Clothing for Disabled Persons: Special Needs Adaptive Clothing

clothing for disabled persons

One in every four people living in the United States is living with some kind of disability. This is a pretty huge portion of the population, so it makes sense for there to be a big need for well-made disability clothing to help this large portion of the population live comfortably and with as much ease as possible especially when it comes to day to day tasks like getting dressed which the able-bodied portion of the population most often takes for granted. This is not to say all disabled people have difficulty getting dressed, but many do, and many simply have to wear clothing that is made differently than the clothes you can buy at the mall because it works better for their daily life. Here are a few examples of adaptive clothing for disabled people

Seated Jeans

Seated Jeans are Jeans that are made specifically for people who use wheelchairs or who have incontinence. These jeans are great because they are cut higher in the back to allow space for Pullups or Depends, and they are comfortable and flexible also. Some have specific flaps or tabs to help with the ease of putting them on.

Velcro Shirts

Velcro shirts are helpful for people with disabilities because they are easy to put on and take off and also are quite securely attached. The velcro will not become unstuck and it is possible to adjust the tightness quite easily.

Snap Back Items

These garments are exactly what they sound like, they snap in the back. This helps family members or aids dress a person who has difficulty dressing. They can also be helpful for wheelchair users depending on their abilities.

Items with Elastic Waist Bands

clothing for people with disabilities

Clothing that is loose-fitting but includes elastic bands instead of tight or unstretched waistbands is really helpful for both ease of putting the clothing on and taking it off, but also not constricting or hurting those with sensitive stomachs, or who have colostomy bags or other monitors that attach at the waist.

Silverts is a brand of adaptive clothing that is made more specifically for seniors but their clothes could be appropriate clothes for disabled persons regardless of age. Companies like these put care into making a variety of styles of clothing that are both stylish and adaptive clothing for disabled people.

My question for today’s fashion brands and stores is: Why can’t popular clothing brands and fashion houses come out with a line of clothing for people with different abilities.

Plenty of people of all ages live with disabilities, and plenty of people regardless of their age would like to be able to wear fashionable clothing and popular brands. Tommy Hilfiger is one large brand that has put out a line of clothing called “Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive.” Other popular clothing brands should take note and follow suit! After all, one-fourth of the population is a very large portion of the market.

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