Davis Maximilian Designer Brand With New Black Collection

Maximilian Davis as the Creator of an Elegant and Tolerant Fashion History of Our Time

Who Is Maximilian Davis

A native of Manchester, Davis Maximilian designer is making a splash with his 2021 collections. His work attracts not only fashion editors, but celebrities as well – in addition to A$AP Rocky, among them is singer Sunny Walker.

Who Is Maximilian Davis?

The 25-year-old designer was born in Manchester to a large Afro-Caribbean family. Both pairs of grandparents moved to the U.K.

His father’s family is from Jamaica and his mother’s from Trinidad. This deep sense of cultural and familial connection is channeled directly into his work.

Maximilian is a student of the famous Grace Wales Bonner. He began his career at her brand as a junior designer.

Without the support of the London community, Davis says he never has ventured into the independent market with his own label. He constantly doubted himself, but the people around him pushed him to keep working, improve and believe in himself.

Maximilian’s First Successes

It was his best friend, London-based designer Mowalola Ogunlesi, who inspired Davis to create his first collection. His first personal collection included tight frank tops, low-waisted jeans, cut pants and porta-potties. Each piece by Davis is practical and unique, which means it suits anyone, regardless of gender.

Black Collection SS21 “J’ouvert”

Maximilian Davis presented his Fall/Winter 2021 collection at the London Fashion Show.

Black Collection SS21 “J’ouvert”

The name of the Maximilian collection translates to “dawn,” and the clothes themselves are in the twilight zone between sophistication and proud sexuality. The collection goes back to the 19th century and presents a variety of modern outfits.

Davis presented clothing expressing the black elegance and emphasizing restraint.

Rihanna in Davis Maximilian

The collection was inspired by the London designer’s grandmother, who emigrated from Trinidad to England in 1965. The line includes space futurism details with accents from the late ’60s and early ’70s. Maximilian Davis describes the time as particularly fertile for fashion trends and particularly apt for showcasing female strength and power. Davis is also against racism, which is why he certainly included black people in the history of his masterpiece collection.

Models of Maximilian brand were presented in ’60s styles with round shoulders and column skirts, while balaclavas and goggles added a twist and a certain absurdity to the overall look.

Maximilian collection
davis maximilian black lives matter

The velveteen deneen fabrics and cracked leather were the pinnacle of Caribbean design in Maximilian Bloomingdales. A-line skirts with low waists, resin buckled belts and disco pants contrasted well with Nassir Mazhar’s signature headwear. And everyone’s well-known Maximilian fashion logo was printed on every denim and embroidered on his products.

Maximilian’s Sudden Fame

At first the designer was stunned by the public’s attention. He was used to being in the background and was always happy about it. Especially because the designer had never put his work in the public eye before.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and London found itself in isolation, Davis, like many, became worried.

He decided to just do a collection for another portfolio. Then there was the shoot and the six looks created. Everything went well, and the fateful event was his bid for Fashion East.

Working on a Collection Presentation

Davis’ designs combine 19th-century tailoring and 2000s cut-outs, as well as kerchiefs turned into tops, with barely-there miniskirts, palm-suede dresses and jeans.

The fashion expert knew he wanted to include some custom sewn pieces in the collection. In fact, these were the first pieces he made with the family tailor, from whom his mother had been sewing suits for over 15 years. They started with a black smock jacket, and after the Fashion East bid was confirmed, Maximilian added items, so another gray jacket and ivory tails with princess seams were sewn.

There is a real formality and elegance in these pieces, but also a noticeable sexiness.

According to Davis, what people are wearing now are very corny things. There’s a sense of freedom in them, so he took many of the shapes of necklines and bras and harnesses that people wear with feathers and beads and jewelry, from familiar costumes. Davis recalled going to Trinidad in the early 2000s and seeing what my sisters wore to the carnival. They were little ra-ra skirts and slit T-shirts. They were watching music videos of Sean Paul and Hype Williams at the time, so he wanted to use the colors they were using and the things they were wearing. References to 19th century carnival can be found in the harlequin print swimsuits used throughout the collection. There are a couple of jeans in the collection, as well as a few items that were not taken off, such as the harlequin bra.

A Film from the Designer

Working alongside superstar stylist Ibrahim Kamara and breakthrough Brazilian photographer Rafael Pavarotti, instead of a show, Maximilian presented his debut through Akinola Davis’ creative film, along with a fantastically vivid series of images that are sure to fly far in the digital age.

Film Maximilian

Pay attention to the music. Maximilian’s emphasis is on working with Suutu. It’s important to capture the mood there.

The task of the creator was to show the celebration and movement of the Caribbean people. That’s what carnival is all about, it’s a celebration of freedom. He felt it was very important to convey the movement of people dancing in a very elegant and sexy way.

The author hopes that people can see more than just good images in it. There is meaning behind it. It’s not just an idea from an amazing stylist, an amazing photographer and a new fashion designer. Maximilian wants people to see and understand that black elegance is real. Davis explains how looking at the Trinidadian carnival helps you find history that has been erased elsewhere.

Designer’s Debut

Maximilian Davis’s first feeling was stunned and surprised. He had always dreamed of performing on the catwalk, but a big part of his research process was watching movies.

Maximilian Davis's Debut

Now he has an opportunity he never had before. A designer can make his own film.

After all, he had always been fascinated by watching clips and admiring the masterpiece approach of the author.

At times the work on the collection was intense, but the end result, as we see now, was definitely worth it.

The author hopes that people see more than just good images in it. There is meaning behind it. It’s not just an idea from an amazing stylist, an amazing photographer and a new fashion designer. Maximilian wants people to see and understand that black elegance is real.

Maximillian’s Attitude toward Black People

Maximillian’s Attitude toward Black People

After the Black Lives Matter protests last year, Davis felt a call to write his own story about black beauty. It became a starting point for him and many others to talk about race and now there are many people willing to make that claim.

Davis intends to share an identity, a community, a point of view and a unique aesthetic, revisiting history through the lens of black elegance. Growing up with his sister studying fashion, he was so used to seeing white European models. The black body, on the other hand, could not be seen in elegant clothing.

It made him feel, black people are deprived and doomed. But he intends to show people that such people can be elégant .

Davis believes that the industry can be very quick to pick up on fashion trends and become part of the trend. The designer cites a lot of magazines that put black models on the cover, doing it for all issues. Thus, this movement must continue.

It can’t just be this year or next year, it has to be something that is sustainable throughout the industry.

So, we think you’ve noticed that the pieces in the new collection are hot, sexy, and hard to relate to a particular time, they are both modern and timeless, but at the same time rooted in historical clothing patterns. Davis promises that each season has a message, but there is also a carefree attitude to style. He’s not ready to take fashion too seriously, but he always intends to create something conceptual, memorable and worthwhile.

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