There’s nothing like a good accessory to add some interest to your look. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a headpiece, or a purse, the right accessories can turn your look from basic to trendy with minimum effort. Knowing how to accessorize, tho isn’t everything when choosing the right pieces for your look. If you consider yourself a trend-loving fashionista, you have to keep not only your clothes fresh and up-to-date but your accessories as well.

We chose for you the hottest accessories trends of our current season that we believe every fashionista should embrace to her wardrobe:

Chunky Golden Jewelry

Summer Accessories 2020 Chunky Golden Jewelry

It’s back! one of our favorite trends of the last decade is making a comeback, featuring thick hoop earrings, chain necklaces, and chunky bracelets. This trend is all about making a statement and looking sparkly and glamorous. Our tip: combine your chunky pieces with solid and basic items of clothing to avoid a packed and busy look. We believe the most flashy jewelry is best paired with a white T-shirt and some ripped jeans.

Soft Clutches

Summer Accessories 2020 Soft Clutches

We all love a good clutch purse, but this season is bringing along a fresh take on the classic style. Bag shaped clutches make out of soft leather has been the main attractions on the runways of designers like Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs, and are the perfect combination of dressy and casual. What we love the most about this trend is that it’s perfect for every occasion, from a day of running errands to a night at the opera.

Square Toe Sandals

Summer Accessories 2020 Square Toe Sandals

Usually appears on a pair of strappy sandals, this flattering shape is everything you need to complete an elegant and feminine silhouette. We love a square toe shoe for its ability to be both interesting and classy, making it the perfect addition for every summer look.

Bucket Hats

Summer Accessories 2020 Bucket Hats

Bad hair day? we got the perfect and most fashionable solution for that. Bucket hats are the cutest 90’s trend making a comeback this season and was already embraced by luxury fashion houses such as Prada and Burberry. Add a bucket hat to every look that you feel like can use light and young edge and create a look that is both cute and sophisticated.

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