Blonde Day – Care for the Bleached Hair

bleached hair treatment

Blond hair looks extremely attractive but keeping such hair beautiful and healthy is not easy: it can become dry and brittle after coloring and over time even lose its shade. If you make an effort, you can cope with these problems.

Find a Good Hairdresser

If you are just planning to lighten your hair, it is important to find a decent hairdresser. Don’t try to save money: look through photos of the master’s work, read reviews, and ask what kind of hair cosmetics he/she uses. Ask to tell you in detail about everything he/she will do with your hair. A good hairdresser should also explain how to care for your hair after coloring.

Use Thermal Protection

Even when you do not use a hairdryer or hair iron, be sure to apply special thermal protection products. Dyed hair becomes more fragile and brittle – it may lose its original shade because of high temperatures or sunlight. Moisturizing sprays, creams, or oils with hot tool protection will work. Some brands have products designed specifically for lightened or colored hair.

Moisturize and Nourish Your Hair

Blond women have to take care of their curls more carefully than anybody else. They need to make moisturizing and nourishing masks as often as possible. Choose products that contain natural vegetable oils (argan, coconut, and almond), hyaluronic acid, keratin – they take the most intensive care of curls weakened after lightening.

It will be useful to treat hair ends with oils, but do not buy cheap products, give preference to quality professional oils.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Dyed hair badly reacts to the sun and gets more brittle. It is advisable to use products with SPF, a sun protection factor from mid-spring to mid-autumn. It can be found in shampoos, balms, and protective sprays. Be sure to wear a hat during the hot summer and remember to moisturize your hair with sunscreen.

Use Suitable Cosmetics

Try to use products of one cosmetic brand. The cosmetics of different brands may simply not fit together. Sometimes you get lucky and the result is simply neutral, but sometimes such an approach can even hurt your hair.

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