Pride live

June is known as the worldwide pride month. It’s a month where we’re celebrating and learning about the LGBTQ + community. A lot of countries around the world have put up the 6 color flag as support. If you feel like dressing up for this special month, no worries. Many brands have released a pride 2020 collection. The latest trends, with pride details. You can go all-in with a colorful t-shirt from Hollister, or just have it as a small detail on your new shoes from Reebok.

Versace has announced that they’re launching a limited edition t-shirt. Especially for this pride month. It will be available from the 27th of June. 30% of the sales of this special t-shirt will go to Stonewall Day and Pride Live.

Pride live is an organization that is dedicated to create awareness about the LGBTQ+ community

Versace is not the first haute couture showing their support. Back in 2013, Karl Lagerfeld designed a beautiful collection for the Chanel spring/summer collection. In the end of their shows, the brides in magical dresses show up, hand in hand.

Christopher Bailey dedicated his last collection for Burberry for the LGBTQ+ community. The whole collection was made as an autobiographical love letter to his teen years.

It is amazing to see how brands can stand up for equality and LGBTQ+ rights, without really speaking about it. It makes a statement when they decide to dedicate or release something special for this month. 


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