Fairy Grunge: Nature-Inspired Style Aesthetics and Main Elements

Features of the Aesthetic of Fairy Grunge in Clothing

fairy grunge aesthetic clothes

It’s no secret that today Fairy Grunge is a style that wins the hearts of millions of all fashionistas.

But before we look at examples of Fairy Grunge clothing and the best places to buy clothes, let’s focus on the origin of the style and explore the most important elements of this trend.

Origins of Fairy Grunge

You may be guessing, but the aesthetic of Fairy Grunge consists of mixing two opposing styles of Fairycore and Grunge.

“Fairycore” includes flora and fauna themed grunge clothing. Dark Fairycore includes butterflies, cute animals, plants and even elements of magic. But “Grunge” is known as a genre of alternative rock and a separate subculture that emerged in the mid-80s in Seattle, USA.

The aesthetic of grunge combines punk rock and heavy metal. From cigarette culture and gloomy colors to bright flashes – it was all current in the 90s.

Orange clothes were never known for their high quality material, but they were always worn loose and aimed to accentuate the figure.

The mix of these two fashion cultures with the whole Fairy Grunge aesthetic is super trending among social media users.

At first the Fairy Grunge aesthetic was compared not only to Fairycore grunge but also to the Kinderwhore style, but with some differences.

The Kinderwhore aesthetic was also shaped in the 90s by grunge music bands from the US. However, Kinderwhore has more erotic elements in the style of clothing. These may be torn stockings, low-slung doll dresses, slip fairy grunge dresses, playful collars, chokers, chains, massive platform shoes or militant cute shoes with leather straps.

Such an image boldly complemented by catchy makeup and red lipstick. The hair must have bleached blonde hair.

After a while, the aesthetic of Fairy Grunge appeared in the field. Just like other fashion trends: light academy, dark academy, Y2K fashion, cyberpunk, e-girl and others.

Fairy Grunge Aesthetics

The Fairy Grunge fashion trend has many elements that are assembled from other styles, but they all focus on nature and naturalness.

The most common and important colors of the Fairy Grunge aesthetic are dark, earthy tones. That is why this dark grunge style is often confused with another trend close in color scheme is Fairy Goth.

In our case, the predominance of neutral natural colors best reflects the aesthetics of Fairy Grunge. We can say that it is a darkened version of grunge Fairycore outfits.

As you may have already noticed, the true grunge side of this aesthetic is almost completely ignored. There is a significant difference in the patterns, prints, and styles of clothing.

Special Clothing in the Fairy Grunge Style

light grunge aesthetic
fairy grunge dresses

Some of the most popular fairy grunge looks for today’s youth are lightweight oversize shirts under knit or lace sweaters, as well as black silk dresses with huge boots and delicate midi skirts with ripped tights.

Materials do not play a major role. It is more important to choose the right colors. It is not difficult to guess that the shades should be in the range of gray, black, beige and even purple tones. Although nude and ivory are possible.

We’ve made a tip list for you and prepared a selection of the most important and basic clothing items for grunge fairies. These are the accessories and closet items you need to create your fabulous look:

  • Oversized T-shirts and sweatshirts
  • Mini or midi skirts
  • Stockings or socks
  • Fingerless gloves and knitted leggings
  • Corsets
  • Forged belts
  • Mesh or fishnet tights.
  • Solid and rough on platform
  • Slip Dresses
  • Mittens gloves
  • Jewelry with large stones.
  • Fairy grunge core wings and accessories in the form of elf ears (optional)

We can summarize that the main closet elements and accessories necessary to create a grunge fairy style are: jewelry, bags, skirts, tops, shoes, belts, fingerless gloves, gaiters, ripped tights and corsets.

Fairy Grunge Accessories

grunge fairy
dark grunge
dark fairy grunge outfits

If you’re a fan of accessories, then this style is definitely made for you. Despite the darkness of the fairy grunge outfits, accessories are perfect for any look and you can’t have too many of them.

Feel free to use handmade necklaces and earrings made of glass beads, pearls or clear quartz. It looks adorable!

Stores for Fairy Grunge Style Aesthetics 2021

Where to buy fairy grunge clothes? There are a lot of options!

And now let’s look at the best platforms where you can buy all the elements you want for your dark fairy grunge outfits.

