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Cottagecore: Everything That Is Close to Nature Tendency

tendency to be closer to nature

Hashtag #cottagecore has gained popularity in the main youth social network – TikTok. Its users send videos about pastoral lifestyle – hence the “cottage” in the title. Such users use masks that turn them into forest elves, tell their followers how to grow roses properly, and just show off their thematic outfits. We will tell you what cottagecore aesthetic is and why its approach has become relevant now.

Who of the city dwellers does not dream sometimes to escape from reality and to become closer to nature and farmcore life? People inevitably begin to idealize village life and see it as a special meaning because of the increasing fatigue from crowds of citizens. The approach is not new: the aristocracy back in the 18th century found a special charm in village life, and in the 60s of the twentieth century, American hippies saw an escape from aggression and militarization in something natural. People, again and again, return to the idea of life in the countryside as a saving ideal.

The New Trend of “Cottagecore”

eco trends in fashion

The new trend of “cottagecore”, which is flourishing in this turbulent time, partly repeats the visual codes of the 60s. Teenagers all over the world show their farmcore outfits – homemade tie-dye t-shirts, rubber boots, picnic baskets, garden tools, flower dresses, and blouses, and freshly baked cakes on wooden plates on hand-embroidered linen napkins. The main difference is that now it is a material set of things, which should also look good in photos.

The cottagecore or farmcore is positioned as an escape from excess consumption, urban stress, and other capitalist problems. Aesthetics romanticizes village life, bringing to the fore the beauty of nature and the lack of sense of time. Tiktoks of fascinated zoomers look like calming benefits of knitting, embroidery, planting succulents and garden arrangement.

Today’s young people are particularly attentive to how and where they live, preferring what brings joy here and now. People are tired of society’s exaggerated expectations and uncertainty, so they are looking for meaning in simple, down-to-earth things that bring prosperity and comfort. If we remember that one of the main social tasks of the new time is to take care of the environment – this farmcore life approach becomes extremely clear and understandable.

Despite the excessive attention to the outside cottagecore aesthetic, it is not so much a fashionable trend, but it is more an idea. Its philosophy teaches us to slow down and to appreciate the little things. People resort to this way of life when they understand that they do not want to live in constant stress, but want to live a simple and «clear» life.

The Cottagecore Lifestyle Appeared Because of the New Coronavirus

eco fashion

We could assume that the cottagecore lifestyle appeared because of the new coronavirus when it became clear that spending time in the village is much more pleasant than being locked in a city apartment. But journalists note that it is the trend of 2018 – the first mentions of the current appeared – and not in TikTok, but in Instagram. However, the trend will not go down after the end of isolation; the main reason – during the inevitable crisis many people will begin to return from district centers to their hometowns.

You will really be surprised by the number of results requested by “cottagecore aesthetics” in Pinterest. Gray cozy cardigans, flower panamas, «gardener’s» overalls, mottled ribbons, kettles with the image of flies, all kinds of wicker bags, and, of course, country houses of incredible beauty – the list can be continued endlessly. The trend farmcore has influenced not only the content on social networks, but also shopping habits: people began to shop quilts, gloves for the garden and even rolling pins.

cottage-core trends

Cottagecore is also associated with the popularity of prairie dresses – maxi clothing with high collar; historically, this term was used for voluminous skirts, which were worn by American women in the middle of XIX century. Nowadays such dresses can be found among collections of brands like Vampire’s Wife and Laura Ashley or other cottagecore clothing websites. It is believed that this tendency is against patriarchal attitudes, which means that things are designed not to hide something, but to delight the owner.

Adepts use vintage and manual techniques – for example, the same dresses and blouses, hooked or woven using macrame. Here you can also see a trend for simple jewelry, such as using bright beads.

The farmcore is gaining popularity usually in those regions where you can spend time in a country house all year round, such as the southern states of America.

Even if bulk fashion annoys you – you may also be a follower of the cottagecore without knowing it. Do you like to spend time outdoors with your family, trying not to worry about details, and do feel grateful for the simple joys of life? Congratulations, you also share the ideas of cottagecore.

Unfortunately, to completely resort to the tendency of farmcore life in our reality is a difficult task to accomplish. Often people stay in big cities because it allows them to earn and to maintain a decent standard of living. Living in a comfortable country house is a privilege that not everyone has, also a full-fledged subsistence farming is a great job, it is far from the romantic ideas of TikTok. Fortunately, the cottagecore teaches us first of all a universal thing – the ability to appreciate simple joys. Make a decoration with your own hands, prepare a delicious dinner, or soak up the moral strength in the nearest park – of course, when the pandemic is over.

The Main Characteristics of the Cottage Fashion

Flower clothes

natural tendencies in fashion

The starting point for any outfit of a nature lover. The more authentic (read – vintage and rustic) a dress, skirt, or blouse will be – the better.

Be sure to pay attention to the style of a dress. Finding a flower dress now is an easy task, but there are nuances. It is better to choose dresses of a simple cut, and let the sleeves be free and the dress itself should not constrain movements

The longer – the better. Our goal is to run nicely across the field so that the skirt flutters. So don’t be afraid to choose maxi dresses, it’s appropriate here

Natural fabrics

The cottagecore aesthetics is largely repelled by a return to the roots, to something real. Followers of the style often sew their own outfits of natural fabrics, knit with a hook or spokes, and make jewelry with their own hands

Now products made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, hemp fabric, jute) are easier to find in second-hand or in small boutiques. The product should be pleasant to feel on your skin. Do the test: could you sleep in this dress? If the thing feels like pajamas, you made the right choice

Accessories on your head

Followers of cottagecore fashion love to decorate hair with unusual jewelry. First of all, it is practical: if you spend all day in the field or in the sun – a hat or cap is necessary. Secondly, it is beautiful and makes any look even more romantic.

Pay attention to:

  • Straw hats
  • Bandanas, kerchiefs, and ribbons – to fix your hair or remove it from your face
  • Wreaths and crowns made of flowers
  • Hairpins in the form of flowers, insects, and mushrooms

«Daddy’s» style

eco-style in fashion

Aesthetics assumes that we don’t have to spend a lot of time creating the outfit, just put on something comfortable and go. And who is the least worried about appearance then daddy, when he is repairing something at the summer house or goes fishing! Take an example from him.

  • Oversize is the best option. If you feel uncomfortable, you can always emphasize your waist with a huge belt or handkerchief;
  • Old stuff. No need to run to the store for another sweater to create a farmcore outfit: ask your relatives or friends, buy it in secondhand, or swap it. Responsible consumption is another important part of the cottagecore philosophy.

Simple shoes

simple shoes

No branded sneakers or heels. We bet on comfortable shoes, oxfords, and loafers (not black, but more «earthy» colors – brown, green, gray), combine them with socks. Or you may choose an even simpler and closer to nature option – to walk barefoot.

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