trendy bandannas

A bandanna is one of the main trends of this spring, which will definitely stay with us until autumn exactly. At least autumn and winter collections of Jacquemus, Marc Jacobs, and Dior, as well as endless videos in TikTok predict this.

Bandana is an accessory that can bring something new to any basic look

bandannas - street fashion

For all the variety of ways to wear a bandanna, it is worth noting that it is no longer worn around the head – now it should be worn like Carrie Bradshaw did it. There are no rules or guidelines about colors or prints. Except the fact, the police officers warn that bandanas of certain colors can be considered a sign of belonging to one of the street gangs.

Shawls are now incredibly popular among the designers – on the podiums you can see a huge number of bandanas. For most designers it is a gesture of nostalgia for zero’s – many brands are now actively broadcasting trends that were popular 20 years ago.

Some people think that bandanas have become fashionable again also thanks to ticktockers. Teenagers have actively picked up this trend and wear bandanas almost constantly.


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