  1. SHEIN
fairy grunge core

This is one of the largest online stores featuring a variety of Fairy Grunge-inspired clothing. Here you can find many categories and trends of such clothes.

Feel free to pick up T-shirts, undershirts, blouses, sport shirts and skirts – lots of midi skirts.

SHEIN has a lot of clothing with a fairy aesthetic. Woodsy, dark and classic grunge is available in the best green, brown, gray, black and beige tones.

Also, if you are looking for other clothing of related styles, this is also a great place to shop. You can combine and create something new.

  1. ASOS
fairycore grunge

ASOS, as usual, offers a huge selection of contemporary grunge clothing.

This is one of those popular and trendy online stores that openly expresses the importance of freedom of expression and adventurism in any experimentation with appearance, and especially with clothing style.

The online store is also committed to innovative and creative fashion, supporting independent and local designers.

And a nice bonus may be that the company’s service is always ready to help you choose your personal style, model, style or size of any of the featured brands of clothing.

  1. DEPOP
dark fairycore

Depop is an online secondhand clothing platform where you can also find unique and quality Fairy Grunge items.

In the age of digitalization, it’s very convenient that the app is available to anyone, anywhere from anywhere in the world. And you can arrange to buy and sell fashionable used clothing in a matter of minutes. The variety and stylish Fairy grunge style clothes of their Depop are sure to please their buyer.

fairy grunge outfits

While it wasn’t that long ago that Free People only offered women’s clothing collections and completely vintage style, the brand’s latest trends for women focus on fashion, travel and art.

Because of this, Free People has a lot of updated grunge-inspired clothing that you are free to choose for your look.

Enjoy a variety of products that are to your liking. From jackets and tops to maxi skirts and many other closet items.

Oh yes, Free People has launched free shipping for orders over $100 for all US residents.

  1. ETSY
grunge fairycore outfits

ETSY is a native American company specializing in the sale of handmade or vintage items and craft supplies.

All items are unique and fall into a wide range of categories: jewelry, handbags, clothing, home decor and furniture. In addition, you can also easily find toys, art, craft supplies and tools here.

Thus, you can definitely find some of the best grunge clothing items on this site.

And if you suddenly can’t find anything that fits your style or are in doubt about your choice, there are thousands of vendors ready to help you any minute. Just start placing your custom order and describe your request.

  1. UNIF
grunge fairycore clothing

UNIF is a good Fairy Grunge online store. It is very famous for offering a wide range of clothing for men and women at affordable prices.

The ordering process is very easy and the customer service is fabulous. Here you are sure to find plenty of discounts on your first order, as well as promotions and special offers.

  1. H&M
aesthetic of Fairy Grunge

Although not as celebrated for its Fairy Grunge aesthetic, H&M has a wide range of clothing of similar style. These include tops, dresses, pants, jeans, blazers, sweatshirts, blouses, shirts, coats and more.

H&M is no doubt to inspire you to express your style and to add boldness in choosing the right closet for you.

Fairy Grunge clothing

THE MOUNTAIN is recognized as one of the best online retailers for all things Fairy Grunge for a reason.

Each piece from The Mountain tells its own story in the form of bold designs on clothing.

The special emphasis on art and creativity has turned all clothing categories into the best ways for all shoppers to express themselves.

grunge fairycore

Whynotus is truly unique. Fairy Grunge clothing of all kinds and international styles can always be found.

Whynotus has enormous potential. Inspired by experimental pictures and movies, this company combines different cultural trends and styles in each of its offerings.

fairy grunge

Tunnel Vision apparel, originally from California, is designed independently and combines different vintage collections from other brands. All of which is sold on their website.

The brand’s original Fairy Grunge models are a guarantee that you can always look fashionable and definitely stand out from the crowd.

Although the Fairy Grunge aesthetic is not as intricate as others, there are certain nuances that must be observed and followed. Then you can easily give this aesthetic a unique flavor and your signature beauty.

First of all, apply the Fairy Grunge aesthetic to your clothes, accessories and shoes, and then create it around you.

We think that now you’ve formed your opinion about this style and now you might become a real fan of this trend. And maybe you start to combine different styles and create something of your own? Go for it! Feel free to experiment!

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