Be Stylish with Full List of Trendy Cropped Cardigan for the 2021 Season

Stylish cropped cardigans will come in handy in the 2021 season: you can wear it instead of jeans or a light jacket on cool evenings.

Today, women’s cropped sweater cardigans are a versatile and irreplaceable item in a women’s wardrobe. A similar version of outerwear can be worn at any time of the year. But the most fashionable and popular are cardigans in spring and autumn.

It is not difficult to choose a short woman’s cardigan with a fashionable design. However, it is worth relying not only on fashion trends and preferred clothing style but also on the parameters of the figure.

Cropped Cardigans 2021 

Shortened models visually increase height and make legs infinitely long. This should be taken into account for those who cannot boast of the correct proportions. Short blouses with a V-neck stretch the silhouette even better, which is good for low girls

sheer cardigan from CECILIE BAHNSEN
helmut lang cardigan
half-length sleeves cardigan

Overweight girls should pay attention to models of cropped cardigans for work, and a fashionable woman with a thin physique will do a short chunky cardigan, which will add volume and make the figure less angular. Cardigans made from shimmery fabrics or knitwear with the addition of lurex are more suitable for the evening.

In the everyday wardrobe, cozy knitted models of practical colors are appropriate.

Combination Ideas

yellow cardigan
summer cardigan
cropped cardigan in check

How to wear cropped cardigans?

To make the look stylish and attractive, short-cropped cardigans for women made of delicate cashmere are in harmony with pleated skirts, light chiffon dresses, and retro-style outfits. An openwork top and a flared skirt can also become the basis of an image in which a light cardigan of a given length appears.

Cashmere Cropped Cardigan
sunset cardigan
miu miu cardigan

A model made of thick yarn should be supplemented with tight-fitting clothing. Such a thing will be good in combination with skinny jeans, leggings, and skinny trousers. The cotton cropped cardigans can be worn with a sheath dress or like this: white top or blouse + denim pencil skirt.

You Can Complement the Cardigan With

  • a pencil skirt in suiting and a blouse with a minimalist design;
  • straight jeans and lace top;
  • knee-length a-line skirt and blouse with a rounded collar; 
  • retro polka-dot dress.
paradiso knit white new color product
pastel cardigan

Short sleeve cropped cardigans today can be combined with boyfriend jeans and denim breeches. We are talking about youth styles of sweaters, for example, sleeveless and hooded products.

Sporty cardigans are increasingly appearing in everyday wardrobe. You can wear them not only with jeans and T-shirts but also with short fluffy skirts and summer dresses.

Influencers in Cropped Cardigans

In the 2021 season, clothes from the “grandmother’s chest” – cozy cardigans with buttons – burst into fashion with triumph. If a few years ago in cool weather everyone put on jeans, masculine jackets, and sweatshirts, how many people would prefer stylish patterns for cropped cardigans? Moreover, this year the designers have improved this cozy wardrobe item and instead of infinitely long cardigans presented cropped models with buttons.

hailey bieber cardigan
cropped cardigan

It turned out that the first cardigans appeared a long time ago: initially, they were part of military equipment and were considered purely men’s clothing – this warm woolen jacket was worn under the uniform during military campaigns in order to protect the body from the cold. Cardigans entered women’s fashion thanks to Coco Chanel – it was in her collections that models of cardigans of a free silhouette appeared for the first time.

Stylists advise wearing short cropped cardigans along with a crop top (for inspiration – open the Ottolinger show), a lingerie-style dress or a basic white T-shirt, and for the most daring there is another option – to wear a knitted cardigan, slightly exposing the body due to unbuttoned buttons, like this suggested by the designers at the Miu Miu show.

green cardigan

Now it’s no secret that 90s style is back. Chunky sneakers and wide-leg jeans are all the rage, but nothing beats the versatility and growing popularity of the long sleeve cropped cardigans.

The cardigan, which was simply tied at the waist, now takes on a bold new character. He’s classy, ​​fresh, which probably explains why he’s so popular with celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, and Kendall Jenner.

