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April Showers Bring May Flowers Or Rather, April Humidity Brings Frizzy Hair

If you are someone who experiences frizzy hair, then the humidity that spring and summer bring is probably one of your worst enemies. Yes, the heat and humidity feel nice on our skin, but our hair reacts in a very different fashion. The warmer it gets, the more the frizz presents itself. I know from first-hand experience that this can be very frustrating. Due to my own frustrations, I have done a lot of research surrounding frizzy hair products. After a lot of time, I have finally composed a list of some of my favorite products. I try my best to only purchase natural and sustainable products, therefore all of the frizzy hair solutions we will be talking about today align with these values. Let’s begin this frizz control journey by talking about what even constitutes frizzy hair.

frizzy hair

What Classifies As Frizzy Hair?

So, what is frizzy hair? Before talking about the best sustainable products for frizzy hair, it’s important we are on the same page about what classifies as frizzy hair and what does not. So when people talk about frizzy hair, what are they referring to? Frizzy hair is essentially hair that does not mesh with the rest. Rather than blending in with the natural formation of hairs, frizzy hair takes its own independent journey and stands alone, curling up away from the others. Now that we are on the same page about what constitutes frizzy hair, let’s take a moment to cover what may lead to these independent fly-away hairs.

What Makes Hair Frizzy?

So, what makes hair frizzy? Well, there can be many reasons which could lead to the presence of frizz. However, there are three main triggers that ignite hairs to frizz. The first of these three being genetics. Yes, frizzy hair can be passed down from our relatives. The second of three reasons being hair damage. Hair can become damaged due to an abundance of factors. Applying heat to our hair, weather and certain hairstyles can all lead to damaged hair. The third reason for frizzy hair is humidity. This is the one that affects a large portion of the population. We can’t control humidity levels, but it certainly can control the state of our hairs. No matter what the trigger is for causing your hairs to stand on their ends, there is more likely than not a hair treatment for frizzy hair that you will find helpful. Hopefully, after reading this blog you will have some new ideas to combat frizzy hair that is personal to your needs. Now that we know what frizzy hair is and what causes it, let’s quickly talk about different types of frizzy hair that exist. 

Different Types Of Frizzy Hair

Many of us experience frizz, but we each have our own ways in which we experience frizz. Here are some ways in which frizz presents itself on our heads.

  • Surface Frizz
    • If you experience a frizz that surrounds your head, but the surface underneath the frizz is quite tame and healthy, then you may be experiencing surface frizz.
  • Halo Frizz
    • I love the name Halo Frizz as it almost romanticizes this particular type of frizz. Halo frizz is similar to surface frizz, however, it only occurs on the top of your head like an angel’s halo.
  • Frizzy Ends
    • Frizz that occurs at the bottom of your hair may be due to damaged or split ends. The fix for this frizz may be as simple as getting your hair trimmed.
  • Pouf Ball Frizz
    • Pouf Ball Frizz is perhaps one of the most difficult frizzes to manage. This particular frizz is one that occurs all throughout your hair. You will definitely need to implement some anti-frizz hair products into your routine if this is the frizz you experience.

Now that we have all the information we need surrounding the topic of frizzy hair, it’s time we point our focus in the direction of the many hair treatments for frizzy hair. 

Different Products

I am about to introduce you to 27 different sustainable hair products for frizzy hair. I know it may seem overwhelming at first, but I promise all of this information will only benefit you in the end.


The first category of hair products to reduce frizz will be shampoo. It is important you use a shampoo that caters to frizzy hair. This is the first step to your hair care routine so it’s important it is tailored for your hair and its needs. Here are three products that will help combat your frizzy hair:

Acure - Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo
  1. Maria Nila – Structure Repair Shampoo
  2. Acure – Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo
  3. Yarok – Feed Your Moisture Shampoo


The second category of defrizz hair products is conditioner. I am a strong believer of using the matching conditioner to the shampoo you use, so I will be listing the three paired products that match the three shampoos listed above:

Maria Nila - Structure Repair Conditioner
  1. Maria Nila – Structure Repair Conditioner
  2. Acure – Ultra-Hydrating Conditioner
  3. Yarok – Feed Your Moisture Conditioning Masque


Now it is time we bring some products for wavy and curly hair into the picture. There are many mousse products that exist in hopes to calm some of the frizz standing on our heads. If you have wavy or curly hair, mousse could be a life-changing product for you. Here are three of my favorite all-natural mousses:

OUAI Haircare - Air Dry Foam
  1. Yarok – Feed Your Roots Mousse
  2. OUAI Haircare – Air Dry Foam
  3. AVEDA – Phomollient Styling Foam

These mousses are all made for preventing and taming frizzy hair during the drying process. As mentioned before, these are definitely some of the best hair products for wavy hair as well as curly hair. I definitely recommend trying these products out.


The next category of products I will be introducing to you is serums. Hair serums are great hair products to prevent frizz before it occurs. You can apply these after drying your hair as well as before going to bed. Here are my top three serums I suggest you try if you are trying to keep hair from frizzing:

Organic Nuele - Hair Serum
  1. Aesop – Tame Hair Serum
  2. Organic Nuele – Hair Serum
  3. The Ordinary – Multi-Peptide Serum For Hair

What a lot of these serums do is provide hair with added moisture and heat protection. Hopefully, by doing this, your hair will be able to fight frizzy hair before it gets too far. Hair serums are some of the best products to use when trying to fight the humidity.

