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Butterfly Trend 2021: Femininity, Freedom and Independence in Your Image

Animalistic prints on fabric have become very popular in 2021. But we decided that the butterfly print deserves a closer look for the new season.

Fashion just can’t get enough of the biggest symbols of the 90s, and neither can we. First, the slip dresses returned, then strappy sandals became the unofficial shoe of the summer, and now butterfly clothes are making a comeback.

Obviously, celebrities and influencers can have a big influence on what trends we follow and what styles we choose. In the 90s/00s, when the butterfly trend first emerged, celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, and Mariah Carey were instrumental in establishing it. For example, Hayek appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1998 in a black minimalist dress with pink and purple butterfly tattoos on her neck, chest, and shoulders. In turn, in 1999 supermodel Naomi Campbell stepped out in a silver Versace mini-dress, the cleavage of which was designed in the form of a shiny butterfly.

Butterfly Trend 2021

The naked outfit of the “Pretty Woman” heroine from the 90s has become a new fashion trend. We are talking about a dress in the form of a white crop top and bright blue mini-skirt, connected to each other by a metal ring at the waist. In such an image, Vivienne, the character of American actress Julia Roberts, appeared in one of the scenes of the 1992 film.

Now the piece was recently spotted on Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, and Olivia Rodrigo.

Rodrigo wore countless cute butterfly outfits while promoting her new album, Sour (2021). And Lipa and Hadid were spotted wearing Blumarine’s butterfly-inspired collection for the 2022 holiday season. The Instagram style also endorsed butterflies and butterfly trend 2021. This cute twist has now appeared on all items of clothing, accessories, and even cosmetics.

If you’re a little intimidated by this colorful and super cute trend, don’t worry, because there are plenty of ways to wear it without going overboard. For an understated look, try combining a minimalistic y2k butterfly top or butterfly print crop top with a single embroidered butterfly on your favorite piece or accentuate the accessories. Add a sparkly necklace or sparkly hair clips to a playful look. But if you really want to be bold and bright, why not create a creative outfit completely covered in butterflies?

Butterfly Culture Meaning: What Explains Their Popularity?

dua lipa butterfly look
2000s trend butterfly

Butterflies cause people nothing but awe and admiration. What is the meaning of the butterfly symbol? Extremely beautiful multicolored creatures are incredibly cheerful and active. No one is afraid of them, and everyone loves them. For example, some people even look at the color of the snakeskin causing unpleasant feelings and associations. In contrast, butterflies do not arouse a note of negativity in anyone.

For what age is the “butterfly” print? There is no age restriction. If a cute animal’s face is appropriate only in the closet of young girls, the butterfly design clothes (as well as flowers) can be worn by everyone. For older women, stylists recommend choosing not clear images of butterflies, but stylized drawings with elements of the wings. Beautiful rounded shapes slightly resemble flowers or geometric shapes.

Clothing with Butterflies: Features and Tips

What are the features of clothing with a butterfly print? Are there any restrictions? Who is suitable for a butterfly fashion print?

  • The combination of things in different prints in one outfit is very controversial. We do not advise such bold experiments. Unless you are dealing with a designer’s thing, where one piece of fabric already combined such diverse images. For example, designers combine in one fabric with a floral print and butterflies.
  • Experts consider the most successful combination of multicolored prints with monochrome shoes. Try to pick up shoes of one of the colors that are already on the fabric. The image can be more harmonious.
  • Butterfly print is appropriate in summer and spring with, for example with a butterfly print top or butterfly shirt 90s, during the blooming of nature. In the fall and winter, you can only wear things with stylized butterflies, which are created using two or three shades.
  • If mottled butterflies are too bold for you, then choose only one thing with such patterns. Combine butterfly print clothes with neutral white, black, navy blue, beige colors.

What Kind of Things with a Butterfly Print Can You Buy?


gianni vcersace butterfly dress
Butterfly Print dress

More often than not, butterflies cover feminine dresses. They are presented in both multicolored variants, and in restrained two-tone like Blumarine dress. What do you prefer: short flirty dresses with butterflies on them, or just a long butterfly t-shirt dress to the floor? Very interesting lace version of the print with butterflies.


butterfly Blouses

Prints with butterflies look especially good on airy, translucent fabrics because such a combination gives the whole image extra lightness.

The fabric for blouses is most often presented in small print. Even a strict cut can be decorated with bright butterflies. But the most successful options are a light summer blouse with straps, 90s butterfly sequin top, beaded butterfly top 90s, or butterfly mesh top.


