The Best Razors For Women Can Be Difficult To Find - Join Me In This Exploration

Best Sustainable Razors for Women

There are so many items that we use in our everyday lives that produce unnecessary waste that without a doubt ends up in nearby landfills over time. One of these everyday household items would be our razors. Before I get into a blog that’s all about the best razors for women, I would like to talk about the beauty that inevitably comes with the presence of body hair. That’s right ladies, if you don’t feel like shaving your body hair you should never feel obligated to do so. Society has created yet another unattainable beauty norm for women to spend hours upon hours attempting to achieve. This norm being that women should be hairless and smooth at all times. Well listen up to societal constructs, women are beautiful with or without body hair and shouldn’t feel bad no matter the decision they make. I for one don’t opt to shave consistently and that’s my prerogative. However, when I do choose to remove my body hair, I ensure that the razor I am using is sustainable.

So, moving forward, today I am going to introduce to you some of the best women’s razor companies that care about their impact on the environment. If you dabble in the act of shaving every now and again such as myself, join me on this journey to explore the best shaving razor for women, men, and nonbinary folks alike.


best womens shavers

First up on my list of best women’s shavers is the Leaf Razor. This particular razor is composed of completely metal, making it a durable and long-lasting choice. This razor comes in various colors making it more than just the best ladies’ razor. The Leaf razor initially comes with a set of blades to start you off. Once you run out in the future you can buy razor blades individually. The really great thing about this razor is that once you are finished with the old blades you can mail them back to ensure they are properly recycled. This is awesome for everyone, but especially awesome if you are dedicated to leading more of a waste-free lifestyle.

The Leaf razor differs from some other sustainable razors as it has a pivoting head making it easy to glide across your skin. The idea of loading your own blades into the razor may seem intimidating but I promise you it’s not. You can choose to load the razor up with anywhere between 1-3 blades, 3 being the most powerful yet gentle shave. From personal experience, this razor has been the best women’s shaver I have ever laid my hands on. Due to its lifetime warranty, I will never have to spend money on a razor again. That and I can proudly say that my used razors are not going to go sit in a landfill forever. I highly recommend checking this razor out.


shaving razor for ladies

Let’s talk about where else we can find the best shaving razor for ladies. Bambaw is a great company that produces a razor called the Bamboo Safety Razor. This razor is great because although it is built to last forever if you were to ever throw it out the bamboo is much more friendly to Mother Earth than plastic is.

This lovely Bambaw Bamboo Safety Razor uses only one blade whereas the Leaf razor can use up to three blades. The Bambaw razor differs from the Leaf razor once again as it lacks the pivoting head that the Leaf razor possesses. Due to these two factors, the Leaf Razor is definitely the best women’s razor for sensitive skin, but the Bambaw Safety Razor is a close second. The Bambaw Bamboo Safety Razor is all in all a sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing new razor for women that you must try out.

Toss the Plastic and Get Shaving

I highly recommend tossing your old plastic and cheap razors and investing in a much more sustainable option. Yes, the Leaf and Bambaw Razors are definitely more money than your classic plastic razor, however, leading a sustainable lifestyle means making investments. Yes, initially it may seem like you are spending more money on these razors. Over time you will notice that this initial investment will actually save you money in the long run. So remember to shop sustainably, even when it comes to small everyday items.

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