Hair Spray

The fifth category of frizzy hair products that work is hair spray. Hair spray isn’t necessarily going to initiate any deep healing for your hair, but it will be beneficial in controlling your frizzy hairs throughout the day. Think of your hair spray as a temporary solution for frizzy hair. Here are three of my favorite hair sprays that help me tame my frizzy hair throughout the day:

Yarok - Feed Your Hold Hair Spray
  1. AVEDA – Witch Hazel Hairspray
  2. OUAI – Wave Spray
  3. Yarok – Feed Your Hold Hair Spray


Next up on our list of hair products to get rid of frizz are creams. Creams are a great anti-frizz treatment that assists in the styling process. The goal is always to prevent frizz before it happens, and creams are a perfect product to help us find success with this. The three hair creams I am about to introduce to you are definitely products you should consider implementing into your hair care routine:

Lush - Curl Power Hair Cream
  1. Lush – Curl Power Hair Cream
  2. LYLA Naturals – Fresh Mint Curl Defining Creme
  3. AVEDA – Smooth Infusion Nourish Hair Styling Creme

Using cream in your hair care routine is not necessary, however, I do recommend it. Especially if you do have wavy or curly hair, these hair creams will become your best friend.


It’s now time to talk about hair oils that will help stop frizzy hair. Hair oils are similar to hair serums. I wouldn’t recommend using both at once as this may lead to oily hair. Perhaps you can use your hair serum in the morning before styling, and end the day with your hair oil. Or choose one or the other, it’s up to you. Regardless of what works for you, here are three of the best hair oils for combating frizzy hair:

Back To Earth - Restore Hair & Scalp Oil
  1. Hug Beauty Shop – Hair Oil Hydrating Hair Treatment
  2. Back To Earth – Restore Hair & Scalp Oil
  3. OUAI – Hair Oil

These oils may be the answer to your frizzy hair qualms as they will heal your hair from the inside out. Unlike hair sprays, hair oils are more than temporary fixes. These products are all about healing and nourishing your hair.

Leave-in Products

The final category of hair products to help with frizz we will be covering today are leave-in products. There are many leave-in products that exist on the market today. Here are three natural leave-in products which will help you maintain and prevent your hair from frizzing:

Carina Organics - Leave-in Conditioner
  1. AVEDA – Nutriplenish Leave-in Conditioner
  2. Carina Organics – Leave-in Conditioner
  3. Odele Beauty – Leave-in Conditioner

Top Products

The products listed above are some of the top hair products to stop frizz that exists on the market today. Some of these products are more expensive than others. Know that you don’t need a lot of money to create a personalized hair care routine for yourself. Expensive doesn’t always mean top quality. Do your research and work within your budget. It is not necessary to blow all of your money on hair products, there are ways to naturally maintain hair health without breaking the bank. 

Drugstore Products

Not all of the products I shared with you today can be found in drugstores. However, this does not mean they are not accessible or extremely unaffordable. Drugstore products are great, but so is shopping online. Sometimes you are able to find top-quality products for affordable prices when searching online. Going off of what I said before, top products do not have to be inaccessible. I truly believe that everyone should be able to feel good about their hair care routine and maintenance without going broke to do so. 

The Importance Of Natural Products

The final thing I want to briefly touch on today is the importance of buying and using natural products on our hair. What makes the hair smoothing products I shared with you so amazing is that they are derived from all-natural ingredients. So, why are natural ingredients so important? Well, for various reasons. Here are a few:

Overall Health

When dealing with our overall health, it is important we are aware of what we are not only putting in our bodies but on our bodies as well. When we use products that have chemicals in them, these chemicals seep beneath the surface of our skin and flow throughout our bodies. The human race is a species of animals. As animals, we were not created to be able to process harsh chemicals as this is not the natural way of life. Rather, we were made to work in tandem with the properties of nature. Therefore, using natural ingredients on our bodies will make a lot more sense to our bodies. In turn, more positive results will come to fruition.

Environmentally Friendly

Another reason we should seek out natural products is for the sake of Mother Earth. With Climate Change and Global Warming, the least we can do is use products that are not going to cause more harm to the environment. When we use products with harsh chemicals, these chemicals go down our drains and eventually flow into nature. We have been polluting our environment whether we knew it or not. With natural products, the environment will have more space to breathe and heal.

Advocate For The Animals

Finally, it is important we shop naturally in order to speak for the voiceless. When we use products that contain animal products or bi-products, we are blindly supporting animal abuse. There are so many animal-friendly companies that create and sell frizz-free hair products so there is really no reason to shop any other way.

Get Searching

All of the hair products for poofy hair I shared with you today are great, however, the only way you will know if they work for you is if you try them out and give them a chance. So get searching today. I hope you find the best flyaway hair product that works best for whatever frizzy hair you are dealing with. For the time being, embrace the frizz. You are beautiful with and without it!

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