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Trendy Hats: Nothing like a Good Accessory to Bring a Whole Look Together

What can completely change your look, add some charm and even tweak your hair? Of course, a headdress. Fall hats for women fulfill two main roles – protection from the cold and wind, as well as decoration for the head. This allows the modern fairer sex to remain beautiful without worrying about health.

Among the trends of the autumn-winter season are not only cozy and beloved knitted hats, but also models made of faux fur, which is incredibly pleasant and warming. Look stylish with leather caps and fall hats, for active fashionistas, there are baseball caps, various Panama felt hat women’s help to express the originality, but the special elegance and refinement is inspired by trendy silk scarves, comfortable hats, and berets.

For a long time already fashionable headgear for women has ceased to perform only a practical function – today it is, above all, a stylish and fashionable accessory. And in order to choose it correctly, it is necessary to carefully study fashion trends.

What hats are in style? With the help of a fashionable headdress, you can assert yourself and express yourself by choosing the most suitable type of head accessory. We, in turn, acquaint you with the main trends in the world of autumn headwear for women below.

Trends in Fashionable Types of Hats for Women Fall 2021

The Bucket Hat

Fashionable Types of Hats

Who would have thought that the familiar summer bucket hat we can meet in the cold season, and wear them with such pleasure. This fall and even winter designers offer stylish headwear to everyone, without exception, they are perfectly warm and look stylish and fresh.

In addition, there is a huge variety of options for you – leather, fabric, fur, velour, quilted, with inscriptions, combined with fur trim and stakes, patent leather. This type of headwear is suitable for any outerwear – sheepskin coats, plush jackets, coats, raincoats, down jackets.

Rihanna and Hailey Bieber’s favorite headwear – bucket fashionable hats – is at the top of next season’s trends. Designers offer a fairly wide choice of colors and textures and single-color options and models with prints. An example of a fur bucket hat is in the collection of Longchamp, Celine, and Adeam.


beret for fall
trendy look with beret

The French hat is called “Beret”. This chic and retro style is wonderfully reunited in the novelties berets fall 2021, which are deservedly included in the list of classic fall hats, which are relevant regardless of the trends. Such a hat is always in demand, giving a feminine appearance of softness and romance, so it is worth having a closer look.

In addition, a lot of cool berets in this season: from cashmere, leather (matte, colored, lacquered, metalized), velvet, as well as cozy and unusual knitted berets. For those who like fur products, we suggest paying attention to fashionable faux fur berets. Beret hat women with effective inscriptions and decorations in the form of rhinestones and pearls also be unforgettable.

Shawls and kerchiefs

scarf for fall
babushka style scarf for fall

The ideal alternative to a hat or a hat is a kerchief or kerchief. Max Mara, Christian Dior, Versace designers played with this trend in the best way: they tied silk scarves in the manner of bandanas and in “grandma’s” style, suggesting wearing them together with a hat or trying on an extravagant fur version.

The hits of the season in the headwear segment are silk scarves and kerchiefs. Many have already managed to try this trend back in the spring-summer season, and now it is even more solidified.

In the trends be such styles of kerchiefs:

  1. With a bright print;
  2. Satin and silk;
  3. With monograms;
  4. In the form of bandanas;
  5. With lace;
  6. Knitted;
  7. Cashmere;
  8. Monochrome.
  9. Fashionable headscarves can be worn in different ways: tied under the chin, at the nape of the neck, wrapped around the neck, or even in a duet with other headwear, for example, a hat.


balaclava hat
fall hat

When Calvin Klein integrated the balaclava into its winter collection three years ago, hardly anyone thought it would stay on fashion Olympus for so long. However, this unusual headgear is still in fashion. In the new season designers of Miu Miu, Raf Simons, and Tod’s offer to wear them.

Knitted hats

One of the favorites of many women is cozy knitted stylish hats. This is a favorite bini, with a pompom, wide and narrow cuffs, tucks, fine knit or large knit, beautiful knitted patterns and braids, “predatory” print.

