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Anna Wintour: What the Pandemic Taught Us?

Anna Wintour photo

Naomi Campbell launched a quarantine show called «No Filter with Naomi». Recently the guest of the show was Anna Wintour – she was interviewed by Naomi. The chief of the American Vogue spoke about her attitude to the Coronavirus pandemic – how it will affect the fashion industry in the future and what lessons we have to learn from it.

In the context of the difficulties that affected the fashion world, Anna emphasized that the sense of community, mutual help, and support is now more important than ever. She hopes that in the future the rapidly growing fashion industry will «reconsider its values» and «reinvent itself».

She has no doubts it is possible, and very soon nothing will be the same for everyone else – after the Institute of Costume at the Metropolitan Museum of Art opens the exhibition «About Time: Fashion and Duration», dedicated to the changes that took place in the fashion world in different years. The opening of the exhibition had to accompany the traditional Met Gala Ball, which takes place every first Monday of May, but this time both the exhibition and the ball will most likely be postponed to October due to the pandemic.

Charity Initiative

The Chief Editor of Vogue talked a lot about emotions at all. There was a launch of the Vogue and CFDA A Common Thread charity initiative to support American designers during the pandemic. Anna said she cried when she received an immediate call from Ralph Lauren who had expressed his willingness to donate a million dollars to the foundation. Thanks to other donations, they were able to multiply this amount by five times by the time when Wintour gave the interview.

Anna believes that the industry will have to pay more attention to responsible production in the new reality, manual labor and creativity, and speed must cease to be a top priority: «Maybe we all need to slow down and just enjoy what is happening». Anna noticed that many people talked about this even before the pandemic but did not dare to change. Now everyone is in a situation where change is just necessary.

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