What Are the Rules of the Dua Lipa Style? Playfulness and Unpredictability in One Bottle

Dua Lipa is the author of ten hits, the most streamed artist on Spotify. She attracts attention to herself with images that are as energetic, bright and summer as her music.

dua lipa stylist lorenzo posocco

Photos of the singer in hard-to-find branded items, of course, fly around glossy magazines and channels in social networks, converting into auditions. And all this is the merit of Dua Lipa stylist Lorenzo Posocco, who began working with Dua Lipa Style since her first appearances on the red carpet in 2015.

At that time, Pozokko, having worked on MTV and in several magazines and having no clients among major stars, hit almost blindly: he took the most memorable things from the catwalk and put on Lipa without any styling. Among them – a Prada shirt with a Frankenstein head, a low-cut dress by Alexandre Vauthier, and boots from the Vetements and Manolo Blahnik collaboration. In addition, the singer persistently wore sweatpants complete with a shiny top or bra, although five years ago neither the athleisure style nor the underwear in her everyday wardrobe was surprising.

upper part of the Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa clothes were confused with Vanessa Hudgens, Hayley Steinfeld and other girls with a similar appearance, which automatically reduced her authority in the eyes of luxury fashion houses, which value individuality in ambassadors. The little that Pozokko has managed to achieve is a collaboration with Patrizia Pepe: portraits of the singer, albeit wearing the same bra, have appeared in shop windows around the world.

Over the years, Lorenzo Posocco still made a recognizable author’s mark. A pinch of ornaments and shades “pluck out your eyes”, the love for which is dictated by his Italian origin, a pinch of the noughties, in which most of the singer’s admirers were born, a pinch of exotic that exudes from her music, and a pinch of sex, which does not cease to be the main engine of sales. The result was a wardrobe, which Lipa herself described in one of her posts as “tutti frutti cutie”. And we will tell you about Fashion Lessons and what the singer’s wardrobe consists of.


dua lipa The Night Show with Jimmy Fallon
dua lipa

Dua Lipa red carpet’s first successful outings are associated with the Versace brand. At the 2019 Grammy ceremony, he dressed her in a low-cut dress with gold pins, which referred to Elizabeth Hurley’s 1994 outfit, and at the Dua Lipa Met Gala in a top, leggings, and a long skirt, made in the style of a camp. Over time, the singer’s friendship with Donatella Versace became stronger, and the outfits became shorter. Wearing several mini-length dresses that sparkled like they had been put on Instagram filters, Lipa appeared on The Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, starred in the music video for “Levitating,” and appeared on the red carpet at the 2020 American Music Awards. The singer even calls herself a Versace girl, especially since she, as an influencer, receives all the latest brand novelties. However, the choice of mini is not limited to Versace and dresses only. Lipa is partial to jersey suits with Chanel short shorts – both in everyday life and on stage.


Stunning Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa Style
dua lipa sport look
dua lipa crop top

Tops and bralettes can also demonstrate Lipa’s chiseled figure: bandage or knitted, shiny or plain, with or without sleeves. In Dua Lipa street style pairs them not with wide sweatpants, as before, but with oversized jackets, high-waisted jeans, and vintage satin suits that Lorenzo Pozocco searches for her in the archives of fashion houses.

Knitted Clothes

knitted suit dua lipa
dua lipa knitted bikini
dua lipa knitted top
dua lipa hair style

Dua Lipa’s stylist is no longer interested in taking what lies on the surface. Therefore, Marine Serre items with a crescent print appeared in her wardrobe long before Beyoncé and the Kardashian-Jenner clan began to wear them, and photos of the singer in knitted tops and swimsuits were ahead of the spread of the trend on crochet. In particular, Lipa’s selfie in a GCDS swimsuit with pink cubs got 5.3 million likes on Instagram, provoking a 771% increase in searches for such models. On this occasion, Vogue interviewed the creative director of the Italian brand Giuliano Calza, summing up that the singer is one of the few who dares to knit sets and who they really suit.


dua lipa pink cardigan
dua lipa cardigan
Cardigan dua lipa

Dua Lipa’s pictures in the media also illustrate information about cardigans as the most fashionable thing of recent seasons. Moreover, Dua Lipa look chooses unusual items (for example, with embroidery in the form of a spider web in the chest area), which she proposes to wear directly on her naked body, often buttoning only one button. Complemented by Puma boyfriend jeans and sneakers. Lipa has partnered with the brand as an ambassador for She Moves Us to support women through sports and culture.

