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Crystal Rasmussen Talks about His Joint Work with Marnie for Marnifesto

Crystal Rasmussen

The project began with a call from writer Crystal Rasmussen to Marni’s creative director while he was staying at home. For the Spring-Summer 2021 show, Francesco Risso decided to cooperate with Telfar’s Babak Radboy to create Marnifesto. This collaboration is an alternative to the familiar catwalk fashion show, which turned out to be a completely new idea of ​​work for the brand. In the joint work, Risso and Radboy stray from the standard creative process and transfer power to a group of artists, and Rasmussen is one of them.

Special for Marnifesto, Rasmussen performed several covers where he played a cameo role from their tiny bull terrier called Celine. They were wearing pieces from the collection and were filmed by their housemate for a short film in which they also walk through the streets of London, dressed in Marnie clothes.

For Rasmussen, it was a special moment when an industry that didn’t always appreciate different body types, classes, and gender identities accepted him. It was very comfortable and kind, said Crystal Rasmussen about working together with Marnie.

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