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Affordable Jewelry Brands

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Believe it or not, beautiful inexpensive jewelry exists, you may just be looking in all the wrong places. I am a believer and supporter of the power jewelry has. The jewelry you put on for the day can set the tone for your day. Whether you go for a bold and chunky look or a simple and minimalistic look, I guarantee there is an affordable trendy jewelry brand out there for you. Today I will introduce to you some ways in which you can begin to start implementing more beautiful yet inexpensive jewelry into your lives.


Before heading directly into these affordable fashion jewelry companies, I would like to take a moment to talk about the importance of shopping sustainably. Now, sustainable shopping unfortunately does more often than not increase the price on the tag. However, if you are able to find sustainable and ethical companies, as in you have the funds to do so, then allow me to stress the importance of supporting these companies. Yes, supporting fast fashion companies may feel easier or more convenient at times, but supporting small businesses who condone safe production practices and care for their workers is worth the extra effort. The cheap good quality jewelry brands I will be talking about today are all making efforts to be more sustainable. Let’s begin our discoveries.


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If you are into DIY projects and crafting, then perhaps you should try creating your own jewelry. Creating your own accent pieces can be exciting and ensures you will have unique affordable jewelry that absolutely no one else will have. This is the most original your jewelry can get. If you get good at it, gifting homemade jewelry can also be very special and intimate. The best part about making your own jewelry is that you are in control of the process in its entirety. You can ensure sustainable materials are used and treat yourself with love and care. If gifting, you can ensure the packaging is made from recycled materials. Am I starting to make DIY jewelry sound enticing?


When looking for good cheap jewelry, one of the first places I always begin my search is on Etsy. There is an abundance of small businesses and local artists on Etsy who make nice inexpensive jewelry. Before turning to larger scale companies who are already receiving support worldwide, I always try turning to small businesses first. It has always been important to support small businesses but especially now more than ever due to these unprecedented times. The joy a small business owner receives when you purchase their art is well worth the time it will take searching for them on Etsy. Whenever I style the trendy cheap jewelry that I purchased from Etsy, I always have people asking me where I got it from. So support small and support local before turning to larger corporations.


unique affordable jewelry

Mejuri is a company that has gained a lot of popularity over the past year. I have plenty of friends who have been rocking these beautiful designs which always leaves me raving over their jewelry. Mejuri is a company that was built around sustainability, diversity and the empowerment of women and non-binary folk. They are partnered with the Canadian Black Business Professionals Association as well as the American United Negro College Fund. This is definitely a company you want to be uplifting and supporting. Mejuri is committed to using solely recycled and fairly mined materials to create their extremely reasonably priced jewelry pieces. Although, when you see the prices at first you may still deem their products as unaffordable, for what they are producing, and in comparison to other companies, Mejuri’s prices are amazing. This is a company you definitely want to be supporting in 2021.


The next company you should be supporting in 2021 is SOKO. SOKO is a women-led and ethical company. Their goal is to connect Kenyan artists to the global market. This company uses high-quality materials at an accessible price. They also use reclaimed materials in some of their pieces as well. On SOKO’s website, there is a SALE category that offers their beautiful pieces at an even more affordable price. If you have been searching for a company to support without breaking your bank account, SOKO is definitely a company for you.

Wild Fawn

nice inexpensive jewelry

The last company I want to introduce to you today is Wild Fawn. Wild Fawn is a UK based company that is dedicated to sustainable production. Knowing where all of their materials are being sourced from and ensuring to never overproduce products, Wild Fawn is a company we should definitely start supporting.So let’s talk about pricing. Some of Wild Fawn’s products definitely dip their toes into the higher end for pricing. However, there are plenty of affordable pieces they offer as well. When dealing with jewelry it is best to purchase items that will last forever rather than buying cheap quality pieces that will tarnish in a week. Jewelry may sometimes seem more like an investment. Wild Fawn produces pieces that have a minimalist approach to style, therefore work well with every outfit, in every season, and are made to last forever. I suggest checking out Wild Fawn for well priced yet high quality jewelry pieces.

Thank you for joining me today on this journey of discovering the best affordable jewelry companies that exist on the market today. There are so many more companies out there so feel free to continue your explorations. Remember, affordability is just as important as sustainability, so let’s support both of these concepts simultaneously.

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