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The winter is coming to an end and that is exactly the time to get ready your feet for fancy glamorous shoes. The word’s designers love to impress us with unusual and sometimes even weird models, so let’s try to find out which trends we can bring up to our streets feeling stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Features of Being in Trend for This Year

  • Thick heel. Almost all designers this season demonstrate us the shoes on the high but very thick heel. And the higher the heel is the more elegant it looks. You can boldly wear it for your worldly life as well as office and daily walking around.
  • Mary Jane shoes. Always actual and in trend. This model with stable not too high heels and round toecap are opportune for almost every life situation and event. Besides this is probably the most convenient model of woman shoes with the heel, which explains the everlasting popularity of Mary Jane. Anyway, this year it is among the hottest models again.
  • High leather boots. This is the model which matches far nor everybody and is to be combined very carefully. It would look the best on girls with long legs. But the ones who are not that lucky just must remember that they have to combine it with a short skirt and volumetric top.
  • Shoes with a thick bottom. This type of shoes might be looking brutal and elegant – it totally depends on the things with which you combine them.
  • Unusual heel. This trend is being dominant for already a few years straight. Ware the shoes with round, square, rectangular, shaped in the flower, vase, table leg, etc. Be unique and bright – this season you are not limited.
  • Square toecap. This trend comes from the last year and continues to be on top.
  • Chains instead of straps. This trend gives us huge space for experiments creativity. Brutal chains on the black shoes or the elegant one the beige one – you chose up to your feelings and mood.
  • Metal hardware. Rivet, spikes, and metal details are now again on the woman’s shoes. They have replaced the sequins and shiny lace, which were so popular last year.
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