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Best Waterproof Boots for Women

One of the worst feelings in the entire world is having to walk around all day with very wet socks amidst a very wet shoe. There are so many options for women’s waterproof boots that are available online, so today I will be introducing you to five different brands that have created waterproof shoes for women. I want to take a moment to talk about the importance of shopping sustainably. When looking up new companies online, I always try my best to support companies who are sustainable in their production practices, who are ethical and fair to their workers, and who are if not 100% vegan and cruelty-free at least offer vegan options. It’s difficult to fulfill all of these requirements therefore I always try my best to ensure at least one of these boxes is checked. I am prefacing this because all of the waterproof women’s boots I am going to be introducing you to today are all vegan. I will get more into the companies and their practices once I start breaking them down, so let’s dive right in.


The first company I am going to take the time to introduce to you today is an all-vegan and cruelty-free company named Noize.Noize is a company that strongly believes that fashion should not only look and feel great today but should contribute towards a better tomorrow. I love supporting the company in particular because all of their items are vegan and cruelty-free which makes it extremely easy to browse their website.Some of their sustainable practices are materials they use such as recycled fill, recycled plastic, vegan leather, vegan fur as well as vegan wool. It’s really nice to see the uprise of companies who are using recycled materials rather than constantly searching and creating the new. Moving forward, what we’re really here to be talking about today is women’s waterproof shoes so here we go. Noize has a large selection of some of the best waterproof boots for women. For a rainy day, the best options that Noize has to offer are their Alfie and their Brooks water-resistant boots women can rock. These two styles offer more than one option when it comes to color so you won’t be short for options whilst shopping online.

Alice + Whittles

best waterproof fashion boots for women

The next company I am excited to introduce to you is a company called Alice + Whittles. Alice + Whittles is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is passionate about not only their people but the planet as well. This company produces a wide range of waterproof boots women love. To date, their products are composed of 90% sustainable materials, and their goal in the future is to make it to 100%.Supporting companies that strive to do better only leads to supporting a brighter future. Let’s get talking about Alice + Whittles’ line of the best waterproof rain boots for women.This amazing and progressive company has nine different waterproof shoes women are going ecstatic for.They have their Ankle Rainboot that comes in eight different colors and then their Riding Rain boot that only comes in black. What I love about these women’s waterproof boots is that they are so simple and sleek. Due to their simplistic aesthetic, these boots pair extremely well no matter what you are wearing on any given day. If you have been looking for or are still looking for the best waterproof women’s boots, you should definitely go browse online at Alice + Whittles.


Next up on the list of best waterproof fashion boots for women is a company I recently discovered and have quickly come to love, Womsh. Womsh is an Italian company that was founded by a man named Gianni.This company firmly stands by its sustainable and ethical practices. They believe that care for the environment as well as people is essential in finding success within a business. Not all of their shoes are vegan, but they do in fact have an entirely vegan line. Today I will be showing you some women’s waterproof fashion boots from their vegan line. They have a style of boot called the Vegan Loop which comes in a variety of colors. You are able to choose from their Moon Black, Black, Black Military, or White Vegan Loop Boot. This boot is not only stylish but sustainable, ethical, and comfortable. There is no point in purchasing or even browsing the best waterproof boots women will love if comfort is not involved. Women are powerful explorers who deserve a pair of boots that will not only leave them looking fabulous but feeling fabulous as well. Womsh definitely can provide some of the best waterproof boots women’s feet will love as they will stay warm and dry no matter the weather.


best waterproof womens boots

Following Womsh is an all-vegan company, which we love, called NAE Vegan Shoes. NAE stands for No Animal Exploitation and is a footwear brand from Portugal. NAE prides themselves in their respect for the environment whilst still creating and providing their customers with the highest of quality footwear. Working with all-natural materials such as cork, pineapple, recycled airbags, recycled water bottles as well as some synthetic materials as ecological microfibres. There is great care that happens behind the scenes of all the shoes NAE produces. NAE has all kinds of shoes to offer but today we are going to focus on stylish waterproof shoes women’s fashion has been raving about. NAE offers an insane range of boots currently sitting at 74 different options to choose from, almost overwhelming. My personal favorites are their IVY Vegan Boots, JENNY Vegan Boots, and their ATKA Vegan Boots in Brown.All of these are waterproof and will keep your feet warm and dry. Who knew there would be such an array of options when dealing with waterproof shoes women’s feet can call home.

Dr. Martens

comfortable waterproof boots women's

The last company I want to take the time to share with you today is Dr. Martens. Dr. Martens doesn’t have such an inspiring story behind their company when it comes to sustainability and ethics. They did not build their company on the grounds of saving the environment. However, over the years this company has had growth within the vegan shoes they offer. Dr. Martens is a company that is most commonly known for its durable leather shoes. What not everyone knows is that this company also has many vegan options to choose from. I truly believe that all companies, whether trying to have a positive impact on the environment or not, should provide their customers with vegan options. Veganism is much more than a diet for many, it is a lifestyle that includes fashion. Dr. Martens has successfully marketed themselves as an inclusive company as even vegans can enjoy these durable and fashionable shoes. So let’s continue talking about the best waterproof booties women’s fashion has been searching for. My all-time favorite boot this company has to offer is their Vegan 101 Ankle Boot in the color Cherry Red Oxford Rub Off. These boots are lace up and have a hardcore yet put-together feel to them. Another pair of boots I love from this company is their Vegan Felix Chelsea Boots. These boots, unlike the Vegan 101 Ankle Boot are slip-on. They are by far some of the most comfortable waterproof boots women’s shoe brands have ever created. I myself have a pair of these boots and cannot seem to ever put on another pair of boots. They look good with everything I wear while keeping my feet warm, dry, and comfortable.

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