There are no unimportant details in a woman’s image – everything must be implacable. So do the nails. Here are the most popular techniques and ideas that you definitely have to try on your nails this year.

Chaste Manicure

The main idea of this conception is immaculate and well-kept nails with a petite and tiny image on. These can be minimalistic graphic patterns or other pictures, but the base must be transparent or natural nude color. A chaste manicure does enchant. Just a few lines on the beautifully shaped nail really hypnotize. The masters never get tired to look for simple but interesting ideas.

Cuticles Shadows

This is something absolutely new in nail design. But this trend is getting more and more popular from day to day – putting some glittery shadows around the nails. Really, why not? We all love to highlight the cheekbones, lips, collarbones… Adding some shine onto the fingers creates a cute effect and marcs the delicacy of your hands and nails.

Milk Bar

All the hues of milk are on the nails of all the models on podiums all over the world. This is the noblest and usable color for the nails. Those who want to make it more complicated can try the hue of evaporated milk or the colors of ice-cream.

Color Blocking

It is always a great idea to combine contrasting colors. Different grades of the same dye also look great, for example, pink and red, yellow and orange.

Transparent Manicure

This type of manicure looks really extraordinary. Usually the designers leave the edges of the nails colorless and put some pictures or patterns on the bottom.

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