Truth and Reviews About Bala Bangles - You Should Have Them for Usage

All Truth About Bala Bangles: Are They Worth It?

about bala bangles

Fitness accessories are way closer to high fashion than they ever were. Do you know about Bala Bangles weights? History of the product that blurs the lines between sports and style.

Bala Brand

Let us introduce you to Maximilian Kislevitz and Natalie Holloway: husband and wife, who founded Bala. 

Like those who prefer active rest, they always wanted to strive for a challenge. The couple came up with an idea while on their journey in Asia. Or, more precisely, when they were taking a yoga class. They took an old concept of wearable weights, upgraded them, and got something new: sleek and weighted bands intended for use in various activities.

In 2018 the couple started a Bala Bangles Kickstarter project that raised more than 50,000 dollars. The same year Max and Natalie established the Bala company in Los-Angeles.

Despite the innovation and originality of the product, Bala Bangles did not get its popularity immediately. Known this product became in 2020 on Instagram. Until that time, the founders sent each order by hand. 

Since its founding, Bala was mentioned in Shape, Health Magazine, Vogue, Goop, US Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Pop Sugar, and more. 

Except for Bala Bangles, now the company produces and sells dumbbells, bands, sliders, and other stuff.

What is it Bala Bangles?

What is it Bala Bangles

It is an elastic band with recycled stainless steel weights in silicone that supposed to be worn either on wrists or ankles. Those user-friendly bracelets are effective, highly functional, and also uncluttered. Could be another good workout gear for sport sports enthusiasts.

But look how chic those bands are! Bala Bangs coming in different colors and hues, so you can style them in the way you like to. While most of the athleisure (fashion trend based on an idea of closing that is comfortable for sport, but also aesthetically appealing) brands concentrated on making clothes, Bala takes its part in accessories. 

The bands are extremely stretchable, but keep its form and can work for any size. We should not ignore our comfort while practicing physical activity also. So if you bother about skin sensation, you can attach Bala Bangles weights on top of your sports clothes. 

What do Bala Bangles Do?

As we mentioned, Bala Bangles ankle weights are useful accessories that can be additive to your workouts. Pilates, strength training, barre fitness. Side raises, tricep pushdowns, abs exercises. Choose whatever you want, put on the bangles and try your best.

It has such weight options as half-, one- or two-pound. Handy bracelets are not heavy but might be a powerful bonus for your exercises. Variety is an essential condition to refraining from workout plateau (sudden lack or reduction of progress in your training).

The more weight, the more sweat!
Another distinctive significant feature of Bala weights wrist Bangles is an ability to go through workouts hand-free. Make sure, it feels way better than holding dumbbells.

bala bangles

Where You Can Wear Them?

Somebody might assure that Bala Bangles belong to the gym. Yes, it’s true. Although now it is hard to believe that we used to practice sports in the same space with tens of people without facial masks. So, yes, of course, you can wear the bands in the gym to use them for the intended purpose. When? Well, that question is for another article.

Since we stuck in the global pandemic our living rooms became a place for training. So now Bala Bangles are more something personal than just sports equipment. It is not only cool accessories for the house workout but an actual symbol of survival through quarantine. 

What is more, Bala Bangles is also something about fashion and lifestyle. Daily activities also let you wear these bands: go for walks, clean your house and play with pets. Finally, no one can stop you from making these bracelets just a cool part of your casual outfit. Just don’t forget to wear matching boots.

“Sharks Tank”: Investments in Bala

In 2020 Bala brand not only became prominent but also encouraged investments. There was a really big deal. 

Founders duo Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz introduced their company on “Shark Tank” — a business reality television show, where people provide business presentations to five investors or as they called their “sharks”, who might invest in that company. 

All the Sharks were amazed by Bala Bangles, especially guest investor and world-famous former tennis player Maria Sharapova. She found this product appealing by telling how she was using such weights for her shoulder recovery. Maria also declares her intention to make an offer to the company under interesting conditional. She willed to share the investment with another Shark. So, three of five investors contested for partnership with her.

Eventually, American billionaire Mark Cuban expressed support for her and said that she “can take this to the next level”. Sharapova and Cuban suggested $900,000 for the 30% stake of the company and Bala founders accepted. 

Bala Bangles: Reviews 

If you already opened Google Search and started typing “Bala Bangles Amazon”, “discount on Bala Bangles”, we recommend you to read a bunch of reviews before. Just in case, you know. Also, you may try to tape “Bala Bangles sale”.

Great Purchase 

“I wanted to get the Bala weight bangles ever since I saw them on Shark Tank. I recently place an order and got them in the mail within two days! I live in California, and it was also free delivery.

I got the 1lb because I thought the 2lb might be too heavy or too challenging for me. Because of the pandemic, I don’t attend workout classes anymore, but I do run and walk often. The Bala bangles add resistance, and they are very comfortable when I wear them on my ankles and/or on my wrist.

I also wear it to work. I’m a preschool teacher and moves a lot! You can wear it when you work out, when you run errands, at work, at home, just about everywhere! I’ll probably place a second order and get the 2lb!”

The Perfect Weights!

“I used to use sandbag ankle weights, but they’d leak sand all over the place and felt so unstable. THESE are utter perfection. They feel super secure, there’s zero leakage, and they are adorable. One of the greatest investments I’ve made in my fitness regime.”

Mother, Daughter Workout

“My mom and I love to walk and the bangles are perfect for adding a little extra resistance to our stride. I especially like wearing these during my city errands running to and from the grocery store or getting out for a lunchtime walk. We got the charcoal color for our ankles 2lb because they nicely blend in with black leggings. I got the blush in the 1lb while my mom got lilac for our wrists for a fun pop of color! Excited to try the workout videos next on the Bala site!”

Pilates Instructor I Use These Myself And With My Clients 

“Love these weights so much I purchased another pair of the 1lb weights! I teach Reformer Pilates in the Reno/Sparks Nevada area, after having clients try them they also loved what this did for their workouts and also ordered from you! I have also ordered the 2lb weights. I also wear them for my cycling classes. They are of great quality and the delivery is also quick. Thank you!!!”

Ankle Weight Reimagined

“The makeover ankle weights are needed! Sleek and easy to clean. I love the variety of colors they come in.”

Like Them So Much

“Before purchasing, I was torn on whether I needed them, they were just 1lb however they are a game changer!! I do mat Pilates daily and those small moves with the added pound are killer! Highly recommend.

One thing to note is that the sand color is much lighter than pictured almost like a pink nude which threw me off a bit at first about Before purchasing I was torn on them, but I loved them so much I learned to love the color!”

Love Them!

“I wear them everywhere. Simple to wear and they look beautiful too. My weight loss journey has been amped up perfectly!”


“I purchased the 2lb bangles in shine, I’ve used them twice, and I am super satisfied! They’re comfortable to have on and don’t pinch or slide around during a workout- the glitter sheds off of them a bit which I thought was strange they weren’t sealed better, but who doesn’t love a little random glitter shedding. My legs are mad I got them because they are currently SO sore, but I am satisfied!?”


“Bala bangles (weights wrist bangles) are great for on-the-go workouts. I wear them everywhere, walking the dog, work and I also do the Bala workouts online. Thanks, Bala!”

Influencers Wearing Bala Bangles

Some beautiful photos of people with Bengali Bala bangles and their Instagram’s.

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