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CBD Beauty Products: Cannabis Cosmetics

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CBD products have become a hit trend in recent years as more and more people discover the physical and mental health benefits of CBD oil. CBD oil, the short form of cannabinoid oil, is an extraction of the cannabis plant that delivers calming and restorative properties to the brain and nervous system.

It is legal in most places because it does not include THC, the other chemical component of cannabis that gives weed its mind-altering properties. CBD does affect the mind and body, but in a way that doesn’t affect mental clarity and ability to function properly. CBD is very mild and will not cause you to get high, but might allow you to relax, may relieve pain, and curb inflammation. It is also a great component in a lotion for its moisturizing property.

CBD in Cosmetics

CBD in cosmetics is specifically a hemp seed oil or hemp seed oil extract. While studies about the long-term benefits or in-depth effects of CBD skincare products haven’t had time to be incredibly wide-ranging, the sudden extreme popularization of CBD is making waves, meaning cannabis cosmetics ripe for grants, studies, and scientific analysis. What we do know is that CBD is an effective pain reliever, moisturizer, and relaxant, so further studies may just provide a mechanism for that, and explain how the properties of CBD affect aging, healing, and the elasticity of the skin. CBD skincare products are popping up everywhere, so whatever people are loving about hemp cosmetics, they’re loving a lot! Of all the cannabis beauty products out there, here are the best CBD beauty products money can buy based on research and reviews.

CBD Facial Oils

cbd oil cosmetics

Facial oils are a relatively new and trendy product that has taken the cosmetic industry by storm. They are an alternative to cream-based moisturizers, and benefits include a higher concentration of mineral oils and vitamins to the skin. Depending on your skin type, facial oils may be a really great alternative to face cream or lotion. As one of the top-selling cannabis skincare products, CBD face oils, and serums are a hot market item that customers are loving right now. Here are a few top picks!

Saint Jane – Luxury Beauty Serum

This tiny tincture contains huge skin benefits. Combined with sunflower oil and grape seed oil, the serum’s hemp seed oil makes it the moisturizing facial treatment that people are purchasing for $125 per 0.3-ounce bottle. It gets amazing reviews, and is vegan and cruelty-free! It can be applied directly to the face and massaged in with a jade roller or clean hands to combat redness and leave your skin moisturized and refreshed.

Herbivore – Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil

This facial oil is possibly the most popular CBD skin serum out there. People are purchasing it the most, and customers love it for its light and refreshing texture. It provides the same features as Saint Jane’s version and comes at a much cheaper price, only $58 per bottle.

Rejuvenate With Nousha – The Reset

Combining CBD oil with vitamin C, this face oil serum is a recipe for rejuvenated and healthy skin. It relieves redness and wrinkles, making it a true reset serum that benefits all kinds of skin. It sells for $110 a bottle, making it one of the more midranges to upscale CBD cosmetics.

Kiskanu Hemp – CBD Face Oil

This hemp beauty product is made with science and health at the forefront of the conversation. All of the ingredients are very intensely vetted and chosen for their ability to pass tests in scientific study. These studies are linked to the website, and the founder of the company says she loves this CBD cosmetic for its healing and stress-relieving properties. This serum can make tired eyes look refreshed, and according to the creator of the product, it can even help with acne and other blemishes because the hempseed oil is combined with other healthful oils to make a revitalizing and healing blend.

CBD Makeup

cbd make up cannabis

Believe it or not, CBD has made its way into all kinds of makeup from hemp foundation makeup to eyeliner and mascara! Here are a few must-buy products from Milk makeup’s KUSH line. The whole KUSH line is vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free, making it an ethical and environmentally friendly choice.

KUSH High Volume Mascara

This mascara with hemp seed oil brings your lashes to another level of volume and conditions them with hemp oils to make them healthy, long, and bright! You can order your own for $24.

KUSH lip balm

This soothing CBD lip balm comes in an array of colors and provides intense nourishing and hydration to your lips. The green version blends on to your lips to appear clear but has a mild cannabis scent and flavor. These lip balms go for $16 a pop.

KUSH Growhouse LashBrow Serum

The lash and brow serum is an elixir that helps grow full and voluminous lashes and brows. Using hemp extracts as the key ingredient, this serum really nourishes and grows your eyelashes and eyebrows to give you a luscious and healthy look. It sells for $48 per bottle and you don’t want to miss out on its natural healthy hair benefits.

KUSH Fiber Brow Gel

The KUSH Fiber Brow Gel comes in either clear or a range of hair colors to match your brows. This is one of the highest-rated products in the KUSH line, and it provides both an easy makeup look for clean and beautiful brows, and deep conditioning with hemp extracts that will make your brows hydrated and healthy.

With all of these magnificent and not terribly expensive products on the market, if you are a fan of CBD or cannabis, why not implement using this natural healing plant into your daily health and beauty regimen? Most of these items are sustainable and cruelty-free, backed by science, and free from artificial fillers and parabens. Give your skin a luxurious and natural treatment with CBD to help you glow and relax during these stressful times. Trust me, your skin will thank you for it!

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