Christian Dior Life and Talismans That Have Left an Imprint on the History of the Fashion House

As you can tell, Christian Dior was quite a superstitious person. That is why he created for his fashion company a set of special items, both guidebooks, and Christian Dior Talismans throughout All History of the Brand, that attract good luck. Among them are lilies of the valley, clover, star, bee, and number 8.

A Little about the Life of the Famous Dior

christian dior

Where is Christian Dior from? It is difficult to imagine that Сhristian Dior person, whose talent we worship even 115 years after his birth, once seriously dreamed of making carpets: during a trip to the Balearic Islands in the 1930s, the designer was imbued with the craft of carpet weaving and this is what he saw as his mission. But everything turned out differently: finding neither investors nor buyers, Dior returned to France and there he became seriously interested in drawing – this marked the beginning of his exciting career.

Influenced by his friend, actor Jean Ozenne, Christian began copying sketches from fashion magazines. After they began to print in Le Figaro, he devoted himself entirely to this occupation. Although the most successful were the sketches of hats, he wanted to work with clothes and in 1946 opened his own atelier.

The rest is part of the history known to every fashionista. His very first collection, thanks to the new new-look silhouette, became a sensation. According to legend, this name was born at a press presentation, where one of the fashion editors, seeing Dior’s dresses, exclaimed: “Your dresses have such a new look!” (“Your dresses look so new”). By the end of the designer’s life (he died in 1957 of a heart attack), the annual income of his fashion house was $15 million.


There was a lot in Christian Dior life: he created his own perfume laboratory, worked as a costume designer for theater and cinema (including developing stage images for Edith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich), decorated interiors in the French style, and also made a great contribution to the restoration of France after wars and the transformation of Paris into the fashion capital of the world.

This is not to say that Dior only enjoyed beauty, success, and creativity. He survived the death of his mother, the serious mental illness of his brother, the ruin of his father, the war, and, of course, a lot of caustic criticism. And was Christian Dior married? You can read about it later. But now we will focus your attention on the most iconic things in the life of Christine Dior, namely, what he called his talismans throughout the life:

The Most Famous Dior Symbols

christian dior maison

A Star On the Way to a Dream

Christian Dior knew how to listen to the signs around him. In 1919, when he was only 14 years old, he also consulted with his first clairvoyant at the Granville fair. He prophesied to him a complete lack of money, but in this situation, only women will benefit, and it is through them that Dior will be able to achieve success. The clairvoyant predicted that he would make a large profit, and many transitions would have to be made.

In 1946, Christian Dior was going to meet with Marcel Boussac. The king of cotton, as we called him then, wanted to invite Dior to take over the artistic direction of the fashion house Philippe et Gaston. Christian Dior hesitated. The desire to get started became more and more urgent. The meeting was called three times – this is a childhood friend of Georges Vigourou, who crossed the streets of Paris three times in a row, an acquaintance of Marcel Boussac, who tried to convince Dior’s background to change his future.

On the evening of April 18, 1946, the day before this important meeting, legend has it that while walking up the rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Christian Dior hit an object lying on the ground and did not fall, as if the object itself was trying to get his attention. He turned around, approached, and found that he had just been struck by a star, not far from the British Embassy. His childhood in Granville, Normandy, immediately awakened in him.

The next day, Christian Dior announced to Marcel Boussac that he would not take over the management of the Philippe and Gaston house, but was ready to open a company in his own name, where everything would be new, from the state of mind and staff to furniture and rooms. After endless discussions with an investor, Dior achieves success and the renowned Dior house is created.

Meanwhile, the symmetry of Tokyo’s ultra-modern Ginza store is broken by a star on the roof, winking at a defining moment in the house’s history.

Eight As a Sign of Fate

After the house of Dior saw the world, Christian began to notice interesting clues from life.

The location of the brainchild was in the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Paris. On 30 Avenue Montaigne, behind the small hotel at the beginning, where there was a new eight-story building. It housed eight workshops with another eight-story building doubled in size. This is how Christian Dior describes it in his memoirs. 8 is indeed another very significant sign.

dior 8

Chanel had number 5, and Dior had number 8. Undoubtedly, the sensuality of this figure and the inverted infinity could not help but like him. Finally, he created a line called “aesthetics”. His iconic silhouette, which he describes as “clean and slender, accentuated throat, hollow waist, accentuated hips.” This is line number 8.

It is no coincidence, therefore, to find today this figure that will amaze the eye and the technology in the Dior Grand VIII, this exceptional timepiece marked by the knowledge and grammar of Dior.

Delicate Lily of the Valley

Known for his intense anxiety despite his good manners, Dior also collected talismans. He instructed his florist to grow lilies of the valley for him all year round so that he could always carry a twig of spring bloom with him.

In fact, Dior had a string of lucky charms, not just number 8 and a star. He never left without his bundle of amulets – a sprig of dried lily of the valley in an ornate reliquary, a four-leaf clover, his star found on the rue Saint-Honoré, two hearts, a piece of wood and another gold.

