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The Best Options for Berlin Shopping and Your Perfect Time with Pleasure

Berlin’s numerous well-known boutiques and outlets have made the German city a paradise for trend-setters and fashion fanatics. Indeed, the city’s laid-back style and bold uniqueness absolutely dispose of one-of-a-kind, individual and expensive pieces. We’ve explored the city to find the best Berlin shopping boutiques for you. The most significant designer ideas – learn all about the city’s fashion treasure trove.

From Friedrichshain to Prenzlauer Berg, follow us on a shopping trip in Berlin. From authentic fashion with a concept to cutting-edge European style, this is your best guide to Berlin’s best shopping boutiques.

Your Boutique Tour in Berlin

Prenzlauer Berg

Das Goodshaus Berlin store

Your Berlin shopping story begins in the north of the city in Prenzlauer Berg. Unlike other, simpler neighborhoods in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg is known for its quiet, tree-lined streets, upscale coffee shops and green areas, a place where progressive young families and students feel good about themselves.

Berlin’s best boutiques can be found in the sprawling, leafy streets of Prenzlauer Berg. For a change in your home decor, start with “Das Goodshaus”. This Berlin store is filled from top to bottom with interior and luxury lifestyle products. They are specially selected by store owners Lucy and Josef. So, rest assured that the entire assortment is both beautiful and functional. Within walking distance is “Biscuit China”, a boutique dedicated to the art of ceramics in all its forms.


Whether your trip is short or long, it’s impossible to pass by without visiting the Mitte district, which is the heart of Berlin. Here you can find numerous art galleries, museums, memorials, and more about Berlin’s past. But along with the city’s famous landmarks, Mitte is home to an incredible number of boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants.

TYPE HYPE Berling store

Start your Mitte tour with a cup of coffee. The best solution for this can be a visit to “TYPE HYPE”. They design all their products themselves, and they are all decorated with letters of the alphabet from A to Z. The “Milch Bar” in the boutique also looks very traditional and has its own rituals.

Starstyling boutique Berlin

Next, if you are already in Mitte, be sure to check out the Starstyling boutique. There they produce clothes and accessories under their own brand, which is considered the uniform of Berlin’s creative personalities. All dancers and artists are crazy about patterns, shapes, colors and textures. They define their standout design, which has also gained loyal fans around the world.

The Amazing Crocodile Design Store Berlin

Next on the Berlin program is “The Amazing Crocodile Design Store”. It’s a top design spot that lives up to its name in every way. It’s a “Chi & Co” contemporary clothing and accessories boutique.

Chi & Co Berlin store

Discover little-known brands in Berlin at “Chi & Co” and you сan be delighted.

berlin shopping boutiques

Also, if you’re a fanatic about architecture and storefronts, check out “A.D. Deertz”. Be sure to take a picture of the store’s bold facade and browse the range of contemporary menswear. It was designed by the store owner and former artist Wiebke.

Berlin's best boutiques

Afterward, visit the “Fundamental Berlin store” to meet Gunnar and his team and learn about the unique, intelligent design inspired by nature.

A.D. Deertz’s photogenic storefront is sure to make you ecstatic.

berlin shopping

Step into the “Sabrina Dehoff” boutique, where fine jewelry is showcased in an unforgettably modern storefront space. Colorful accents and sculptural glass forms create a theatrical backdrop for Dehoff’s signature jewelry.

berlin store

Perhaps the cherry on the cake in a fashion tour of Mitte is the “Frau Tonis” boutique, where you can discover signature fragrances produced exclusively in Berlin.

shopping trip in berlin

Continuing up Gartnerstrasse, you can get to “Victoria Met Albert”. It’s a home goods store founded by an Anglo-German couple, Will and Ilke. The store is a culmination of two cultures and was based on their shared love of design.


Heading to the eastern part of the city, you get to Friedrichshain. It is an unusual and alternative neighborhood of Berlin. It so happens that Friedrichshain is a historically politically tense neighborhood. To this day it has not lost its anarchic but at the same time artistic orientation. This can be seen in the graffiti-covered buildings and the bright, bold murals of the “East Side Gallery”

Berlin's best boutiques

A stone’s throw away from Berlin’s nightclub “Berghain”, you can find three beautiful boutiques that are a must-visit.

clothing stores in berlin

“Maerz” Boutique has no security guards, only a friendly store owner, Martin, who used to work in a high-end department store for fashion brands. His love of fashion is reflected in the modern mix of brands and styles in the store.

brands in berlin

The next best shopping stores in Berlin are “Schwesterherz” and “Kuechen Liebe”, which are located in two boutiques right next door to each other. While “Schwesterherz” specializes in designer home goods, accessories and stationery, its neighbor “Kuechen Liebe” is filled to the brim with kitchen and cooking supplies.


Most tourists planning their trip to Berlin know Kreuzberg as the city’s hippest neighborhood. Many residents disagree, though. There are independent, creative businesses and music venues here that also deserve your attention.

shopping in germany

Walking through the streets of Kreuzberg, you can stumble upon “Moeon”, a boutique for eco-friendly fashion and accessories.

“Moeon” is a multi-brand concept store with a strong sustainability ethic. Opened its doors in 2014, the store was founded by Sonja Lotz and combines design and ethical fashion. The owner, Sonja, searches all over the world for the best brands with waterproof, eco-friendly features. In doing so, she boldly breaks the stereotypes of eco-design.

fashion in berlin

The selection of clothing, shoes and accessories is not only about style but also about environmental awareness, as the store only sells clothing that has been made from sustainable materials.

“Moeon” is a platform for fashionable clothing that is produced in an honest and environmentally responsible way. Everything they sell must be honestly made and under fair production conditions. The materials are eco-friendly, the leather is vegetable-tanned, the cotton is organic. Another priority is style. A selection of clothing, shoes and accessories from international brands and designers shows that eco-friendly fashion can also be aesthetic and style.


The environs of the shopping tour in Germany are best spent in the progressive Neukölln district. It may not be on your itinerary yet, but the lively and creative atmosphere of the neighborhood combined with exceptional shopping, music and art events is a strong argument for spending at least half a day here.

berlin shopping guide

Continuing the theme of sustainability that we saw in Kreuzberg, one of the clothing stores in Berlin, “WESEN”, designs and produces clothes under its own label.

One of Berlin’s best boutiques is “Golden!”. It’s part store, part botanical garden. Everything is literally in bloom here: plants and flowers fill the store’s space, as well as interior items and more.

shopping stores in Berlin

“Golden!” was opened by mother-daughter duo Margret and Giza Schliff. Nostalgia and modernism have found a home in this collaborative, colorful store featuring unique pieces and cute designer pieces. It’s a place to be inspired, pampered and treasured.

The creators combine plants and flowers with different, unique items. So they have a large assortment of very beautiful plant pots and rare houseplants and that’s the main focus of Golden. They have a lot of Scandinavian-style vases and a huge collection of vintage vases that span several decades. They offer almost everything you need to create coziness in your home in their oasis.

In these times when cities are starting to look the same, it’s important to develop small businesses that make these cities interesting again and help discover new things in a different light. We are sure that Berlin can lose its charm without different kinds of shopping malls and independent boutiques like these. No matter how long your trip to Berlin is, you can always explore these areas and shop in Berlin’s best boutiques with pleasure.

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