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One of the most popular trends in 2020 has been western fashion. The cute cowgirl-inspired look first started this winter, with fringe jackets, cowboy boots, and prairie dresses on the runways of every major brand in the world. Summer has brought cowboy hats and buckled belts back as well, making the western style an inseparable part of every fashionista’s closet this year. This signature American look is an old classic making a visit in today’s top fashion, with a twist of modern glamour. 

Like any other trend, if you’re going to do it, do it right. It can be quite easy getting sucked into a trend and lose your sense of personal style and become a “fashion victim”. We put together a list of tips that will help you make wise fashion choices and to the western trend right:

  • Old styles, new designs – the western trend is all about classic getting a 2020 remake. When shopping for the trend, focus on classic and timeless style, like fringe jackets and cowboy boots, but make sure to choose the version that best fits your style and wardrobe. Although It appears to be a particularly popular style these days, those are classic styles that if you love, can be worn for years after the trend goes away.
  • Make mindful combination – from animal prints to fringe, the western trend can be a lot to handle. Items of the western style are characterized by many details, colors, and prints, and combining those in your outfit must be done right. Try to make your western piece with solid colors and basic items, and by that make your piece the center of your look.
  • Take risks – with that being said about the difficulty of creating a stylish look with those bold items, it’s definitely worth it. The western trend is all about that one crazy piece in your look that catches the eye and elevates your entire look, so don’t be afraid to take a risk and buy this really crazy cowboy hat you always wanted. Don’t be afraid to make unlikely combinations of western pieces with different styles; A pair of cowboy boots paired with your favorite sweatsuit or a fringe leather jacket over a party dress will give you an interesting and unique look.
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