Stylish Baggy Jeans – Tips and Tricks for Your Successful Look

Are baggy jeans coming back? Jeans are a favorite item of ladies’ wardrobe. Not only fashionable but also practical, they have been the leader in the lists of stylish trends for many decades.

Jeans are popular all over the world. They look good on a wide variety of figures and are equally loved by both young girls and middle-aged women.

Why are they so fond of the fair sex? The reason for this is its versatility.

We live in an era where people just want to feel comfortable, and if that means wearing baggy girl jeans that were once thought to be sloppy, then so be it. 90s baggy jeans are such a trend that somehow they don’t even seem sloppy – they’re just cool.

baggy jeans denim trend
baggy jeans tie die

Skinny jeans have been seen disappearing and the baggy jeans trend 2021 have risen today, so we probably don’t need to go into details, but if you find you have a lot of skinny jeans in your closet, and you’re ready for a change we can help with that.

Over the past few weeks, stylish stars such as Hailey Bieber, Tracey Ellis Ross, Bella Hadid, Katie Holmes and many more have come out in more spacious, wide-legged denim. Celebrities have embellished jeans from the 90s in a myriad of chic ways, offsetting their understated look with tailored coats, high stiletto heels, and bags. You can ask: “Where can I buy baggy jeans?”- We will answer: “Everywhere”.

So if you’re in the mood for some new baggy jeans, go for it.

Baggy Jeans: Which Ones to Choose?

The fashion for wide jeans was introduced by representatives of the hippie generation in the 60s and 70s of the last century. Today, these loose pants trend is back at the peak of their popularity. How to wear baggy jeans? Instagram’s divas wear them, creating non-trivial and creative looks with wide jeans.

By the way, this model has several varieties:

  • wide jeans-pipes that fit tightly on the hips and waist, and then expand towards the bottom;
  • buggy jeans (from the English baggy – baggy);
  • extremely wide-leg jeans;
  • wide jeans culottes;
  • straight models of wide jeans.

Also, 90s fashion jeans can be high, medium, or low rise.

balenciaga baggy jeans

Wide jeans that season in a row are among the top trends. Pay special attention to high-rise models and jeans that are longer than standard. Similar models were offered by Balenciaga and Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini. If you want something like that, try on colored models or patchwork jeans from the Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana collections. 

Who Are the Baggy Jeans For?

Extended models suit absolutely all girls. They add volume to thin and petite ones, and they help overweight girls to make the silhouette more symmetrical. Baggy jeans outfit is most suitable for the owners of the “rectangle”, “hourglass” and “inverted triangle” shapes. Short girls should wear platform or heeled shoes for baggy style.

High-cut jeans with a wide cut visually lengthen the legs and hide the belly. It is better for petite girls not to choose cropped models, so as not to “cut off” their height.

Straight and slightly flared models of wide jeans are suitable for overweight girls.

What to Wear with Baggy Jeans?

These jeans model, wide and baggy along the entire length, are combined with oversized sweaters or T-shirts that are tucked under the belt. Cropped tops, tight turtlenecks, knee-highs, and loose-fitting shirts also look great with wide jeans.

Coats and trench coats of a classic cut are suitable for baggy jeans style too.

backless top and baggy jeans outfit

As an illustrative example of how you can combine skater jeans from the 90s with other things, we have compiled a selection of interesting and bright looks for you. You can repeat your favorite bow or come up with your own loose jeans outfit, inspired by our ideas.

Stylish Everyday Life 

Gray baggy jeans, a simple white top, an elongated black jacket with leather inserts, a tote bag, and classic shoes to match the jacket.

For a Hot Summer 

Light pink buggies with a loose snow-white T-shirt and elegant accessories – pumps to match the trousers, a small white bag, and a long gold chain.

Play In Contrast 

pastel and baggy jeans outfit

Wide jeans with a white sleeveless blouse, black high-heeled sandals, and a black clutch.

In Light Colors 

Beige loose baggy jeans, white top, gray button-down pullover, and neutral shades, accessories: thin leather strap and sandals with heels.

What Can You Wear with All Kinds of Baggy Jeans? 

These baggy pants back in style are especially popular in winter because they can be tucked into a turtleneck, shirt, or sweater.

You don’t have to wear a skinny and cropped top with wide jeans. Long coats, raincoats, and oversized jackets are perfect for these models.

Wide Jeans 90s

These jeans model, wide and baggy along the entire length, are combined with oversized sweaters or T-shirts that are tucked under the belt. Cropped tops, tight turtlenecks, knee-highs, and loose-fitting shirts also look great with wide jeans.

baggy jeans outfit idea
baggy pants
jeans baggy style

Wide Leg Jeans High-Waisted

Coats and trench coats of a classic cut are suitable for wide jeans. Compliment your looks with contrasting bags and trainers like street style stars.

Wide Leg Jeans

This stylish trend in jeans 2021 is combined with fashionable jackets, pullovers, sweaters.

When choosing a top for ultra-wide jeans, do not wear too bright T-shirts, so as not to distract attention from the main element – trousers.

Low and Mid-Rise Wide Leg Pants

style baggy jeans

The low waist is back. Modern fashionistas wear low to mid-rise trousers paired with thin cardigans, cropped jackets, and crop tops.

Wide Jeans-Pipes

Trumpet jeans are suitable for creating business, casual, and evening looks. Wear these models with smart blouses and heels when heading to work or on a date. Comfortable shoes or sneakers are suitable for casual looks.

Wide Cropped Jeans

In 2021, culotte oversized jeans 90s burst into fashion. These wide models, mid-calf length, are worn with turtlenecks, denim and cotton shirts, and fashionable blazers. To lengthen the silhouette, wear heeled shoes with culottes.

What Shoes to Wear Wide Jeans With?

baggy jeans outfit
baggy jeans and yellow cardigan

Extended models of jeans are worn with massive shoes – boots, loafers, platform sneakers. Also, baggy jeans match well with trendy shoes, heeled sandals. The most fashionable tandem of baggy jeans look 2021 is wide cropped jeans and cowboy boots.

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