From his favorite flower, the lily of the valley, Dior would make it an integral part of his fashion. 

At first, it was a dried strand, which he sewed to the hem of each of his creations. Then the lily of the valley, which he wore in his buttonhole, and the one that he offered every May 1 himself personally and only to his biggest clients.

Finally, the lily of the valley became fashionable – this flower-inspired an entire collection in the spring of 1954. The Lily of the Valley dress entered the annals of fashion history and Dior DNA. The dress is young, flexible, and simple at the same time, as the creator noted; a dress with lily of the valley pockets resembling the volume of a hat, volume of a bust, volume of a skirt.

Fourth Leaf Clover for Good Luck

Dior Clover lily valley
DIOR Clover

Dior’s enchanted mascot is also the four-leaf clover. This symbol of luck, the designer gave him a considerable place in the choice of his destiny. A little less in vogue, but the jeweler Victoire de Castellane sublimates his heritage in crazy and stately jewelry. As a talisman, the clover is adorned with a green stone, and the amazonite is a symbol of trust.

The Energy of the Bee

bee embroidery

Finally, if the bee was so dear to Christian Dior, it was because in his eyes it was the fastest insect, symbolizing the strength and energy of his fashion house. A small beehive full of bursting was his home when he presented his first collection. The Dior Housewives were nicknamed “bees” – conscious and busy, they are capable of real feats in the fashion world. Sometimes it took more than 400 or 500 hours of work to make one dress.

Recently, Kim Jones once again showed all his genius in creating an insane, insane coat that took 900 hours of embroidery to complete such a couture miracle. The quintessential Dior know-how is in the hands of its bees.

The Rose of the Wind

Rose des Vents

Rose is Christian Dior’s favorite flower, and the wind rose ”is his talisman. These codes and zodiac signs are embedded in the grain of rice, which is framed by the symbol with the image of the wind rose.

The wind rose itself is, among other things, a metaphor for creativity. After all, to create means to wander, walk in circles, and then suddenly go out on the right path and rush into the distance. Creativity is a motionless journey.

Of the interesting facts and stories, it is necessary to emphasize that the imprint of Christian Dior superstitions has left an indelible mark on the house of haute couture. French department store Galeries Lafayette is selling a navy blue silk scarf this month with a gold-circled sky map and a series of candles, each with candles.

Dior Symbols through the Most Famous Collections


As the creative director of the House of Christian Dior from 1996 to 2011, Galliano was repeatedly awarded prestigious awards from Great Britain and France, named by his contemporaries as the chief designer of the generation, favored by fashion critics and the mighty of this world.

Each show by John Galliano is a real theatrical performance. Only he could arrange a boudoir on the podium or douse the models with water. It was Galliano who turned the defile into performances, and the designer’s symbolic exit into real action. 

Each of his appearances at the end of the show was always furnished with special pomp, and the images of the sultry macho stripper or the pirate with smokey eyes, who became the harbinger of the image of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, worried the public no less than the collection itself.

Nevertheless, in every collection of Galliano, the legendary Dior codes and symbols were necessarily traced. And although enchanting performances could distract and not attach importance to it, an attentive viewer can still notice it.

Raf Simons

flowers dior
DIOR raf simons

Raf Simons concentrated in his collections not only the main cultural and social codes of the past and present of youth subculture but also brought together an actual picture of modern fashion. It lacks the concept of “clothes by age”, but there is a tendency towards the statement. Topical collections in the Menswear format, exploiting popular logos and symbols, are now produced by every hype brand, be it Vetements or Hood by Air. 

Perhaps that is why Simons, with his desire to change the system from the inside, was cramped at Dior. But despite this, some Dior talismans still remained present in these collections, as an imprint of the past.

Simons strove for brevity and minimalism rather than pretentiousness – this may explain his success.

Grazia Chiuri

tarot card dior

Spring 2021 haute couture began with a fantasy courtesy of Maria Grazia Chiuri. Creative Director Christian Dior is a dream weaver, and this season she turned to Tarot for inspiration. This is not the first time a designer has attempted to use the Haute astrology tarot card collection; Her debut collection for Dior tarot in Spring 2017 included a set of sheer evening gowns embroidered with decorations like the 2018 resort. 

However, this collection has taken these occult motifs to a new level of tarot symbols, combining dreams and spirituality with reality. The nuances of each postcard are brought to life in the form of fabrics, techniques, and embroidery, illustrated in collaboration with director Matteo Garrone.

Moderation this year also leads Dior to the Star, which showcases the wonders of the universe and the astrological chart. The star is magical, but not in a practical sense, like the Wizard, will be needed to create and embody their own reality.

The star shows with tarot motifs the magical ingredients of life; it is the embodiment of freedom.

So we showed you that magic and superstition have always worked behind the scenes in the world of haute couture. But these are only the brightest of the mystical beliefs, woven into the world of fashion and imprinted in the history of the house of Dior for many years.

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