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Baby Hair 101: Best Way To Lay Your Edges

What is edge hair? These are small, incredibly thin, and fluffy hairs along with the edges of the hair. They can be long, short, or even curly (it all depends on the type and texture of your curls). They are usually found in children (hence the word baby), but some girls are accompanied in adulthood. They can be very naughty and practically difficult to manage, but they are easy to make friends with and make them a part of stylish styling. In this article, we will tell you how to lay baby hair.

to do edges

Previously, small, growing baby hairs had to remain invisible and blend in with your hair. However, in 2015 everything changes – small hairs are located on the forehead and become a full-fledged part of the hairstyle, which will soon be called “baby hairstyles”.

It is no longer necessary to hide short, fine hairs near the forehead and temples that do not fit into the hairstyle. Today laid edges are at the height of fashion. It should not be hidden in the new season, but, on the contrary, should be emphasized, that is, laying edges should be done. At the fall-winter runway show, Givenchy and DKNY, stylists chose a styling as their flagship hairstyle, which they called a baby hairstyle. In 2015, Givenchy and DKNY had a boom in fashion shows: models paraded with symmetrical and asymmetrical waves, florid baby hair patterns against the backdrop of smoothly combed hair. It all seemed like it would stay on the catwalk, but has the beauty industry ever succumbed to logical rationales? In the same year, Katy Perry starred with baby hair. Then Rihanna and Beyoncé joined, and then the wave of popularity could not be stopped: Tessa Thompson, Kaia Gerber, Zendaya, Janet Jackson, Keilani, FKA Twigs, Yara Shahidi, Zoya Kravitz, Rita Ora.

Fashionable Trend

Hair, braided in a braid, gathered in a low ponytail or a ballerina’s bun. Which detail changes everything? Surely a baby hairstyle! Lay edges, decorating the hairstyle. Even if it seems to you that this detail gives your hairstyle a static look, baby hair also adds character to your look. The effect will be amazing, bold, and original.

For all those who want to make their hairstyles more modern, or get a result that is radically different from conventional styling. Small hairs are suitable for any hairstyle. This look is best if you’re heading to a fashion party where you want to be a star.

Baby Hair: Should You Follow the Trend?

Ideality and clear lines are now anti-trend! Stop creating makeup “under the ruler” and ironing the styling to the last hair. And even a small fluff falling on the forehead is no longer considered a disadvantage. You can easily make it part of a stylish hairstyle. Baby hair is a trend that has long been loved by stylists and world stars. Try it yourself, and we will show you how to do it.

Baby Hair trend

The History of Baby Hair Styling

Fashionistas of the 1920s began their morning not with a cup of aromatic coffee, but with the thought of “How to lay edges?”. For many, it was even a daily ritual. The girls laid out fancy curls in the temporal zone, brought them to the cheek, laid them in the form of droplets, created smooth lines and interesting shapes. This piece looked great in tandem with the Hollywood curls styling that was so popular at the time. 

In the 70s, Michael Jackson’s sister, La Toya Jackson, gave this trend a new life, which inspired designers and stylists, who, in turn, inscribed the baby hair trend in fashion history.

How to Make Baby Hairs?

How to Make Baby Hairs

There are special styling products (baby hairstyle products) that resemble mascara. With a silicone applicator brush, it is easy to lay mini-strands on the forehead in a graceful wave and creates a unique look in the style of Rihanna. Indulge shines bright like a diamond with a shimmery styling product. This way you get perfect laying down edges. If you are still thinking about how to create baby hair edges, then the next method is for you

How to Lay Your Edges?

Take a toothbrush, preferably with fine and densely packed bristles, apply styling foam or hairspray to it. Comb the baby hair with a brush, and then lay out the desired pattern on the forehead. This will give you the perfect curly baby hairs.

brush for edges pattern

To prevent hairs from puffing up too much, point the blow dryer down the direction of hair growth while drying and comb through baby hair with a fine-toothed comb. Then apply some styling on the comb and go over the strands again.

Curling the hairs on the forehead or temples is not so difficult. You will need to fix it with gel, wax, or other styling hair products – baby curls stick to the skin. Hopefully, you have now figured out how to do your edges or how to slick edges.

pattern edge control

If you still want to hide the baby hair edges, write it down. Collect your hair into your desired hairstyle. Then take a toothbrush, sprinkle it with strong-hold hair spray, and comb the baby hair to the rest of the strands with gentle strokes. If necessary, re-run your hair with styling spray. Now you will know exactly how to lay edges down or how to do baby hair.

Star Adepts of Baby Hair Styling

baby hair style fka twyx

The trend is firmly entrenched on fashion catwalks and the red carpet. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with how celebrities use it. Perhaps this will inspire you to change your image!

rihana baby hair

The aforementioned Rihanna adorns herself with forehead curls on virtually every outing. She combines baby-hair with both long hair and a ponytail. Above, we told how to style baby hair in Riana’s style.

Jennifer Lopez captivated fans brightly and boldly, forming a whole bang. Two small bunches add playfulness to the image.

laura harrier baby hair

Laura Harrier delighted her Instagram followers with delicate yet extravagant selfies by attaching real flowers to the ends of her styling baby hair. Thus, she created the whole composition, and the baby hair weave turned into stems.

Kaia Gerber’s hairstyles, which are created by stylists especially for fashion shows, can be safely called a work of art.

To create a street-style look, the hairs are simply combed, without the use of stylers. This creates a casual look that is perfect for streetwear. In general, babies’ hairstyle can be different. Now you know how to lay baby hairs or how to make your edges curly so feel free to experiment and remember, you always look great!

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