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Fall Nail Art

This is the season for tricks and treats, boos and howls and pumpkins galore. All that is missing from your list of spooks this year is a collection of fall nail art to turn to. The amount of fall nail art designs that are at the tips of your fingers, literally, are endless. I have created a list of my personal TOP 20 picks for fall nail art ideas. Before you tell yourself that you can’t paint your own nails, there are many easy fall nail art designs on this list, so don’t give up quite yet.


Before telling you my favorite nail art ideas for fall, it’s important we’re using a trustworthy product to help us create these looks. Orosa is a company which has conjured up one of the safest witches brew nail care. Orosa ensures that all of their products are vegan, cruelty-free as well as gluten-free. On their website, you will be able to find what they call “The Nope List”. This is a list of fourteen ingredients that could be considered harmful and/or unethical to use and produce. If you are someone looking to lead a care-free life, I recommend checking out Orosa to ensure your eco-footprint isn’t the spookiest thing about you this fall.


fall nail art

I’d like to begin this TOP 20 list with the easiest fall nail art options for all of your manicure newbies. If you are someone who is into a more subtle nail fashion statement, we will start off with an easy coat of polish. Orosa has various sets of fall polishes on their website. My personal favorites being the Pumpkin Spice Set, the Full Moon Set, and the Cozy Knit Set. Here are my five favorite colors from these sets

  • Brick
  • Lobby Bay
  • Dune
  • Sage
  • Midnight

If you are looking for a quiet color to coat your nails with this fall, sage is the color for you. If you are looking to go the more witchy and dark route, try sweeping your nails with either Lobby Bay or Midnight. Finally, if you’re looking for your nails to scream autumnal warmth, try covering your nails with Brick or Dune. There you have it, the first five ideas on the list of easy nail art for fall.


fall nail art designs

Next up we’re going to touch on five ways to give people a spook just by seeing your nails. There are many simple fall nail art methods to create that professional look while on a budget. If you purchase some small brushes and a dotting tool you should be all set to get designing. You can even search your home for toothpicks or any other fine tip objects to help in the execution of your nail art designs for fall. Here are my five ideas to achieve that spooky fall look

  • Crescent Moon
  • Half Moon French Mani
  • The Black Cat
  • Starry Night
  • Blood Splatter

These titles for spooky fall design nail art may sound intimidating, but I promise you these looks are totally attainable. For the Crescent Moon look, take any black polish, I love Orosa’s Onyx, and paint each nail until they’re opaque. Then take a fine brush dipped in white and add a crescent moon to one finger on each hand. For the Half Moon French Mani, take a black polish and paint a semi-circle along the bed of each nail. For the Black Cat, create the Half Moon look and then add ears and whiskers to some nails, and a long black tail to others. For Starry Night, go in with a black base, to each nail add white dots. With a toothpick, you can drag three points out from each circle to create a starry effect. Finally, for the blood splatter, you can add red blobs of paint to each nail and let them drip or drag the paint around with a toothpick, have fun with this one!


fall nail art ideas

To achieve the wholesome fall look of your dreams, we will be focusing on fall flower nail art as well as fall foliage. The addition of plants to any nail design creates such a warm and uplifting feeling. The top five wholesome fall nail looks will include

  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Sea of Sunflowers
  • Falling Leaves
  • Apple Orchard
  • Candy Corn

To achieve the Pumpkin Patch design, you will simply paint a pumpkin on each fingernail with orange. For the peduncle, you will use a brown polish, and for the accent leaves a green polish. For the Sea of Sunflowers, you will need yellow and black nail polish. Using a toothpick you will create a black circle in the center of each nail using a pointillism technique. Then surrounding this circle you will add your yellow petals. For the Falling Leaves look you can paint leaves in any manner you please on whichever nails you please. For the Apple Orchard look you will paint your nails with a base coat of Orosa’s Saguaro and then add an apple to one nail on each hand. Finally, for Candy Corn, you will divide your nails into thirds painting one stripe of white, one of yellow, and one of orange.


easy fall nail art

If painting designs on your fingernails is not your forté, you’re in luck! Orosa has a line of Nail Art Stickers that will give you the easy fall nail art designs of your dreams without the stress. They currently have five different packs, but for these designs, we will only need one, the It’s a Mood – Pure Pop Nail Art. The looks we will be creating with these stickers are

  • Stars
  • Cloudy Day
  • Spooky Eyes
  • Fall Floral
  • Autumn Love

This is definitely a way to achieve fall nail art for beginners. For the Stars look, you will paint your nails black and then simply add as many star stickers to your nails as you want. This pack has starred in yellow, pink, purple, orange, and blue. I prefer using yellow stars but I’ll leave that choice up to you! For the Cloudy Day, you will go in with a light blue base coat and then add clouds on whichever nail(s) you please. For Spooky Eyes, you will again go in with a black base coat. Add the eyes to any nails you desire to give them that lurking creature in the night feeling. For the Fall Floral, I like to go in with a warm base coat such as orange, brown, or yellow. I then take the flower sticker and place one on each thumb. Finally, for Autumn Love I take an orange base coat and add the red heart sticker to my middle fingers. And there you have it, five different fall nail art ideas with only one pack of nail art stickers.

Creating cute fall nail art designs doesn’t have to be difficult. I hope after reading this you are excited to give one of these looks a try! Make sure to take pictures of all of your fall colors to nail art!

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