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Now a new trend is at the peak of popularity – it is beading. Yes, just like in middle school, many people during quarantine began to make jewelry out of beads by themselves.

In fact, the trend started at the beginning of the year. Bags and clutches made of large beads that appeared in fashion shows a couple of seasons ago were replaced by beaded jewelry in early 2020. Premium brands such as Ganni, Isabel Marant, and Roxanne Assoulin showed new models of bracelets, pendants, and earrings, and by the summer budget versions of beaded jewelry appeared in Zara, Mango, H&M, ASOS and everywhere else in the mass market shops. The popularity of the trend is quite clear – it’s hard to imagine a more cheerful summer accessory than a decoration made of colored beads. In addition, glass beads are much more budget material than silver and gold. It is an important fact in the global crisis caused by the pandemic.

In the Self-Isolation, Bead Jewelry Had a New Round of Popularity

Now people began to create bracelets, necklaces, and earrings by themselves.

Similar to knitting, dyeing clothes at home, or gardening, the beading process has become a way for those bored at the quarantine to distract from everyday activities and to immerse themselves in meditative manual work. In addition, the technique of wickerwork many of us remember from the days of school; and even a person who is far from beadwork can put glass in a chaotic order on the fishing line and fasten a pair of clasps. And buying everything you need – beads and fishing lines – will not cost you too much.

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