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We Suggest You Figure Out What to Apply First on Your Skin: A Concealer or Foundation?

concealer and foundation

Most girls nowadays do multi-stage makeup, which includes a whole range of products: these are foundation creams, mascara and eye shadows, familiar to everyone, and primers with highlighters, and correctors, and, of course, concealers. Despite how popular this remedy is lately, many girls still do not know what comes first concealer or foundation? And what about you? Do you put concealer or foundation on first? Let’s figure it out.

You have definitely thought at least once in your life that it is better to apply a concealer or foundation first. Many makeup lovers (as well as many beauty experts) have discussed the issue concealer first or foundation first.

Applying your foundation and concealer correctly is key to achieving a flawless, smooth complexion with makeup.

After reading this article, you can easily answer the question: “Should I use concealer or foundation first?”

But first, let’s figure out what a foundation and concealer are and study their types in more detail.

What Is Foundation?

To begin with, this is a cosmetic that performs several functions that are important for your skin:

cosmetics makeup rules
  • Can serve as a makeup base;
  • Disguises flaws;
  • Protects skin from sun and wind;
  • Slows down the aging process (Since most creams contain antioxidants, and creams specially designed for mature skin contain tissue-strengthening substances).

Types of Foundation

Day foundation. The most liquid inconsistency, with a low pigment content. A distinctive feature is the low density of such a product, that is, it does not completely cover the skin, but only evens out the tone. More suitable for young skin. But does concealer or foundation go first?

Liquid foundation (fluid). The best for oily skin as it contains fewer oils and more powder. The powder absorbs sebum and at the same time makes the skin matte. Note also that liquid foundations cover the skin with a thin layer, which looks very natural. Substances are usually added to such products that nourish and moisturize the skin and regulate the secretion of sebum. Good question here: “What goes on first concealer or liquid foundation?”

Thick foundation. Perfectly masks all skin imperfections, and, given that it contains many oils, it is better suited for dry skin. Such creams perfectly nourish dry skin, especially in the cold season.

Cream-stick foundation. It is distinguished by a high content of oils and coloring pigment, therefore it is perfect for problem skin in order to mask pronounced imperfections.

clinique concealer

Compact foundation. The densest of foundations, with its help you can hide the most noticeable flaws, for example, birthmarks, but it needs to be fixed with powder. Despite all the advantages, it also has one significant drawback: without experience, you are unlikely to be able to apply it exactly.

Foundation powder. Combines the properties of powder and foundation. A very convenient tool, since you do not have to constantly powder your face – it stays matte for a long time. The mechanism of action is as follows: you apply the cream powder on the face, over time the cream evaporates and only a perfectly even layer of powder remains. The result of the action of such a cream is impressive: the imperfections are masked, and the skin does not look oily. Please note that this product is not suitable for mature skin, as it will accentuate wrinkles.

Foundation cream mousse. An excellent tool for creating light, natural, transparent makeup. Unfortunately, only owners of healthy and clean skin can afford this, since the cream-mousse, which resembles foam in its consistency, weakly masks pronounced skin imperfections. It is somewhat similar in consistency to concealer, but do you use concealer or foundation first?

What Is Concealer?

This remedy is often confused with foundation due to its appearance. Concealer is a thick cream of various shades of beige, ranging from almost transparent to dark, almost brown colors. It is designed to mask skin imperfections such as dark circles under the eyes, age spots, rosacea, acne and even wrinkles.

Anyway, you should know how to apply concealer or foundation first?

Concealers often contain reflective particles that can replace a highlighter, giving skin a soft, healthy glow and brightening areas. It helps to hide wrinkles and is also a good help in sculpting the face. In addition, vitamins and minerals can often be found in such a product that can relieve rashes and increase skin tone – so this product not only makes you look beautiful, it is also good for the skin.

nude concealer

Types of Concealer

There are three types of concealers that differ in consistency and application. Let’s talk in more detail about each of them:

  1. Liquid concealer. Do you put concealer first or foundation? You can doubt, as this product is usually sold in the form of a palette, it is slightly thicker than the average tonal. It is very light and weightless, therefore it is able to mask only dark circles under the eyes or redness on the skin: it will not cope with acne, clogged pores, and other major imperfections.
  2. Concealer in the form of a stick or pencil. Sufficiently dense, intended for spot application in a thin layer, almost cannot be shaded. Well hides acne, scars and wrinkles, age spots, however, it is completely unsuitable for the skin around the eyes. It is applied in a spiral and very carefully.
  3. Concealer in the form of a stick or pencil. Sufficiently dense, intended for spot application in a thin layer, almost cannot be shaded. Well hides acne, scars and wrinkles, age spots, however, it is completely unsuitable for the skin around the eyes. It is applied in a spiral and very carefully.
  4. Mineral concealer. This product is produced in dry form and resembles powder. In addition to correcting skin imperfections, it helps with matting and has an antibacterial effect, therefore it is an ideal option for owners of oily and problem skin. It is not applied to the area around the eyes and to gloss over wrinkles.

What Goes on First, Concealer or Foundation?

And finally, the most important question: what should be applied to the skin concealer or foundation first, what is the sequence? Let’s start with you: do you apply concealer or foundation first? Actually, the answer is unambiguous: first, a tonal agent is used. The only exception is when using concealer to treat blemishes or scars. In this case, you will first apply a color corrector or a thin layer of concealer. Otherwise, it’s a foundation and then concealer. If you apply concealer first, you end up using a lot more than necessary and your makeup can look cool. 

apply concealer first
foundation on skin

How to Apply Foundation Correctly?

Prepare skin with moisturizer before applying any foundation formula, it nourishes, smooths the skin, and serves as a primer.

After you cleanse and moisturize the skin, and then apply the base under the makeup, the smoothing of the complexion begins. However, if you have severe redness or inflammation on your skin, there is one more thing to watch out for before applying foundation: spot application of the correct color corrector to help smooth your complexion. So, foundation or concealer first for dark circles?

apply concealer

Grab any application tool, be it a brush, makeup sponge, or even clean fingers. Apply the formula in short strokes starting from the center of the face and working from top to bottom. Make sure the color flows smoothly along the jawline and down the neck to avoid harsh lines. The brush provides fuller coverage with every stroke, but the sponge makes any formula more comfortable.

So all the same, does foundation or concealer go on first? And only after you apply foundation to your skin should you use concealer. It is used both for hiding imperfections and for sculpting the face, and in both cases, this tool has proven itself well. The concealer is applied from the edges of the area that needs to be worked out and smoothly goes to the center.

Be Careful with Your Eyes

The foundation approach works especially well when you are trying to hide dark circles under your eyes. After applying the foundation, apply concealer and blot with a damp beauty blender.


Concealer or foundation first for acne? The rule of consistency must be followed for skin health.

Don’t miss the corners of your eyes. You can ask: is it under eye concealer or foundation first? The answer will be similar. They often fade, but this can be easily neutralized with a foundation-then-concealer approach.

Blend concealer over cheekbones and eyes to enhance highlights.

Now the question “which goes on first concealer or foundation” will no longer mislead you. Use your foundation and concealer correctly and your makeup will be amazing!

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