Here Are The Best Pajamas For Women Keeping Sustainability In Mind

Best Sustainable Pajamas for Women

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You probably ended up on this page because you are wanting to update your collection, or lack thereof, sleepwear in your wardrobe. Well lucky for you I have some companies in mind that has some of the best women’s sleepwear you will ever find. Not only do these companies have some of the best women’s pajamas, but they also are committed to creating a more sustainable future. This idea of sustainable shopping is becoming more and more popular as well as essential in our current society. People are beginning to realize that by supporting fast fashion we are supporting the unfair treatment towards both the workers as well as the environment. The year 2021 has finally arrived, and I think it’s time to start supporting smaller and more local businesses that ensure their practices are ethical and humane. So, if after reading this blog you choose to buy some beautiful women’s pajamas from any of the companies listed below, just know that you are making a thoughtful choice that is for the better of the future. Okay, let’s get into these luxury pajamas for women already.

Hara The Label

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Hara The Label is an amazing company whose mission is to create clothes that sprout from complete sustainable and ethical practices. All of their products come from Melbourne, Australia. Here, they are naturally dyed, cut, sewn, and packaged. All of the dyes used are completely natural. Currently, the dyes being used come from turmeric, indigo, and madder root to make the colors of charcoal, pumpkin, olive, pink, and powder blue. The same way Hara The Label looks after the environment is the same way they look after their employees. Ensuring fair treatment is provided to all. Now it’s time to talk about pajamas. So, Hara, The Label doesn’t have a separate category for pajamas on their website, but if you’re the slightest bit like me then you enjoy sleeping in your underwear. Their high waist undies are perfect for lounging around the house as well as sleeping in. I like pairing these with their Stella low cut bra. They also have two items of loungewear: the Frankie flares and the Yoko classic t-shirt. All of these items are great for both sleeping and lounging. They all fall under the category of ‘comfy pajamas for her’.

Blush Lingerie

Blush Lingerie, in my opinion, is very similar to Hara The Label. Blush Lingerie’s goal is to be an all-inclusive lingerie brand. They have created a line of lingerie that is welcoming to all shapes and sizes, with the goal always being women empowerment. They take pride in their ethical process, ensuring every worker is respected and treated humanely. Blush Lingerie is a Montreal based company from Canada, so if you too are Canadian, shopping with Blush would be a sustainable option for you. Again, similarly to Hara The Label, Blush Lingerie doesn’t sell soft pajamas for ladies so to speak. However, they provide a great line of underwear that is great for sleeping and lounging in. So the next time you are looking for the most comfortable pajamas women’s wardrobes will love, make sure to check out Blush Lingerie.


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Evewear is the last company I am going to be introducing you to today. Evewear is an L. A based company that, similar to the last two companies, believes greatly in the importance of ethical and sustainable practices. The designer for Everwear, Talia Eve, ensures that all of her products are made out of deadstock materials. Deadstock materials are materials that are no longer of use to a company, therefore will eventually end up sitting in the landfills. Instead of letting this happen, Evewear recycles these materials to make original items. Another way Evewear ensures they are kind to the environment is by producing their items in small batches. This way they can be certain that none of their already recycled materials will go to waste. I would definitely go as far as to say that Evewear has created some of the top women’s pajamas on the market. Evewear has quite a large selection of options so it is best if you just head to their website and do some exploring for yourself.

Sleep Well

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Well there you have it, three companies that are producing some of the most popular women’s pajamas on the market. Not only are all of these companies producing beautiful pieces, but they are keeping ethical and sustainable practices at the forefront of their minds. No company is going to be 100% perfect in their practices, but if we support the companies who are at least making an effort, well that’s a step in the right direction. The more we deliberately steer clear of fast fashion, the brighter and more sustainable our future will be. All companies should treat their workers, customers, and environment with great care. Unfortunately, we are not quite there yet. However, more and more companies are taking steps in the right direction. The more we support these progressive companies, the more companies will get on board. So shop ethically and sustainably today!

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