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How Shapewear Became a Cool and Popular Closet Item – Choose Your Best Shapewear!

Body shaper for women can do wonders to our bodies. A flat stomach, a slim waist, firm buttocks, and even minus a couple of sizes – and all this almost instantly! Bodyshaping undergarments are also called sculpting or modeling. It sculpts your figure, creating a magnificent, seductive form, emphasizing, tightening, and smoothing. And for a woman who rarely goes out and has no time to deal with the figure, corrective lingerie will be a precious find. So, new brands are rushing into the trendy stream of body positivity, seeking to capitalize on women’s love of their bodies with the best rated shapewear products. Let’s remember here the lovely Bridget Jones and her comfortable shapewear to hide flaws.

Why Do You Need to Find Your Best Shapewear Bodysuit?

Many women tend to underestimate the possibility of body shapers, and we think that it is in vain. Practice shows that some girls believe that their figure is good enough and that they do not need any corsets or shapers for their bodies, while others consider body shapers as ineffective and even dangerous to health. In fact, even celebrities do not neglect corrective underwear, showing the perfect silhouette. After 40 years of age, time affects a woman’s appearance: the silhouette loses forms, the breasts lose firmness, and the skin begins to sag. That is why stylists recommend finding your best body shaper, even though you have naturally flawless form. It will not only firm up the figure but also will give confidence and increase self-esteem.

Shapers for the Body: Varieties


If you are one step away from buying good shapewear, you should know the difference between them and understand which shapewear works best for your type of body. Bodyshapers have different degrees of density, are sewn in different silhouettes, and are divided into classes. Also, you can use this shapewear calculator for finding the right size.

A slight correction effect is given by underwear, made of a fairly dense, but soft texture. This type is recommended to girls who need to slightly lift the figure in the hips, flatten the tummy, hide cellulite. This type is the best body shapers for dresses, as it creates a perfectly smooth silhouette and does not cause discomfort during wear. You can wear it all day long. However, it should be taken into account that by the end of the day you may feel some fatigue. 

The creation of a medium corrective effect requires a denser, corset-like shaper, capable of smoothing out noticeable irregularities, give the correct contours of the stomach and sides, hide “ears” on the hips. This type of underwear is considered to be the most effective shapewear to start with, as wearing it you may understand the feelings and comfort of such an item and will get used to it. The medium type of body shaper is created for light clothing and transparent dresses.

To get a strong correction effect, you need a very tight shapewear, with characteristic recesses for the breasts and tummy. The fabric resembles compression knitwear, which is used after surgeries. It can be used to shrink a whole size, so it is the best body shaper for women with a plan to visit festive or evening events when it is needed to create a perfect silhouette. However, doctors warn: the denser the underwear, the less often it can be used.

Well, now you know which type of body shaper you need, then let us explain to you what kinds of shapers brands have to propose to you. 


shapewear corsets

Modeling corset – a thing that can completely transform your figure! Its distinctive feature – adjusting lacing. Choosing a corset, you should pay attention to the material from which it is made. It is best to rely on natural elastic fabrics, which are good for raising the chest and visually reducing the waist. 


If you have the task of “making” a beautiful waist, bet on corrective panties. They have no seams, so they are perfect for any outfit. Shaping pants are considered the best shapewear for the tummy and waist, as they are capable to hide all disadvantages.

When choosing them, special attention should be paid to the size. Do not buy panties a size smaller, as there is a risk that your buttocks will get bruises and abrasions. No one ever gave up the feeling of comfort!


shaping tights

In addition to the corrective effect, tights are good for massaging the skin, making it strong and elastic. This item should be chosen strictly in size, and be sure to measure before buying to avoid the feeling of extra tightness. 


Top body shapers are good for girls who are actively engaged in sports or dancing. They not only tighten the breasts and stomach but also do not leave red spots on the body.


A wide belt that starts below the breasts and slightly covers the hips. The task of this belt is not only to transform the waist but also to improve posture. Choosing modeling underwear, you should not ignore the degree of its correction. If you intend to wear underwear throughout the day, bet on clothes with a slight or moderate correction, which perfectly tightens and smoothes the contours of the figure. Strong correction underwear has stiff materials inserted into it, so it can be worn for no more than six hours.

Look at the Best Shapewear 2021

We have asked a celebrity stylist to help us answer the question what’s the best body shaper, so further you may find the TOP-5 solutions: 

Spanx Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low-Back Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

Spanx Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low-Back Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

While talking about shapewear, we can not avoid mentioning the father of that kind of items-Spanx. Ali Levine- a celebrity stylist mentioned, that Spanx is the first brand, which comes into her mind when thinking of body shapers. We love how this body shaper is made with all its openings in the back and front. These characteristics allow you to show your perfect skin and provide you with support due to its padded cups and mid-thigh length. 

Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace ‘N Smooth Body Briefer 

Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace ‘N Smooth Body Briefer

Bali stresses that talking about best shapewear, we should consider the 4F rule, which means Form, Fit, Fabric and Fashion. The Bali body briefer, she empathizes, has all four to deliver. The chic look of stretch lace, the hook-and-eye closure, together with softly lined underwire cups will not be visible under your clothes. The stylist promises a sexy look with trimming and slimming effects. We would like to add from our side, that this body briefer is an ideal mixture of fashion, comfort, and affordable price! 

Simone Perele Top Model High-Waist Brief 

Simone Perele Top Model High-Waist Brief

These tummy-shaping and high-waisted briefs come from France! Simone Perele is a Paris-based brand, which produces shapewear and lingerie. The stylists recommend this manufacturer, as it works, but also has a pretty appearance.  

Cosabella Never-Say-Never Control Shaper Thong 

Cosabella Never-Say-Never Control Shaper Thong

You may think that a shaping thong is something hard to believe and almost impossible to wear. We are ready to assure you, that this type of body shaper is worth a try. This thong ruins the myth, that shapers can not be both sexy and comfortable. The great design and the capability to smooth you out are the best pros for this brand and this thong! The stylists say that Control Shaper Thong will perfectly work with dresses, skirts, and even pants and jeans.  

Yummie Women’s Pearl Control 3-Panel Shaping Tank 

Yummie Women’s Pearl Control 3-Panel Shaping Tank

We would recommend this item to have in your closet, if you like the feeling of freedom, without a tightness, but still want a smooth out effect. According to the brand, this tank will help you to control the body temperature and help you out from sweating. 

It is obvious that the underwear market will only expand. Today, professionals no longer call it ‘underwear’ or ‘shapewear’. Especially for this format, the term ‘solutionwear’ was invented, which perfectly expresses the idea that the need for beauty and presentation of one’s own body should be met with comfort. It is true that we have become more open about self-presentation – social media encourages women to love and showcase themselves. And in this case, solutionwear is the perfect find. 

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