changes in the fashion industry

British Fashion Council and the Council of Fashion Designers of America wrote an open letter calling for a change in the fashion industry system. They presented their recommendations for brands and designers: create no more than two collections a year and produce them according to the season when «consumers really need these things». Working on only two collections a year, according to experts, will allow designers to slowly devote themselves to creativity and reduce resource consumption. The authors of the open letter also called for shows to be held in only one fashion capital after the pandemic, so that buyers, journalists, and other industry representatives would have to travel less and, consequently, thus will reduce the carbon footprint from airplane flights. Experts hope that the new approach will also have an impact on how consumers feel about clothing. «We are united in our unwavering belief that the fashion system must change and this must happen at every level», concluded specialists in an open letter.

Earlier designers Dries van Noten, Gabriela Hirst, and Tom Brown made similar proposals. They also called on the fashion industry to develop a system that would make their businesses «more environmentally and socially sustainable and ultimately better able to meet customer needs». The Business of Fashion has created a manifesto that calls for a review of the collection’s release calendar. The Gucci brand has also refused to lead shows during the established seasons. The brand will only produce collections twice a year in a new format, said Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci. Prior to this, London Fashion Week has combined shows of men’s and women’s collections on the same gender-neutral platform.

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