For the first time, the Facebook company introduced the digital magazine today during the Zoom conference. The magazine which is called “Instagram Insider”, features young authors and new fashion trends. And it will be available to the global public on the Instagram platform.

It turns out that Instagram has a whole team that works with literally everyone beginning from creators and ending with entrepreneurs. And this team is responsible for creating a magazine that shows in detail all the information we see, such as shopping, craft, or sustainable items. The nine-page magazine highlights fashion and beauty trends that are now popular on Instagram, as well as new authors you should follow.

According to the data, the main trends in fashion and beauty are now cosmetics and influencers. Therefore, the authors of Instagram magazine offer you “choices” for who to subscribe to in the application.

There is also a section where the company’s manager gives answers to users’ questions about how, for example, to get verified, how hashtags actually work and is it true that Instagram removes likes.

Instagram is currently testing a feature with the help of which users will be able to hide several words in their private messages to make Instagram messaging safer.

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