Floral Short Sleeve Cardigan
light blue and beige cardigan

You can make cropped cardigans casual by wearing them over dresses or jeans as celebrities do, or by buttoning them up and not wearing anything underneath. The choice is yours.

The famous French woman Jeanne Damas boasts several cardigans in her wardrobe. She wears them both in everyday life and at special events. Jeanne often chooses classic jeans and a white top, and so that the image does not look boring, she puts on a cozy beige cardigan with short sleeves on top. On a cool summer evening, this once-forgotten wardrobe will not only protect you from the wind but also attract attention.

blue cardigan
bella hadid cardigan
light blue and beige cardigan

Fashion bloggers suggest wearing bright cropped lightweight cardigans on a naked body, and in order to add a little boldness to the image, it is worth leaving a few buttons unbuttoned. Feel free to combine such a cardigan with a midi skirt, palazzo pants, culottes or Bermuda and go in this look to a cafe, on a date or shopping. 

The easiest way to integrate a cardigan into your everyday wardrobe is to pair it with a cute summer dress, as was done at the Y / Project show: stylish shoes and a bright red bag add solemnity to the look. For a more casual look, wear spring cropped cardigans for women with a dress along with ballet flats and a bucket bag – ideal for comfortable summer city walks. At the Marco de Vincenzo show, the designers proposed to create a complete set, consisting of a skirt and a cardigan in the same color scheme, and to dilute the image with accent accessories and a bright bag.

Tips for a Women’s Cropped Cardigans Look

Speaking of style, let’s immediately note a few tips on which you need to navigate when buying a short cardigan.

fluffy cardigan

Cut. It should be straight or oversized (if it fits into your wardrobe and fits the figure). A straight cut is stricter, gives restraint, structure to the image, helps to correct the lines and proportions of the silhouette.

Texture. Remember that structural knit adds volume to the figure, while smooth fabrics make the silhouette slimmer. Evaluate immediately what effect you are trying to achieve.

Innings. Whether to tuck a short cardigan is up to you. Wearing short sleeve cropped cardigans to crochet with the hem tucked into high-waisted pants or a skirt will give you the longest legs in the world. If worn outside, then the edge line will visually expand the part of the body that it separates (hips, waist). Only the owners of ideal figures should not be afraid of such imbalances!

What and How to Combine a Short Cardigan

On a Naked Body

In this case, the presentation of the image is important:

trendy cardigans
  • wear asymmetrically;
  • buttoning just a few buttons and leaving spicy cuts that reveal the perfect body;
  • wear in the classic version: tucking the hem into the trousers or leaving it free.

For a Shirt or Top

Cropped cardigan outfits are especially impressive in combination with a linen top. In this version, it is convenient to wear it as a second layer, casually draped over the shoulders or not buttoned at all. With a T-shirt or shirt. This option is quite appropriate not only at a meeting with friends but also for office everyday life. There are several secrets that will help you feel comfortable and look interesting in this way:

  • wear the second layer without pockets, lapels, and other decorative details that could bulge out from under the knitwear, changing the proportions and perception of the figure;
  • shirts or T-shirts of the bottom layer must be made of soft materials;
  • short straight-cut cardigans look and fit better as the top layer;
  • Play on contrasts: wear a shirt with a print or in contrasting colors.
  • With golf. A great option for cool weather. Looks stylish and cozy.

And a Few More Fashionable “Tricks”

  1. Roll up your sleeves – it looks not only stylish but also opens up the narrow part of the arm to make the image visually thinner and slimmer;
  2. Do not be afraid to create multi-layered bows, play on the lengths of parts and textures of fabrics;
  3. If you do not have designer cropped cardigans, you can breathe a “second life” into its classic version: tuck the cardigan into trousers or a skirt and emphasize the waist with a contrasting belt – a stylish look is ready!

So now you know that a cropped cardigan is a stylish and indispensable item in the wardrobe of women of all ages, which will help you easily complete any of your outfits, giving a fresh touch and making your look more interesting. 

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