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Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Hey there, pretty brown eyes! Yes, you! Do you want to know the secret to finding the perfect blend or color combinations to use for eyeshadow with brown eyes? We’ve got the information you want! We made the research for you with plenty of helpful eyeshadow tips for brown eyes and tips on how to match eyeshadow color with your unique shade of brown eyes along with your skin tone, hair color, and desired level of glam. For the complete guide to good eyeshadow for brown eyes and your virtual eyeshadow color palette for brown eyes look no further.

Because brown is a blend of many colors, it is one of the most versatile eye colors for pairing with eyeshadow. This means that finding the correct color of eyeshadow for brown eyes or at least a complementary eyeshadow for brown eyes is not that hard. Some of the most pretty eyeshadow colors for brown eyes are shades like purple, silver, green, blue, rose and bronze/copper.

Best Eyeshadow Choice For Brown Eyes by Shades

However, different tints, shades and undertones in your eye color can make some colors trump other colors of eyeshadow for brown eyes when it comes to finding the most perfect match. In order to get the absolute best color match and eyeshadow sets for brown eyes, let’s discuss the different shades of brown that a person’s irises can be.

Dark Brown

best eyeshadow colors for dark brown eyes

If you have dark brown eyes, your eye color gives your eyes a deep and beautiful look. They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, and looking into deep brown eyes is like staring into the vast and endless night sky. The best eyeshadow color for brown eyes that are deep and dark brown are coral, peach or soft pink, bronze and nude or neutral tones.

These shades accentuate the depth of the brown in your eyes by enveloping them in soft and delicate shades or in the case of a bright coral or shimmery color, a complimentary burst of vibrancy.

Very dark colors works for dark brown eyes as well! You can play around a lot with this shade of eye color!

Medium Brown Eyes

dark eyeshadow for brown eyes

If you have medium brown eyes your eyes have hints of chestnut and cocoa. These colors can give your eyes a warm and inviting look. Some of the best eyeshadow colors for medium brown eyes with warm undertones are cooler colors like blue or green. Blues and cool purples contrast and accentuate the warmth of medium brown eyes by surrounding them in a pop of cool tones.

Green accentuates the warmth or slightly red undertones in medium brown eyes by juxtaposing them with their complementary color. Red and green are across from each other on the color wheel, which means that pairing them together forms a complementary color arrangement and brings out the boldness and beauty of each color.

Light Brown

If you have light brown eyes they might be best described as hazel or light brown with hints of amber or honey. These beautiful light brown shades might have undertones of yellow or green, which makes eyeshadow palettes that include bits of yellow, green or gold serve as a good eyeshadow palette for brown eyes that are light honey brown or hazel. You can also work with shadows of black, that will make your light brown eyes shine like two stars!

The Best Eyeshadow by Skin Tone

Another factor that you should consider when figuring out how to choose the right eyeshadow for brown eyes is skin color and undertones in your skin. After all, you are putting the eyeshadow on the skin surrounding your eye, so it should work in a way that compliments your skin tone as well as your eye color. Depending on whether your skin has warm undertones or cool undertones and whether you have lighter or darker skin, the right eyeshadow color for brown eyes can absolutely vary.

Warm Skin Tone

If your skin tone is warm meaning tan, olive, or with undertones of warm color, it’s best to wear shades of eyeshadow that will complement the warmth in your skin. This is why beauty experts say that pretty eyeshadow color combos for brown eyes and olive skin include warm colors like cinnamon, brown, red, and rose gold. It’s better to avoid silver, grey or light blue as these won’t match the skin as well.

Light Skin or Fair Skin

What eyeshadow for brown eyes is best for lighter skin? If your skin is pale, or very fair, the best color you may want to go with eyeshadow colors like lavender, peach, pink, silver and taupe. Because of the cooler undertones in fair skin, these cooler colors or neutral and light colors will work very well to match your skin tone and eye color simultaneously.

Dark skin

best eyeshadow color for dark skin

What color eyeshadow is good for brown eyes and darker skin? If you have a dark complexion and brown eyes, you will want to go with deep browns or grey, gold or bronze shimmer, eggplant or plum, or turquoise other jewel tones. These colors will pop and accentuate your beautiful skin and deep eyes. A metallic or glitter shadow might look great with darker skin as well, or if you’re looking for a very eye catching look, you could try a pop of matte white near your lash line.

