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If you’re anything like me, you may have already started brainstorming some ideas for your New Year Resolution. I decided that I am going to start facilitating a consistent yoga practice in my life to welcome movement healing into my weekly routine. This of course led me straight to my computer to do some research on some of the best yoga pants to accompany me on this movement journey. If you are even more like me, you probably have committed to shopping sustainably whenever possible. This then led me to research the best yoga leggings which are also sustainable. Lucky for you, I found three companies that I fell in love with. All of these companies that I will be introducing to you today not only have the best yoga pants for women, men, and nonbinary folx alike, but they also take pride in their sustainable practices. It is important that we all recognize that every action we take has an impact on the environment. Whether we make that a negative or positive impact is completely up to us. So, while we dive headfirst into our yoga adventures of bettering our mind, body, and soul, why not simultaneously better the planet? Anywho, that’s enough rambling on from me, let’s begin discussing everything we need to know about the most awesome yoga pants out there.


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The first company I think you should know about is Tentree. Before we get talking about their beautiful yoga pants, I want to talk about the role this company plays in the preservation of our planet. Tentree believes that big changes start small. They have created a program called their Planting Projects. Here you are able to see which countries this company plants trees in as well as how many trees have been planted thus far in each country. With every purchase, Tentree is dedicated to planting ten trees. You can even track your particular tree which was planted in honor of your purchase. On top of this amazing program Tentree has gone, they also put a lot of thought into the sourcing of materials. Some of the sustainable materials they use are Tencel, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp. Okay, I know, it’s time we start talking about some of the coolest yoga pants you have ever seen. Tentree has a large selection of pants that are appropriate for athletics, however, their InMotion High Rise Legging is the most ideal for yoga. These leggings are incredibly sleek and are composed of recycled polyester and elastane. These high-quality yoga pants are bound to leave you comfortable and feeling good throughout every yoga practice you bring yourself to as the New Year rings in.


luxury yoga pants

Summersalt is the next company I am dying to share with you. Summersalt does its best to ensure that their products are made of recycled materials and even goes the extra mile to provide each customer with recycled packaging as well. Yes, that’s right, when your luxury yoga pants finally arrive in the mail, they will come to your doorstep in recycled packaging. How great is that? This company has a variety of athleisure and athletic wear pants that are bound to make your movement efficient and comfortable. Summersalt’s Do-It-All High Rise Leggings, as well as their Sun Shield Leggings, are both the most comfortable yoga pants and the best fitting yoga pants you will ever purchase. The Do-It-All High Rise Leggings are perfect for that early morning yoga wakeup whereas the Sun Shield Leggings are perfect for an outdoor session as the material will also protect you from the sun. The Do-It-All High Rise comes in four amazing different colors and patterns and the Sun Shield in two. I highly recommend checking out these yoga pants fashion-forward yet sustainable options.

Outdoor Voices

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The last and final company I want to spread awareness about is Outdoor Voices. Outdoor Voices is all about protecting their playground. By this, they mean they are committed to being kind to the planet in the creation of their products. They build their products to last as they don’t want their products finding their way to the landfills sooner than they have to. Outdoor Voices uses a variety of recycled materials to create their products as well as ensures that their packaging is both recycled and recyclable. The most important thing about this company is that they know they have work to do, and they are determined to put this work in. Every step we take to better our planet is a step in the right direction. Basically, when you shop with Outdoor Voices you are shopping for the future of the planet. In addition to saving the future, they have some of the best workout yoga pants. Their All Day Wide Leg Pants are one of my personal favorites. When I am jumping into a free flow class there is nothing better than being comfortable in the clothes I wear. I am also a huge fan of their All Day Sweatpant as they are lightweight, highrise, and incredibly flattering. This company truly has some good yoga pants.


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I would like to thank you for joining me on this most popular yoga pants journey. If you stuck around to the end, you now know three companies which are doing their part to not only provide their customers with the highest quality products, but they are also focussed on bettering the planet. I know shopping sustainably is not always in the cards for people as a cause of various reasons. But if you are able to make this one change in your lifestyle it would make a large impact on the planet. It’s time we say goodbye to brands that support fast fashion. I know I have only been talking about the planet, but how workers are treated is a whole other discussion that needs to be had. All in all, I think it is essential that we stop supporting large name-brand corporations and start supporting the smaller scale businesses who care more about their supporters. So, when the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2021, allow your movement journey to commence. I know I will. Say goodbye to the best cotton yoga pants and say hello to the best sustainable yoga pants. Say goodbye to sitting still all day and say hello to movement. No matter how much or how little movement you incorporate into your life, just know your body thanks you. Similar to this, no matter how small or large steps you take to living a more sustainable lifestyle, the planet thanks you. Mother Earth thanks you.

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