The Legendary Woman – Anna Wintour Vogue Editor in Chief
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Anna Wintour Biography: The Unrivalled Iron Woman of the Glossy World of Magazine Journalism

Anna Wintour Biography

Who is Anna Wintour? She is a woman of unquestionable prestige in fashion circles. She is a well-known British-American journalist and editor. Anna Wintour as a Vogue editor in chief is cool, calculating and simply super successful. Her outfits, signature bob-page hairstyle and dark sunglasses have become synonymous with the editor. In 1988 Wintour became CEO of vogue fashion magazine, where she cemented her serious status as an important person in the fashion world.

Wintour’s keen eye has brought stars such as Kate Bosworth, Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders and many more to the catwalks of the world. She is distinguished by her severity of character and genuine flawlessness. How old is Anna Wintour? And what does she do? Follow the Anna Wintour biography and interesting life story of one of the brightest women in fashion journalism.

The Childhood and Youth of a Future Legend

Youth Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour (Dame Anna Wintour) was born on 3 November 1949 in jewish family in Hampstead, London. The well-known journalist сomes from a very creative family. One could write a book or at least tell a story about every relative. Her father – Charles Wintour – was the editor of the then popular English newspaper “The Evening Standard”. Her religious mother, Eleanor Trego Baker, was the daughter of a brilliant professor at Harvard University and had devoted her entire adult life to public activism. On her mother’s side Anna is a direct relative of Elizabeth Foster, who is known as an eighteenth century British author. Her connection to many other noblewomen of different times can be found if desired.

In 1979 Anna’s parents separated and her father married for the second time. Her stepmother was Audrey Slater, the famous founder of Petticoat and Honey magazines. Therefore, from an early age, Anna Wintour was in every way associated with the wider world of journalism.

Anna Wintour Education

Anna Wintour Education

At school age she began attending a prestigious North London school, where she is remembered for her activism and regular rebellions against the restrictions that the school dress code presented to her. During this period young Anna Wintour began to style her own clothes, so she became actively aware of fashion trends and style issues. The desire to be involved in the large-scale world of the fashion industry arose in the young girl quite early.

From the age of 15, she was already working as a salesperson in the London shop BIBA, regularly subscribing to the latest issues of fashion magazine “Seventeen” from the U.S..

After Wintour’s work experience was followed by expulsion from school, she began to delve deep and explore the world of journalism. Anna was determined to further her career even then.

From the age of 16, the young Brit sought wealthy and influential boyfriends and built with them exclusively profitable relationships. All kinds of Anna Wintour contacts with suitors Anna paved her way into the world of desirable journalism. It is known that for a short time she met with the social commentator and columnist Nigel Dempster, but parted with him for a more successful option – the owner of the magazine “Oz” Richard Neville. Such a move later proved successful and she was soon working for the publisher.

A Brilliant Career Progression

Career Anna Wintour

At the young age of 21, Anna Wintour became a fashion editorial assistant for the glossy magazine Harpers & Queen. From then on the career of the acclaimed journalist began a meteoric rise. During this time she introduced bright names to the world such as Annabelle Hodine, Helmut Newton and many others. Holding a relatively minor post in the editors of British magazine, she has become the soul of the team and soon started to change the edition at her own discretion. In 1973, after three years in the publication, Anna Wintour became Deputy Editor-in-Chief. And two years later she is named one of the two main candidates for the role of the head of the magazine. But Anna lost the battle to Min Hogg.

Anna Wintour Harper's Bazaar in New York

The next stage in Anna Wintour’s life happened after an offer from Harper’s Bazaar in New York, after which she moved to the metropolis, where a new turn in her life and career began.

At Harper’s Bazaar the talented Wintour worked for 9 months before leaving the editorial department due to problems with her boss. A few months after that, she triumphed as editor-in-chief of Viva magazine. She was helped in this by her boyfriend and journalist Jonah Bradshaw. During this period, she was nurtured into a tough and responsible executive.

Viva magazine Anna Wintour

Despite Wintour’s professionalism, Viva magazine did not bring in the desired income and the project had to be closed. After losing her another job the journalist took a temporary hiatus, but in 1980 she returned to the arena as fashion editor at Savvy magazine. Anna Wintour worked in this magazine for only a year. In 1981 a woman moved to New York magazine where she worked for two years as a fashion editor.

