The goal to follow a sustainable lifestyle and introduce eco-friendly innovation in materials and manufacturing is half of the thing. Another important step is to prolong the life of the product. And various companies keep coming up with different creative projects to solve this problem. BentGableNits from Toronto give new life to products that were abandoned years ago.

The latest project of the brand is cooperation with Levi’s that was announced at the end of last month. The new collection is a rework of vintage Levi’s clothes, such as jeans and jackets. Levi’s supplied all denim. Then the companies agreed to keep the denim torn. A recycled denim collection called “Blooming” includes hand-made fabric flowers on the front and back and added pink, red, and green seams. All decoration was done by hand, and the jewelry was collected over the years. These are cotton flowers, napkin coasters, and so on.

Originally, the company started its activity as a smart and creative way to reimagine vintage clothing, but now it has grown into a very special label that creates unique pieces.

Such an unusual collection will be available exclusively through Levi’s application starting from April 29 at 13:00.

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