Best Eyeshadow Combination by Hair Color

Hair color is another important thing to factor in when you’re figuring out what shades of eyeshadow for brown eyes work for you. Hair color does a lot to your face and overall look, not to mention the fact that it usually determines your eyebrow color too which can be integral for the look of your whole face. Let’s take a look at what color eyeshadow to use for brown eyes depending on your hair color.

Blonde Hair

pretty eyeshadow color combos blonde hair

If you have blonde hair and brown eyes, some great go to colors are brown, peach, rose and lavender. These colors will accentuate your eyes without being too glaring on your skin. The fairness of blonde hair typically makes us reach for a softer eyeshadow color, but you could also go with a touch of blue or purple for edge.

Brown Hair

It is general consensus that all shades of purple work really nicely with the color brown, so if you have brown hair and brown eyes, we highly suggest you invest in a couple of nice purple eyeshadow options. Pairing the purple with some deep browns or nude colors will accentuate your look in a lovely way.

Red Hair

If you have red hair the best eyeshadow to compliment your hair and your brown eyes would linger around the warm tones. This means reds, oranges, maybe even a touch of yellow. These colors will bring out the color of your hair and match beautifully with your eyes. If your eyes are more hazel or have green undertones you may find green to be a nice contrasting color but go for an evergreen or deep green color and pair with warm brown or bronze.

Black Hair

If you have black hair and brown eyes you can use browns, blues, navy blue, greens and lavenders to accent the depth of your eyes and your hair. If your hair is truly jet black with cool undertones the use of cool colors will bring out the depth and coolness of your hair.

Brands and Top Rated Eyeshadow Palettes for Brown Eyes

eyeshadow color palette

So if you still don’t know the answer to the question “What are good eyeshadow colors for brown eyes?” let some of our favorite palettes give you the answers. Need suggestions of good eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes? We’ve got you covered with these awesome choices.


The “Bite Sized” Elf pallet is a great and inexpensive mini pallet with four eyeshadow choices that comes in a variety of colors for only three dollars each. The low price means that you can stock up on more than one of their beautiful color combos and with many to choose from that go along with our favorite eyeshadow colors for brown eyes, why not get a bunch?


Bareminerals have some palettes that comes with some beautiful pinks, nudes and browns. These are great for any look and can be made more or less glam depending on what you’re in the mood for.


how to choose the right eyeshadow for brown eyes

MAC Cosmetics Art Library: Pallet Nude Model is a great and versatile palette that includes lovely shades of pink, brown, bronze, nude, gold and shimmery silver for a radiant selection of eyeshadow for brown eyes.


Almay has an extensive collection of eyeshadow compacts for specific eye colors. One of the best could be the simple trio collection that shows you exactly how to place each of the three shades of eyeshadow by designing the packaging in the shape of an eye. They also have a similar product with four different shades that also tells you how to easily apply all four colors for the perfect blend. The trios for brown eyes boast a high quality product at a low price as well as an easy application that will look like a makeup artist did your eyeshadow.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown’s Modern Symphony Eyeshadow Palette comes with some beautiful shades of prune, rose, deep brown and bronze that will have your brown eyes looking absolutely stunning no matter the event.

Urban Decay

The classic and one of the most popular eyeshadow palettes of all time is of course the Urban Decay Naked Palette. The Naked 1 is always a good option, but try out the Naked 3 palette for more fun tones that blend beautifully and look great with brown eyes.


The Color Stay LookBook Eyeshadow Palette is a beautiful collection of color palettes by Revlon. There are a variety of color combos to choose from, many of which include a nice blend of the colors we mentioned to be perfectly suited for brown eyes.


pretty colors for brown eyes

If you’re looking for a lot of options and maybe the opportunity to try out some bold shades, the NYX Modern Dreamer Shadow Palette might be the best option for you. It has so many colors to choose from and I guarantee it will help you unleash your creative makeup potential.


The Tartelette™ In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette by Tarte is a luxurious selection of nude tones including peaches, pinks and browns that range from super matte to glimmering and shimmering.

Final Eyeshadow Tips

what color eyeshadow to use for brown eyes

No matter what color eyeshadow for brown eyes you use, possibly the most important thing is to make sure that you blend your colors nicely and learn the proper eyeshadow application techniques.

You don’t necessarily need to be a pro at difficult eyeshadow application techniques like the perfect smokey eye or cut crease, but using the right brushes and knowing how to blend colors can really go a long way.

YouTube is a great resource for tutorials on eyeshadow application and looks from simple eyeshadow for brown eyes to the most elaborate eyeshadow ideas for brown eyes you can find.

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