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Black Fashion Designers

successful black fashion designers

With the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement on the forefront of society (right where it should be), now more than ever it is important to support our BIPOC communities. In the fashion world, it is far too easy to get caught up in supporting white designers. Today is the day we allow the voices of Black fashion designers to be heard and appreciated. So today we are going to talk about four of my favorite Black clothing designers and talk a little bit about their stories. Join me on this very overdue journey of some of the best Black fashion designers.

Claire Carreras

best black fashion designers

The first in my top four list of Black high-end fashion designers is a Canadian, Claire Carreras. Claire is a founder of the company White Rhino. White Rhino is a company that produces vegan leather bags.Claire’s urge to create this company all sprouted from her inability to find vegan leather bags that were unique whilst being fashionable. So, in turn, this Canadian decided to solve this problem for herself and became one of the many successful Black fashion designers. When Claire is not too busy designing her vegan and cruelty-free bags, she is also a musician. It’s extremely important that we show our support for young and thriving artists. Not only is Claire Carreras Black, but she is a woman. Claire has obstacles thrown her way simply because of who she is. This is why it is important we uplift the BIPOC community. There is no reason that the next time you go looking for a new bag you don’t give White Rhino a chance. These bags are all beautiful, cruel free, and are supporting a beautiful artist through and through.

Aurora James

black fashion designers

Speaking of Black high fashion designers, we must spend some time getting to know Aurora James. Aurora James, originally from Toronto, has made her way to New York City. Being the fashion designer for the company Brother Vellies, Aurora dedicates a lot of her time to her craft. James is all around an artistic being, pouring herself into not only her passion for fashion but into journalism, art, music, photography, and more. Brother Ellies is considered to be a sustainable fashion brand as it cares for its workers every step of the way as well as cares for its customers. If you ever decide to shop Brother Vellies, you will see that they use vegan leathers, recycled tires, hand-carved wood, and more. Aurora James is one of many top black fashion designers so start your shopping. Once checking out Brother Vellies’ site, I guarantee you won’t be able to resist the beautiful items on sale. It will be made clear that Aurora James is one of the top Black fashion designers out there.

Fe Noel

black high end fashion designers

Next up on my list of famous Black fashion designers, we have Fe Noel. Fe Noel is a beautiful genius who resides in Brooklyn, New York. Fe Noel put herself into the fashion industry at the young age of 19, starting off with a small vintage shop. From this point, Fe only climbed the ladder of success. She now designs some of the most beautiful lines of clothing I have ever seen. If you have been looking to support Black dress designers, Fe Noel has a small selection that won’t leave you disappointed. Her clothes definitely go for a fair amount of money, but the quality which you receive from Fe Noel’s work is worth every penny in the end. For any event, Fe has you covered. Let me just say, your online shopping cart won’t be empty after visiting her website.



To conclude this segment of famous Black fashion designers, we’re going to talk about someone we all already know. Rihanna. Rihanna has created a lingerie line that we have all come to love, SAVAGE X FENTY. If you don’t know much about this line, I suggest you look it up as soon as possible.What we love about this lingerie line are its affordability and inclusivity. Rihanna is not solely catering to the thin white model society has come to know and praise. No, Rihanna is catering to humans of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Rihanna is empowering people to embrace who they really are. The affordability aspect of this brand is quite important. It is far too often that I go check out a lingerie store and they are expecting me to pay hundreds of dollars for one bra. This won’t happen to you when you shop SAVAGE X FENTY. I suggest you check it out today if you haven’t already.

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You asked for Black fashion designers, and amazing fashion designers is what I gave you. Today we spoke about only four of many who have successfully paved a pathway for themselves in a society that tried to knock them down. So today we lift them up. It is time that we support BIPOC communities in all aspects of our lives.No one should have to work harder because of the color of their skin. Black fashion designers have been and continue to be an asset to the fashion industry. So, the next time you are thinking about partaking in some online shopping, think twice about who you are buying from. Perhaps take this as an opportunity to shop from one of the four designers I introduced to you today.

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