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We all know what it’s like standing in front of your closet for hours, trying to decide what to wear before going out. Whether it’s a night of clubbing, a date, or just a dinner with the family, you’ll always want to be comfortable and practical while looking glamorous. To help you create memorable looks without spending hours deciding what to wear, here are a few tips that will help you with fashion choices before going out:

  • Try to keep it comfy – When going out on a night of adventures, you wouldn’t want your outfit to be keeping you from having fun. Sometimes when going out dancing you want to look your best, but end up sitting in the corner feeling sweaty and with sore feet. Before going out, make sure your outfits allow you to have fun and dance as much as you want, with the help of a reasonable pair of heels or platforms and a layered look that allows you to take some off when entering a crowded club.
  • Take only your must-haves – Not every place has a coat check, and the last thing you want is a heavy cross-body bag on your shoulder to make every move heavy. Keep your carry-on to a minimum by taking only your absolute essentials for a night out. By not carrying too much with you, a small, elegant clutch will not only complete a look but will also keep you light and free-moving throughout your entire night out.
  • Have one “statement piece”– Since we aim to create a memorable and fashionable look, but not too limiting and heavy, try to limit yourself to one flashy and recognizable piece to elevate your entire look. Instead of stumbling around the club in a fully sequined dress and a 10” heel, pick a sparkling top and a pair of more comfortable bottoms and shoes. This way, you don’t only avoid discomfort, but also avoid overdoing it, which can be a slippery slope for every fashionista.
  • Accessorize – Add some sparkle to your look by adding some jewelry. If you’re all about comfort and isn’t ready to give it up while going out, accessories can elevate any basic look and add some interest to it. 
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