Skirts butterfly y2k
Skirts full outfit 2021

Short or long skirts with butterflies are the basis for your image. To create a harmonious image, to them in the ensemble it is necessary to add a monochrome butterfly top from the 90s of a simple cut.


mesh top butterfly prints

Butterflies look great on both light and dark fabrics. Proof of this are the designer suits, presented by fashion houses. For example, a short 90s butterfly top and a loose butterfly print skirt in light shades is the perfect outfit for summer.

mini skirt with butterfly print

Even trouser suits, which are included in the list of the most fashionable things of the season, are revived. Therefore, manufacturers also create aesthetic butterfly clothes in such an optimistic way. Pantsuits are characterized by an unusual, not strict cut, which is perfectly combined in character with the original coloring. The best pattern can be seen on the fashionable loose pants.


T-shirts green butterfly

Mass market t-shirts have large butterfly wings on the back or on the front of the piece. The print with butterflies, the photo of which you see below, goes well with other things, whether it is skirts, fashionable jeans with butterflies on them, or butterfly shirts design. There are original variants of butterfly prints, for example, Versace butterfly shirts.


Converse white high with butterflies
Shoes with butterflies pink
butterfly print for nike air force 1

Spectacular butterflies on the heels or toes of sandals cannot be called very practical, so they are unlikely to be suitable for daily use. But for solemn occasions – that’s what you need. In such shoes, you are just doomed to increased attention from others and astonished glances.

Accessories with Butterflies

Clutches, Handbags, Purses

butterfly purse
butterfly clutch
butterfly handbag

Searching for a small clutch with butterflies does not take you much time. We’re sure you can find such a piece in the second or third store. If the butterflies are made in a stamping technique, in the same tone as the base, it can be worn with any aesthetic butterfly outfit. Multicolored motley butterflies on the purse are appropriate only in combination with calm shades of clothes, monochrome butterfly aesthetic outfits.

Scarves and Shawls

Colorful butterflies can be present on thin scarves, which have become one of the most common accessories. Sometimes winged creatures are combined with floral designs, from a long distance they can even be confused with flowers or abstract designs. We recommend wearing scarves with butterfly mesh dress to create a harmonious image.


old butterfly brouche
pin for hair with butterfly
silver crystal butterfly accessory

Now brooches are paid more attention than in the past. Large conspicuous decorations are topical: moths and butterflies in a beautiful gold or silver shimmer.


golden earrings with pink butterflies
small ceramic butterflies earrings
earrings circle butterflies
earrings gold butterfly

What kind of earrings are made with winged insects? The most popular are large or small, long or short aesthetic butterfly clips in silver or gold color; decorated in one color: black, brown, dark blue, red; unpaired earrings, one earring on a long chain; cuffs, which are attached not to the earlobe, but to the concha.


3d ring with butterfly
butterfly ring with stones
butterfly ring withstones
big butterfly golden ring
small y2k silver butterfly ring

Rings can be a great addition to your look. Even the biggest rings can look unobtrusive and stylish, as the usual Mariah Carey butterfly ring.

Necklace and Collar

little golden butterflies collar
small butterflies colorful necklace
diamond butterfly collar
pink butterfly collar

Fashionable bowler, y2k butterfly necklace or Mariah Carey butterfly necklace. On the neck of the models were also spotted butterflies. In your option, it could also be a butter flutter choker.

In the early noughties, almost everyone dreamed of a butterfly tattoo on the waist, inspired by the example of Mariah Carey. More than a decade later, the current obsession of the fashion world with everything that evokes nostalgia has led to a revival of the trend – now among members of Generation Z, who relentlessly analyze the trends of the noughties.

We are sure that one of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing clothes according to the “butterfly” fashion trend is that it is better to stay away from brighter colors and fabrics with bright patterns.

Such fabrics wear off over time and quickly look outdated. Instead, opt for more muted colors that stay in your closet for a longer period of time.

Besides, you can always complete your image with butterfly makeup looks. And when it comes to butterflies, the key to standing out is picking the right accessories. Adding items such as jewelry and scarves can add the finishing touch to an outfit.

By combining bold colors with simple patterns, you can easily turn any old dress into a work of art. And always remember that even if butterfly fashion isn’t popular today, that doesn’t mean it won’t be popular in the future, so keep an eye out for the newest trends.

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