nails of any shape, length, and color and resemble a little leaf’ nail art.
monochrome nails

Monochrome manicure. If you do not like nail designs or fall gel nail designs, then choose a beautiful monochromatic manicure that never loses its relevance. In the fall-winter 2021-2022 season, give preference to fashionable muted shades of varnish. Monochrome manicure looks stylish on both short and long nails.

  • Fashionable French. French fall-style nails are always amazing, especially when it is done flawlessly. According to leading experts, in the 2021 season, women of fashion can confidently use both a standard design option and various interpretations of French manicure. If desired, the snow-white tip of the nail can become golden or silver, black, red, or even blue, be made in the form of a soft stretch with small sparkles, have a non-standard shape, color, and be complemented by decor or patterns.
  • Manicure abstraction. Abstract nail design and fall nail stickers are in fashion now, there are many types of abstract nail art, both for short and long nails. In Fall 2021, you can find everything from a modern faceless pattern to unusual brush strokes and bright spots.
nails leopard
  • Animal print on nails. Animal prints never go out of style. You can play with a lot of animal prints and combine them in different ways in your nail designs. Animal print is not only leopard print, there are many design options with zebra, tiger, cow, snake, giraffe print.
  • Negative space design. Cool and restrained, colorful fall nail art ideas go well on nails with transparent elements. This can be either a completely unpainted nail bed with geometric or any other patterns, or a calm, laconic design with transparent patterns, for example, a twig, leaf, or stripes. Various sparkles will refresh the decor and make the negative space more interesting.
glitter nails

Manicure with sparkles and stones. Shimmering and sparkling fall nail designs are a great option to add color on rainy fall days. Fall 2021 nails with beautiful sparkles and pebbles will be a chic and stylish addition to your look. Whether it’s a simple nail design with a touch of glitter or an intricate and eye-catching manicure in a richer color, glitter nails are a great way to refresh your style in the coming season.

  • Gradient design for short and long nails. Gradient elegant fall nails manicure is the most beautiful way to wear several trendy colors on your nails at once. Gradient manicure uses two or more shades to create the illusion of a slightly shifting rainbow of colors. Craftsmen also often use five different colors on each hand, creating a smooth or vibrant ombre effect from pinky to thumb.
  • Spectacular nail design with rubbing. Rubbing in gold, bronze, “chameleon”, powder with a metallic sheen is an excellent solution to complement many images. The base can be black, white, red, brown, or any other color. In addition, rubbing is harmoniously combined with stones, rhinestones, or pieces of “broken glass”, which gives an excellent opportunity to create real masterpieces of fall glitter nails design.
foil nail design

Stylish manicure with foil. If you are looking for seasonal nail art or manicure idea that will be both spectacular and elegant at the same time in 2021, we have something for you. All you need is foil. Foil for nails can be combined with any color of polish and type of design. You can completely cover it with foil or use it for various details – the result will be gorgeous anyway.

  • Matte manicure. An indisputable hit in manicure design will be optioned with a matte finish. It can be both drawings and mono-design, service jacket, moon manicure, haze, or the same geometry, only with a matte effect. Any decor for matte fall nails is elegantly combined with autumn manicure, from rhinestones and glitter to rubbing and foil. It is ideal if the length of the nails is not very short, although very long black nails are not quite suitable for such an autumn manicure.
  • Web nail design. Cobweb manicure recently burst into the world of nail art, but it already has many fans. The spider web nail patterns are done using a special gel (a viscous, viscous material), with its help you can make both chaotic bindings in the form of spiderweb threads, and clear graphical lines. This is one of the easiest nail designs for this fall season. Cobweb manicure can also be supplemented with sparkles, kami fubuki, rub in, foil or pebbles.
olive green fall nails designs

Autumn nail art. Nail art fall season 2021 is a great opportunity to experiment with designs and colors. Indulge in a pictorial manicure and take a look at inspirational nail art ideas of country nail designs, fall leaf nail design, flowers and twigs in the most charming shades when we speak about thanksgiving nail design ideas or even pumpkin nails design when we speak about fall Halloween nails.

  • Marble manicure. You can never go wrong with a marble manicure as it is always in fashion and suitable for any season. Give preference to marble nail designs in pastel nude colors, such a manicure will always look perfect, both on short nails and long ones.
  • Nail stamping ideas. Stamping is a nail decorating technique in which the pattern is printed from a special plate onto the nails using a stamp. With fall nail decals, you can reproduce the smallest details and lines of the image.

Get inspired by our selection of beautiful and stylish fall manicure design ideas and create your perfect manicure!

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