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Dr. Barbara Sturm Launched v Drops, Aimed at Intimate Care

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Dr. Barbara Sturm decided to grow a variety of intimate skincare goods by launching V Wash and V Drops. The product is aimed at maintaining balance, improve hydration, and is effective at soothing skin. The soothing drops improve the condition of the sensitive area with the help of such ingredients as ruby ​​stone powder, along with prebiotics, probiotics, prickly pear extract, and other helpful supplements. For instance, the gourmar plant extract is considered to be effective in decreasing irritation with regular use. In addition, it reduces the growth and thickness of hair. Read also: The Virtual Version of the Gucci Bag Was Bought for a Price That Is More than the Actual Bag.

The brand states that these drops also include a special complex, based on herbs, that produces a plumping effect on the labia, making them soft and flexible. The product is meant for external use only and can be used daily to keep the skin barrier moisture.
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