Chunky Rings As the Trend of 2021 in the Fashion World: The Best Brands for Your Look

This is a boycott of minimalism. Minimalism has impressed us over the past few years. His brevity was dizzy and delighted. But today we want something brighter. So in the design of jewelry in 2021, we wanted something bright, hitting all receptors at first sight, and preferably large!

You probably remember the times when thin, delicate gold jewelry and rings were at the peak of their popularity and were in demand among all fashionistas, but that time is up. Now all the attention is devoted to solid chunky rings made of glass, acrylic, and other materials. This style definitely brings more life and maximalism to everyone’s home jewelry collections.

Does this mean that we should forget about our favorite narrow headbands? Of course not. It’s just that now we’re adding something delightfully large to them. For example, big plastic rings.

Ring Combinations

Rings are also worn many at once. In order not to be boring, the combination of plastic rings jewelry in 2021 will absorb copies of different widths, textures, colors. So we don’t remove our favorite sets with neat small rims, we just dilute them with something masterpiece. Yellow, red, white gold, pink plastic rings or Polyvore rings, as well as silver and platinum, are perfectly combined. We choose a bimetallic model as a major element of the combination, which will “make friends” rings of different colors in the set.

Defiantly Large Rings

Chunky fashion rings in 2021 have impressive dimensions, however, they can grow in completely different ways – the designers have found dozens of unusual moves for these. Large models can be:

  • voluminous – blown;
  • with a wide solid rim;
  • with multi-piece end-to-end rim;
  • with huge tops;
  • with large inserts.

Celebrity brands such as La Manso and BonBon Whims are leading the way with their hard-to-miss creations, and New York-based Keane also makes these chunky hand-blown glass designs. Which almost resembles candy.

So if you are looking to add some mood to the gray days, we offer you the bulky rings options below for you to browse and purchase for your collection.

Top Ring Options 2021

Exclusivity Trend

For many years, buyers preferred branded jewelry or their plastic fashion rings as copies. Today girls with good taste do not chase after replicated models, we prefer to adorn ourselves with finds – jewelry from small workshops or even cheap plastic rings. Exclusive now is not at all synonymous with an unapproachable price.


BonBonWhims Clear Rings


Lucky Me, LA MANSO

Lucky Me, LA MANSO
Geometry rings

La Manso brand is a new look at jewelry for everyone. Plastic statement rings exude a fun look and serve as a constant reminder not to take life so seriously. The founder of the brand, Adriana Manso, is a native Spanish woman with a penchant for extravagance. Therefore, the La Manso ring collection has many stunning options with different designs. Overall, the choices seem endless.


Gold, Enamel and Rock crystal ring, BEA BONGIASCA


Designer Bea Bongjaska playfully and impressively blends luxury jewelry with contemporary shapes. Her jewelry making is a true masterpiece using a variety of concepts.

It takes some courage to buy and wear plastic costume rings because the wrong model will be very noticeable. It’s great that in all this every girl can pick up something! Thick rings emphasize the fragility of a small hand, huge tops look on a large hand, though models are harmonious on long fingers.


The Haddy Ring, OMA THE LABEL



Enamel Ring with Moonstone, ADORE ADORN

Enamel Ring with Moonstone, ADORE ADORN


Monochrome Dôme Ring, MEJURI

Monochrome Dôme Ring, MEJURI




The incredible Hotlips rings, created by British designer Solange Azaguri-Partridge in 1995, have been spotted on the arms of Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and many more. The branded jewelry idea, which comes in different colors, became the anthem of modern jewelry design back in the 90s.


We also suggest paying attention to the following trends this year:

Passion for the Present

Handicrafts, natural stones, real precious metals – if not gold, then at least silver – are back in fashion. Not only well-known gems can be in demand: ruby, sapphire, and emerald, but also rarities: iridescent opals, purple tanzanites, pinkish morganites. Of course, do not forget about the massiveness of such chunky cocktail rings.

Geometry Games

geometry chunky rings

Fashion acrylic rings jewelry 2021 aren’t afraid to be provocative or uncomfortable. Can they be open-circuited? Yes, absolutely. Square? Yes! Washer? Why not! Multi-layered? Well, of course! Even if you hated geometry in school, you will definitely love jewelry geometry! The more complex the form, the more enthusiasm it causes stylists, critics, and, of course, ordinary lovers of such jewelry.

Rings with Meaning

The idea is one of the most trending types of decor for fashion and fun ring jewelry in 2021. Both simple and understandable symbols – hearts, crowns, and special ideas that require decryption enjoy increased attention. Jewelry has always been a talisman, so everything just goes back to normal.

Mon Cher Moi

Mon Cher Moi chunky rings

Mon Cher Moi is a Los Angeles-based womenswear brand that strives to bring bold and trendy pieces to the world. His whimsical finger wear is filled with color, texture, and unexpected shapes. The brand’s mission is to spark joy in these particularly difficult times and remind customers to surround themselves with beauty. These rings can be safely considered a work of art.

We are confident that your obsession with large, massive, and spectacular chunky rings will only intensify after our selection. And no matter what your choice falls on, you will be irresistible!

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