In 1983 she met Alexander Liberman, Head of Condé Nast Publications and just a few weeks later she was offered the chance to be the Creative Director of Vogue America. Here she is associated with a radical desire for change and a desire to achieve goals. Wintour did not see the magazine as a desirable highlight and so decided to start transforming it into something new.

Anna Wintour Today

Anna Wintour 2021 met gala

Anna returned to London to take up the position of Vogue editor in chief UK. For her success in the fashion industry she was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

Now Anna Wintour’s home is in Greenwich Village, but the Long Island estate with her garden is a favourite place to stay. Anna Wintour’s house is located in the town of Mastic on the Forge River.

Anna Wintour’s Achievements and Merits

Anna Wintour is considered an important figure in the fashion world, those around her never cease to admire her for following fashion trends and supporting young designers.

So, how does one sum up the achievements of a legendary woman?

  • After moving to New York, she became Associate Fashion Editor at Harper’s Bazaar.
  • Anna’s biggest and most important part of her life is in Vogue.
  • In 1983 she became the first creative director and fashion editor of Vogue. Since 1988, she has served as Vogue magazine editor-in-Chief and successfully launched her first Vogue cover.
  • Under Anna Wintour’s leadership, parent company Condé Nast Publications-Vogue launched several subsidiary magazines, most notably Teen Vogue (1993).
  • In 2013 she became Artistic Director of “Condé Nast”.
  • In 2008, Wintour became an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)
  • In 2009 Wintour appeared in ‘The September Issue: Anna Wintour & the Making of Vogue’, a documentary about the making of the magazine’s September 2007 issue.
  • in 2017 Anna became a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE)
  • Relatively recently, she was appointed the “Condé Nast” company’s editor in chief worldwide.
  • Anna Wintour organized a number of high profile philanthropic Vogue associations, including the transformation of the annual Costume Institute Ball gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, which she co-chaired, from an elite gathering of Manhattan socialites to an internationally-acclaimed red-carpet event known as “the East Coast’s answer to the Oscars”.

In addition to such achievements, as we know from the news, Wintour was also known for her commanding nature, which was heightened by her penchant for wearing dark sunglasses.

Personal Life

Anna Wintour Personal Life

Throughout her life, Anna Wintour has masterfully used her feminine charm with her best outfits. But Anna Wintour has only had one formal marriage in her life. From 1984–1999 Anna was married to David Schaffer. The divorce was probably caused by the journalist’s frequent infidelity and her new romance with an unknown Texas millionaire. From her ex-husband Anna has two children: son Charles (born 1985) and daughter Katherine (born 1987).

Interesting Facts

  • Anna Wintour is a true queen of the fashion world. She never made herself wait as she is incredibly punctual. The legendary Wintour always arrives at fashion shows well in advance.
  • Wintour is meticulous about her daily routine. She gets up at 5:45, exercises, eats breakfast and waits for her make-up artists and hairdressers. They arrive at 7am sharp to perfectly style her hair and apply professional make-up.
  • As we know from Anna Wintour’s bio, she began her career in fashion journalism, becoming one of the first assistants of famous fashion editors at Harper’s & Queen in 1970.
  • The role of fashion editor Miranda Priestley, played by Meryl Streep in the film The Devil Wears Prada of the same name, based on Lauren Weisberger’s bestselling novel, was based specifically on Anne.
  • During shows in which a Vogue editor is present, the main thing is to watch her reaction. Journalists, stylists and the designers themselves watch her face closely: if there is the slightest hint of dissatisfaction, the collection is a complete failure.

Only the John Galliano Fall 1994 collection that Anna saw up close was honoured with the distinction of being the best amongst Anna Wintour’s other favourite designer collections.

  • Wintour is a trustee of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. And in 2014 the museum’s costume department was renamed the Anna Wintour Costume Institute.
  • Anna is a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party and has raised funds for the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
  • Anna Wintour is a role model for every aspiring fashion journalist. And her biography is actively researched, picking up on every tip and experience.

Today, Anna Wintour’s book about life and career can easily be found freely available. You can also buy it in a bookstore.

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