See the Most Beautiful Christmas Shoots in Vogue Magazine
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Discover a Selection of Fantastic Christmas Shoots in Vogue Magazine

For more than 100 years, Vogue has celebrated Christmas with optimistic and original pictures. See a selection of joyful looks, pick up by Robin Muir.

Alewya Demmisse 2017

In 2017, Alewya Demmisse in a kilt designed by Vivienne Westwood and Sonia Rykiel in a sweater made by Juergen Teller looked fantastic. The glittering images turned out to be absolutely magic. 

bouquet of Christmas 1956

In 1956, a bouquet of Christmas lights was captured by an unknown photographer.

1953 Henry Clarke

In 1953, a necklace featuring diamonds to make a tiara was photographed by Henry Clarke.

2016 Tim Walker

In 2016, Tim Walker photographed Time for Illumination.

Della Oake Balenciaga 1951

In 1951, Della Oake wearing Balenciaga was shot by Cecil Beaton.

Adwoa Aboah 2017

In 2017, Adwoa Aboah was photographed by Steven Meisel.

1923 by André Edouard Marty

In 1923, a festive cover in the 20s style was released by André Edouard Marty.

1959 Irving Penn Christmas

In 1959, Christmas in the ’50s atmosphere was captured by Irving Penn.

1916 British Vogue

In 1916, an illustrated cover was published special for British Vogue’s. Titled first Christmas, it was photographed by Helen Dryden.

Georges Lepape 1930

In 1930, Georges Lepape captured Seasonal Offering.

1939 Candy canes in wartime

In 1939, an unknown photographer shot Candy canes in wartime.

1946 Ray Bolger by Irving Penn

In 1946, Ray Bolger by Irving Penn appeared in American Vogue.

1937 Anton Bruehl

In 1937, a cover in the 30s vibe was published by Anton Bruehl.

André Edouard Marty 1933

In 1933, André Edouard Marty worked on the cover for the Parties Number.

1914 E M A Steinmetz

In 1914, E M A Steinmetz appeared in American Vogue.

2018 Saffron Vadher

In 2018, Steven Meisel photographed Saffron Vadher.

Georges Lepape 20s style

In 1929, a glamorous cover in the 20s style was shot by Georges Lepape.

American Vogue 1949

In 1949, Irving Penn appeared in American Vogue.

1935 Anton Bruehl with Fernand Bourges

In 1935, Anton Bruehl together with Fernand Bourges appeared in American Vogue.

Steven Klein photographed Liza Minnelli

In 1989, Steven Klein photographed Liza Minnelli.

00s Christmas cover

In 2000, Kate Moss was captured by Nick Knight.

1955 50s Christmas cover

In 1955, a little boy took part in the 50s Christmas cover that was shot by Norman Parkinson.

1997 Branching Out Into Red

In 1997, titled Branching Out Into Red was photographed by Tim Walker.

1924 Joseph B Platt

In 1924, a festive illustration was released by Joseph B Platt.

2007 Sienna Miller

In 2007, Nick Knight photographed Sienna Miller.

2008 The Snow Queen by Su Blackwell

In 2008, The Snow Queen by Su Blackwell was cut directly from an old book and featured jewelry by Lacey.

2003 Sam Taylor-Wood

In 2003, Sam Taylor-Wood’s dog, named Sid, was photographed by Hugh Stewart.

1938 xmas vogue

In 1938, a mise en scène in baroque style appeared for Christmas dining.

1956 William Klein

In 1956, Scent & Stockings was shot by William Klein.

1938 June Platt

In 1938, titled A streamlined Christmas was released by June Platt.

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