Beads and Hairpins

dua lipa beads
dua lipa accessories
hair pins

Hairpins can often be seen in Lipa’s hair, which regularly changes color and length. Pointed auto-latches, which are sold even at grocery checkout counters, or clips with the logos of luxury fashion houses, add a touch of childishness to the look. Necklaces and bracelets made of colorful beads of various sizes are aimed at the same, reminiscent of the baubles that many weaved during extended classes at school or quiet hours in the camp. Dua Lipa no makeup wears them along with the same bright plastic rings of the Barcelona brand La Manso, as well as Bea Bongiasca rings, the ornate shape of which seems to be copied from the flowers from the underwater world of Sponge Bob.


dualipa streetstyle
printed dress

Dua Lipa face bought almost the entirety of the collaboration between designer Marc Jacobs and artist Magda Archer, which consisted of T-shirts and sweaters with funny slogans. Sometimes intriguing phrases are replaced by no less provocative decor: what is only a T-shirt with cherries, in which the Grammy winner appeared on the cover of the musical issue of W.

Total Black

Dua Lipa TV Style Fashion
dua lipa black outfit
2019 Amazon Prime Day Concert

Black can also be expressive and different: Dua Lipa without makeup shows this with avant-garde Rick Owens boots, an Attico velvet dress and a crumpled Prada suit, which the team of the Italian brand made from the archives of the 2009 collection especially for the singer’s performance at the San Remo festival. Dua Lipa leather with a black suit with leggings instead of classic trousers, she also appeared at the Grammy ceremony, although she quickly changed into a more familiar translucent pink butterfly dress.


neon look dua lipa
plastic rings

Love for spectacular outfits and neon colors did not come to the singer right away – she used to prefer more classic clothes and restrained makeup. After the release of her first album in 2017, she dyed her hair blonde, removed almost all of her old photos from her Instagram, and completely changed her style. Now her whole look can be described as a rebellion against monochrome and restraint – she adores different neon shades and is not afraid to combine them in one look. A yellow T-shirt, pink jeans, green sneakers, and blue earrings – to wear it all together, you need to have not only courage but also a great sense of style – this Dua Lipa style definitely does not hold.

Shiny Disco Dresses

sparkling mini dress dua lipa
dua lipa disco dress
shiny dress

No less than neon hues, Dua Lipa loves disco-style outfits adorned with sequins, rhinestones, sequins, fringes, and feathers. Dua Lipa heels are worn not only for performances, but also for filming, parties, and dates. Choosing such outfits, the girl always goes all-in and relies on mini length, deep neckline, and bright high-heeled shoes.

Spectacular Evening Outings

sparkling outfit
Posocco styling

Dua Lipa beautiful is sure that red carpets are not made for boring, but for bright and spectacular outfits that will be remembered for a long time by all fans and photographers. She came to the Global Awards 2020 in a long body-fitting Mugler dress with a spectacular slit, and to the Grammy Awards in a white, flowing Alexander Wang set. The Dua Lipa outfits rely not only on non-revealing cuts and unusual silhouettes but also on bright colors.

Signature Hairstyle and Dua Lipa Makeup

Dua Lipa does her favorite hairstyle – a high ponytail or a bun on the top of her head and two strands framing her face – not only in everyday life but also for social events (this includes Dua Lipa eyebrows). This trend came back to us from the late 1990s, when Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss, Jerry Halliwell, and other celebrities walked with the same styling.

dua lipa pony tail
dua lipa styling
dua hair
dua lipa rings

The idea to revive retro strands and make them a feature of the singer came to her stylist Chris Appleton – now this hairstyle is repeated not only by celebrity fans, but also by other stars, such as Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Lucy Boyton.

We believe that being a singer is not only about being vocal and confident on stage. It is imperative to create visual imagery that can grab the attention of the public. For many performers, the search for these images becomes a protracted adventure. But the British singer Dua Lipa immediately made it clear that she was a full package. And while some consider her stage presence insufficiently vivid, the rapidly growing number of awards suggests otherwise. And the focus is not only on the music – the girl’s style attracts fans, no less. She composes her style according to new, her own rules!

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