Fashionable women’s trendy hats can easily be knitted by yourself in a couple of episodes of your favorite TV series. If, of course, you know how to own a knitting needle or crochet. And look for ideas for inspiration in the latest collections. Coach has options of popular hats made of thick yarn, Chanel and Etro have laconic popular beanies hats, decorated with the brand logo or a flower.

New knitted casual hats for ladies this fall and winter can be worn with different variants of outerwear – from sheepskin coats and coats to fur coats and down jackets, the main thing is to find a suitable model.

Hats with Wide Brim

pergola hat

Fashionable autumn hats and trendy hats 2021 as the winter wide brim hat should definitely have a wide brim! The shape and color of the fall-wide brim hat are of secondary importance. Fall floppy hat is the insistence of the designer Alberta Ferretti.


hat trends winter 2021

Relevant in this season are the caps. They give a little impertinence and naughtiness to the image. How and with what to wear this green hat women’s advice Etro, Marine Serre, and Celine. Designers offer super stylish leather caps with soft tops, as well as models made of felt with a rigid top that retains its shape.

Among the top models are:

  1. Velour and velvet;
  2. Corduroy;
  3. Cashmere;
  4. Lacquered;
  5. Colored leather;
  6. Checkered prints.

At first glance, it may seem that the baseball cap is purely a sports variant of headgear or hats street style, although in the coming season it has a wide range of applications. Initially, this type of headwear was used for playing baseball, but now baseball caps have gained great popularity and look great in images of different styles. Not only do down jackets and blowing jackets look laconic with baseball caps, but coats or trench coats can be safely worn with baseball caps in this season.


And here brands Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and Givenchy in the new season offer fashionable women the original caps (not to be confused with a cap!). Such headwear can be worn both straight and to the side (so they become similar to fashionable berets). Depending on the future hat style and season, you can choose models made of textile, leather or fur.

Fur Hats

When it’s cold outside, nothing is better and warmer than a fur hat. Christian Dior offers a leather aviator hat (with fur inside), Acne Studios offers a shaggy hat with earflaps, and Givenchy offers elegant fur caps.

Taking care of your health during the cold season we recommend paying attention to the novelties of fur fashion hats for women, among which there are models with short, color, fluffy, and smooth eco fur.

Military Cap

A cap can also help add originality to your look. Once the attribute of military uniform, today it is a universal fall hat, which easily fits any outfit. 

What distinguishes a cap from other types of women’s hats in the presence of a hard visor and band, which can be decorated and adorned with inscriptions, zippers, cockades, ropes.

Combined caps are incredibly popular – made of leather and checkered fabric, wool hat womens and velvet, with inserts of different textures.


hat for women

This Eastern headdress adds femininity and mystery to your image. In the area of the forehead this type of headdress has a characteristic accent, which creates a triangular neckline. Quite often this headdress is decorated with a large brooch or a knot.

You can also knit a turban yourself, if you know how to knit. Headbands with decor and embroidery also look original. Such variants of headgear are original and unique in their own way.

Fedora Hat 

What to wear with a fedora female? Women’s fedora hats are wide-brimmed with edging, trimmed with satin ribbon in a contrasting color or in the main tone and goes well with a pantsuit, jeans, short coats, or jackets.


beanie hat

Beanie hat types have lost their popularity, but are now back on the market. Easily noticeable from a great distance because of their balloons, you can see many adults and children wearing them in snowy areas along with vintage wool socks.  

A Vintage Hat 

This womens vintage hat is solid and requires appropriate clothing: a coat or jacket and leather shoes. You should not wear different types of vintage hats with a down jacket and sneakers. It is also better not to wear it with jeans, unless you are Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

Statement Hat

Arthur Arbesser Fall 21

Although originally exclusively fur, in recent years this winter hat appears both on the catwalks and on the streets in a variety of ways: fur, knitted, woven, combined. Undoubtedly, a hat with earflaps is one of the warmest variants of winter hats.

We know that a change of closet forces us to choose new and better accessories to spectacularly complete bows in different styles. Accessories play an especially important role with the arrival of cold weather, when their role is difficult to overestimate.

But you can use our tips and complete your look with style and brevity.

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